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I've been jotting down things on little notes all over my desk the last week or so to share. No scrapping today - took a break - hung out. My parents stopped by. They brought freshly caught crab from the Pacific ocean. I cleaned, cracked and picked it just now. Seriously, very few things beat fresh Dungeness crab.

Things on my mind:

Bus Project : it has been awhile since something has really inspired my politically. The idea is simple "drive Oregon to be a progressive example for the nation. Engage, educate, and elect. That’s our mission."Click here to read the history. I have had the pleasure to meet some of the people involved recently and to hear Jefferson Smith (the dude behind the idea) speak. Seriously inspiring. This is grassroots politics - getting young people involved and excited and wanting to talk politics and educate others and decrease the apathy that is so prevalent these days -  proving that volunteerism is not dead in America. I will not be surprised to see the bus moving across the nation...

2006 Scrapbook Hall of Fame Contest  : ok, if you are not a scrapbooker this probably sounds like one of the silliest things ever. But since I am guessing that many of you out there are probably scrapbookers this is something that may be of interest to you. Each year Creating Keepsakes magazine holds a contest called Hall of Fame. And each year they select 25 scrapbookers who are showcased in an idea book. I was one of the 25 people selected in 2003 (Totally cracked up looking at my photo and layout). And for me, it really did signal the beginning of my relationship with the magazine. If you have ever considered it and then thought, "nah, I couldn't do that..." I want you to reconsider. Forget the hype and the drama and any fear you may have - do it simply as a challenge to yourself. And do it because you love scrapbooking. And because you love telling your stories. And because you know that whether you are selected or not you are still a creative soul who is telling the stories of your family and having a wonderful time playing and creating in the process.  Deadline February 9.

Born Into Brothels + Kids With Cameras : watched it the other night. Consider it a must watch. Especially for people who love photography, who love celebrating creativity, who are interested in the world we live in, who love kids. It is at the same time heartbreaking and inspiring. Highly recommended.

And one more thing: When I was at an event sponsored by the Bus Project early last week I wrote down a note to myself:

who are you and what are you doing with who you are?

Just something I want to throw out there. Thinking about kids and politics and contests and volunteerism and getting out the vote and scrapbooking and poverty and the world in which we live. Who are you in this world? What is your place? Where have you been? Where are you going? What do you need to do to get you there? Are you living the life you want to live? And, if not, maybe this is the time to do something about it.

Traveling around this year has impacted me tremendously. I have a different world-view than when I began 2005. I believe I traveled more in the last 12 months than I ever have combined in my 30 years of life. There are so many things to see. So many people to connect with. Ideas to be transformed. Realities solidified. Dreams to be created & realized. Permission to be given. Photos to be taken. Words to be written. People to be helped and healed and comforted.

Simply remembering that we are each human. Each with passions and saddness and desires and dreams. What can we do to help each other along the way...locally and globally and within our families.

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32 thoughts

  1. Colleen E says…

    If you ever want to talk about progressive ed., feel free to email me. It's teaching children in an environment where they have choice and decision making, critical thinking, fun, field trips and other subjects tied into the broader theme -- so all subjects (math, language arts, movement, art, music) tie into a "real" experience and the kids get depth instead of a teeny tiny bit of lots of dull, memorized facts. And yes, it's structured by the teacher -- it's not a free for all where kids can work or not work -- everyone works very hard, but has more say in how they want to study, what they want to research and read, etc. It's all tied into living and working in a democratic world. You can't expect children to think critically if teachers are always telling them what to think (that old "fill up the empty vessel" philosophy) are incredibly bright and need to be challenged to share their ideas and thoughts (all brought about by critical thinking and choice). Okay, I'm off my box, but really wanted to share this - so glad to read a blog by a fellow scrapper that cares so much about important issues.
    And Merry, Merry Xmas!

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  2. Heidi Cohan says…

    Ali, this so strikes a cord with me. I think my 20s were about learning about the world and my 30s are all about learning about myself. Such a journey, isn't it? Your entry reminded me of a recent Oprah show about the same topic. She has shirts that she sells on her web site that say, "What have you done today?" in simple white print on a black t. I am thinking I need one and it sounds like it might be something you'd like to check out! Happy holidays.

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  3. Sugar_Peas says…

    I have a friend with a bumper sticker that says
    What are YOU doing to make a difference?
    I try to keep that in mind when I make choices in my life. I always try to get people to think about how small choices make a big difference when a lot of people really THINK about how their choices affect things. Little things like buying organic food, using tupperware instead of zip lock bags and things of that nature.

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  4. gabby almejo-garza says…

    loved the born into brothels movie. watched it after seeing you post it on your blog. after watching it, i wanted to fly myself over there and bring each and every one of them back. they were quite a full of charm, spunk & talent.

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  5. Shar says…

    Thought-provoking. Thank you.

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  6. Angi B says…

    ok , i'll do it!
    what the heck

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