This morning I was listening to an audio portion from Heidi Swapp's A Year To Remember class at Big Picture Scrapbooking - it was all about gratitude. It totally hit home with me. I needed to hear her message (I am continually amazed at how things flow in just this way).

I have been super grouchy lately. Grumpy & grumbly and generally down. In a funk that has been tough to shake.

Now I know that being grateful is a really effective way to get out of feeling down. I know it. And yet, I have been wallowing in that overall yuckiness. Allowing little things to push me over the edge. Little patience. Sounds like I have been really fun to be around doesn't it? Poor Chris.

This is why I love taking classes, why I love being a student, why I never want to stop being a student: I learn stuff that helps me in my life. So thanks Heidi - thanks for telling me what I needed to hear and reminding me how very important an attitude of gratitude really is in each of our lives.

I am going to get myself out of this funk.

So here I go - here are six things I am grateful for RIGHT NOW:

1. UPS shipping. They come right to my door.
2. My Mom coming for a visit tonight & making a Costco stop for dog food for Lily & detergent for laundry.
3. Pop dots. They are making a project I am working on come together.
4. Gas dusters. I hate having dust and junk inside my keyboard and this can blows it all right out.
5. The ability to get up right now and go take a hot shower and then dress myself in a cozy sweater and jeans.
6. The generosity of people. Over 200 donations (over $6000) directly to Autism Speaks. Thank you.

Anyone else need to get over grumpiness or out of a bad mood? I think I need a bigger list or that hot shower right about now. What are you grateful for this moment?

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147 thoughts

  1. Missy Oesterheld says…

    I am thankful for you! I took your One Year class at Get Croppin in VA, and I have been on a creative roll since then! it was completely inspiring. I'm even teaching my very first craft/scrapbooking class tonight for ladies at my work - I have 12 students. I would have never attempted it if it weren't for you-
    Hang in there...we all have funks now and then. Maybe there's something to scrapbook about - how blue can blue be?

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  2. Lourdes says…

    This post could not have come at a better moment. I woke up this morning, made the bed (achievement of its own) and laid back down and prayed. I ask God to please let me MOVE on, get through this anger and funk. My hubby asks me every day what is going on and I don't have much to answer. Just an overall grumpy, moody week.
    So, here is my grateful list
    1) Alarm clock - even if it is too bright but I would never be able to get up and about without a gentle AM reminder.
    2) Laughter - a good laugh with a friend over lunch leaves lovely residues in my spirit
    3) Glasses - pretty much would have been useless if I was born a few centuries ago. Love the hate them but they give me sight!
    4) Forgiveness - the power to accept forgiveness and ask for it.

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  3. Stephanie Homburg says…

    How about being grateful for you? Because I am. So thankful that you're "rallying the troops" to donate to Autism Speaks. So thankful that I can mass mail my friends and family, share with them what a cool person you are, and watch as they contribute.
    You're doing awesome things. I hope you know that

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  4. alecia angell says…

    I am grateful for all of the wonderful people in my life that I can call "Friend". And yes, this includes you! Chin up Al! If I could, I would bottle up the huge snowflakes that are falling right now in Walla Walla just so I could bring a smile to your face. Love ya tons!

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  5. Rhonda Steed says…

    Right now?
    1. To have enough food to enjoy and have some for my children. (i just ate a yummy lunch!)
    2. A home to live in.
    3. A good good man for a husband.
    4. And two absolutely wonderful children.

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  6. Sara says…

    1.good true friends
    2.good health
    3.a quite house
    4.time to do things that make me happy experiences. the good, the bad, and the life altering. They have made me the person I am today.

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  7. LauraP says…

    This post couldn't have come at a better time. I've been in a fun for awhile because I broke my foot in January. It's hard to be happy when you can't do anything but sit around. (Although I've been getting a lot of scrapping done.) So, to help me move on, here is what I'm thankful for right now:
    1. My husband - he makes me happy everyday.
    2. The 1 L bottle of water in front of me - hydrating and easy to count how much I've drank today.
    3. My doggies - Ginger and Mason - I love them so much!
    4. Music on my computer - helps me get and stay motivated at work.
    5. Chocolate - 'nuf said

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  8. Jessica K. says…

    Always grateful for these, just good to remind myself...
    1) opportunities (to learn, grow, challenge myself - so hard right now - that self-defeating doubt thing...).
    2) girlfriends you can pick up where you left off with - even when we don't keep in touch, ever.
    3)my big beautiful house that I am constantly griping about how hard it is to keep clean.
    4)3 beautiful, healthy kids that I am constantly griping about cleaning up after.
    5)a good, supportive man.
    6) a microwave and crockpot - so I can feel somewhat Becky Home-ecky-ish even when I am too busy or too tired.

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  9. stephanie says…

    West Wing on DVD and children who nap. Life is good. :)

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  10. Jackie Stone says…

    1) Im grateful that my kids are in good health
    2) Im grateful that my husband works so hard everyday so I can stay home with the kids
    3) Im grateful that my parents taught me how to think and act for myself
    4) Im grateful that we have money in the bank this month
    5) Lastly, Im grateful for my new Norah Jones CD, I have all of her CDs and nothing puts my in a creative mood like Norah!

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  11. leslie says…

    I get down in the dumps a lot, I am just a very moody person. Making a grateful list is such a wonderful idea!
    1. It's Thursday, only one more day to go
    2. Blogging. I have come into contact with some wonderful people. The scrapbooking community is just absolutely amazing
    3. A wonderful husband with lots of patience
    4. Great music! I just saw Gomez and Ben Kweller last night - awesome
    Thanks for inspiring!

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  12. PJ says…

    Oh wow, you've caught me on a very grumpy moment... that's to say, a grumpy week! I'm so grumpy, that I even do not want to blog and put up my explore album, that's finally finished! This is the grumpy of all grumpyness...
    So, thankfull???
    Well, thankful that you put the subject on... good to know that others have to fight this too...
    Well, it's not much, but it's a start, right...?

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  13. Nicole says…

    Grateful for right this minute:
    1. 1 month down since my husband left for an 18-month deployment.
    2. Grateful everyday we live in a FREE nation.
    3. UPS man just showed up and brought me new Philosophy shampoo and conditioner. LOVE this stuff!
    4. Emerald Valley Salsa... this stuff is the bomb! Excellent dressing on my salad I'm eating!
    5. Costco Photo online.

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  14. Jenny A. says…

    Hey Ali!
    I'm also taking Heidi's class at Big Picture Scrapbooking and heard the same audio about gratitude. Here's my list:
    1) My husband - so supportive
    2) My 2 kids - Vince and Olivia
    3) Beautiful San Diego weather
    4) The fabulous Autism Team and teachers at Vince's school
    5) My mac computer
    6) Frozen pizzas that you could pop in the oven

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  15. Amy Kyle-Percy says…

    Ali, you got me thinking about this and made me realize that I DO have ALOT to be grateful for! Here's my list...(it might take a BIT of space, LOL)
    1.My Friends!-I have some of THE BEST friends a person could ask for! ALOT of them I have met down at the local sb store but I'll tell you something...these girls have seen me (and continue to) ALOT! Carla, Queenie, Kathleen, My Dear Ashley, Melissa (You got over your glitter fear for me. THANK YOU!)...YOU'RE THE GREATEST!!!
    'Retta, has been a friend of mine literally since I was born. She is more a sister to me than a friend. She is definitely one of the people I treasure in my life.
    2. Our House-Moving into this house has been one of the best moves for Jas & I. It is the first place we have lived that actually feels like HOME! That means SOO MUCH! The comfort & ease of that! Having a landlord that we can trust! It's SOO nice!
    3. My Animals- I just LOVE them soo much! There's nothing like playing & cuddling with them. They may be frustrating at times, but it's all worth it.
    4. This probably fits in #2 but OH WELL...My Patio! I LOVE being out there. I just LOVE to go out there every morning and sip on my mocha while the dogs are out there. Going out in the evenings, especially in the summer or i the winter with a fire in our fire pit. I JUST LOVE IT!
    5. Feeling ALIVE!-I have spent quite a long period of time in a real depressed funk. During that time I didn't do ANYTHING re: my artwork. In the past several months that has changed and I CANNOT BEGIN to express how much better I feel & how much it means to me! Creating is like breathing to me! It makes me come alive!
    6. Elsie, Emily & Ali!-I check your blogs out religously every day. The ideas I get from you, the challenges, etc. they have helped me grow soo much.
    7. Nature-It is snowing out today and I am SOO happy! Even when it's not doing something so dramatic though...I LOVE to look at the trees surrounding our house, listen to the birds chirp while sitting in the, I LOVE to be out in the rain, flowers, etc, etc.
    There is more for sure but I really should get off of here and go work on my LO (I want to have it done by tomorrow). Plus, I don't want to take up ALL of your space Ali. LOL
    I hope everyone is having a good day.
    GB Hugs,

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  16. shari anderson says…

    Oh how the universe works....Just three days ago I was in a HUGE funk....nothing in my life seemed right, and I was really, really on edge. I started reading the book "The Secret" and it is WONDERFUL....It is all about the laws of attraction. There is a chapter in the book about gratitude and it says to even be grateful for the things you don't have, because that thinking will direct the universe to bring it to you.
    You should really read the is an easy read, about one afternoon snuggled up on the couch with a nice warm blanket!
    Now...three days later, my energy is all about gratitude and positive thinking, and I have to say....I feel GREAT!

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  17. corinne delis says…

    It must be in the air than, I feel the same way lately, ugh! hope it clears up real soon for the both of us.I have a couple of things I am very gratefull for at this moment: Anthony has his good period and we are enjoying any minute of it!- I am so thankful to have a few really dear and close friends that share the same hobby that I do and we get together once and a while to enjoy eachother company and scrap....of course- a wonderful husband who makes it happen that I can be a SAHM, love him! ah well my list goes on and on.Thanks for reminding me to stop sometimes and just be gratefull and appriciate all I have.

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  18. Lesley says…

    Thanks Ali, for being you. I don't want you to be in the dumps, but its nice to know I'm not alone. I love reading about your life and creativeness (is that a word?) Here's my list that keeps me going.
    1). a wonderful, supportive husband ... that always knows when I need a laugh
    2). my fabulous two kids, that keep me busy
    3). an awesome hobby, scrapbooking
    4). my haircut, something new and fresh
    I feel better already.

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  19. Lindsay says…

    Thanks Ali, I needed this today too. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am.
    Right now, in this morning, I'm grateful for...
    - Having the wonderful job of being a teacher, finding my passion early in life and having a career that is extremely affirming every minute
    - The 24 gorgious, smart children I teach every day. Today, in a quiet moment (few and far betwee- I teach Grade 2/3 French Immersion) I saw sparkly eyes, giggles and positive energy in all my students.
    - The sunshine, oh the sunshine in Vancouver!!!!
    - Sushi (can you tell what I had for lunch)
    - My loving husband who puts up with me during report card writing
    - My friends and family
    - You, Ali Edwards, since you inspire me daily!

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  20. Noreen says…

    Glad to know I am not the only grumpy one!!
    It has been a grumpy week!!
    *I am grateful for blogs -- Ali, how I enjoy yours!!
    *For the beautiful weather we are having in Texas
    *Grateful that God isn't done with me yet (in spite of my grumpiness!)
    *Grateful for wonderful youth in my life (I get to work with junior high girls at my church)
    *Grateful for the gift of creativity & inspiration
    Thanks for sharing, Ali.

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  21. Tami says…

    do i dare say that i am thankful that i am not pregnant when i thought i was and didn't want to be.

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  22. amie in oklahoma says…

    How timely. I just blogged earlier about today being a melancholy day.
    So, I am grateful for some small things today:
    1. the ipod i won at a recent teachers' meeting
    2. finding some 7 gypsies stamps i have been looking for the last month
    3. my camera
    4. grey's anatomy
    5. good students
    6. getting a tax refund this year
    some big things:
    1. my two healthy kiddos
    2. my dear husband
    3. my warm, comfy home
    4. supportive parents
    5. the power of prayer
    6. the blogs of ali, cathy, and donna

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  23. Relly says…

    I'm grateful for the Heidi Swapp class and Library of Memories too, to brighten my Thursday. (Thursdays are my favourite day but today it's been raining and miserable and my little boy is teething, so not so good)
    I'm grateful to my childminder for being so great with my little boy that I don't feel anything but 100% happy to take some time away from him and work.
    I'm grateful for my husband who is just the most loving, supportive guy I've ever known.
    I'm grateful for the company of my cats and the love and play they bring to my house.
    I'm grateful to my parents for all they have done and continue to do for me and my brother, and I'm grateful to have my brother because he has become an inspirational young man of late.
    I'm grateful to innocent smoothies for helping me get me 5 a day, even when I'm super-stressed and busy.
    I'm grateful for the the roof over my head, the peace around my home, the treasures within it and the fact that - despite all my gripes with the taxes, social care system, society in general and the government's foreigh policy - I live in a free and developed country.
    I think too often I let stuff anger me or get me down or stress me out. I want most of all to remember that I can wake up each morning and make my own decisions, including what mood I am in and how things affect me. That's something many people elsewhere don't have and I should be grateful for it.
    (oh, oops, where did that all come from?)

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  24. Jaana says…

    Nothing chases the blues away like counting your blessings!
    Right now, I’m grateful that:
    1. I took a lunch break away from work. As in, completely left the building, instead of sitting at my desk and eating while I work.
    2. During said lunch break, my three year old niece told me that she loves me.
    3. I just discovered that a new LSS is opening in my city. Yay!
    4. Even though it’s snowing I know that Spring is just around the corner.
    5. I will be 34 in two weeks and I don’t feel a day over 17. Wish that applied to looks, too! ;0)
    Hope your day is brighter, Ali!

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  25. The Future Mrs. Obama says…

    I'm thankful that I will be the future Mrs. Obama and you won't. HAHAHAHAHA
    Now get out of that funk girlfriend!

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