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[ Supplies: AE Baby Girl Tags; AE Baby Pink Patterns & Solids; AE Baby No. 1 Word Art; Andrea Victoria Faux Bois Spring Paper Pack; Anna Aspnes CurvyCorner Stitched Blocks No. 1; Katie Pertiet Library Card Collection Basics; KP Curled Notebook Paper; KP Botanist Overlay No. 4; KP Clock Part Elements ]

I have been finding a nice rhythm between my digital and paper scrapbooking lately. Some days I feel like just working on the computer and other days I want to cut & paste (and then of course there are the days when I do both). I don't have any set rules for why one story would be told digitally
and another with paper. It's really more how I feel at the moment. These days this is often dictated by the new little person in my world.

Sketch Something I hope you see, whether I post a digital or a paper layout (or one that includes a bit of both), is that they are both open for translation (read more about the idea of translation from a post last November here). The digital layout above could easily be replicated with paper elements (see sketch to the left).

So much of creativity is about how you see things; and more often than not how you allow yourself to be open to seeing things in new ways. 

It's been my experience that many of us tend to pass by things in our surroundings with a nonchalant "this doesn't apply to me" thought as we rush on to the next thing on our list. We move too quickly to whatever is next: the next image, the next page, the next person, the next job, the next thought, without really looking or giving something the chance to inspire us.

Today I challenge you to take a closer look at something you initially pass by. Slow down. Do a double-take. Take a deep breath. Let yourself be inspired by something you would normally skip. This could be an image online or a conversation or a new person or something you read in the newspaper. 

There are so many gems hidden in our world if we just slow down enough to experience them.


Today is the last day of Designer Digitals Quarterly Sale: 30% off everything in the store. Here are a couple shopping suggestions from the layout above:


Baby Girl Tags: these would work great printed on cardstock and used on a paper layout. There's also a Baby Boy version. 


Katie Pertiet's Library Card Collection


Anna Aspnes CurvyCorner Stitched Blocks No.1


Katie Pertiet's Clock Parts


Curious about digital scrapbooking? Wondering where to begin? Check out the links here for more information.

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31 thoughts

  1. Sarah says…

    What a sweet page and I love how you've challenged all of us today. I love reading your blog and it's always inspiring to me.
    So not scrapbook related but I'm thinking about switching to cloth diapers with my little one. What brand did you go with and are you pleased with them so far? My friends are loving them right now and have them in fun bright colors.

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  2. Ali Edwards says…

    Hi Sarah - I am planning to do post about this soon with some of my favorites :).

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  3. Moody says…

    very beautiful

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  4. Sarah says…

    Oh good I can't wait to see.

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  5. Susan Slinkard says…

    Will you please share (again) the name of the company or website you use for printing digital layouts? Thanks in advance!
    p.s. I've been incredibly inspired by several of your most recent layouts, which I've totally scrap lifted. Hope you don't mind...

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  6. Odetta Donners says…

    This is so sweet! I'm melting away, sigh!

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