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A REALLY BIG THANK YOU again to all the companies who sponsored this giveaway. There were 4,563 comments left by Friday at noon. 

If you see your name below please contact me by email: Include your name, address, email and which giveaway you won. 

I will post my Sunday Week in the Life photos as well as a start on putting my album together tomorrow.

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Two people will receive a $25 gift
certificate to Elle's Studio.

Krissy Fossmeyer • What a generous giveaway - thank you for the opportunity to
add some of these goodies to my scraptable!I am very frugal (some may call me cheap). I follow a bunch of
frugal-living blogs, clip coupons, shop sales and do my best to get the
most for our money. I shop for Christmas gifts throughout the year in
order to save money, but still give a gift that looks like I spent a
lot. My husband appreciates my efforts, and I like having a little
extra money to spend on my papercrafts.

~M~ • Something special about me is that at the age of 42 I have
lost everything, and I mean everything that had any meaning to me. All I
have worked for, all I have loved, all I have built in my life,
everything I used to point to as what made me "special"... it is all
gone. Yet I get up out of bed each morning and I face my life with
nothing, and I keep on going, and I keep on trying to build something

Two people will receive a Life Documented Kit, Album and Page Protectors from MemoryWorks. 

Elizabeth • Great give away, thank you so much! I think that my son
would say that I've been a very supportive Mom during his many years of
many activities. Also, one talent inherited from my Dad is that I can
"witch" for water! Weird, I know . . . : )

JackieAnn • I am a part time Clinical Microbiologist and a full time
enjoyer of life

10 people will win this exclusive Story
of Everyday Life kit
from The Daily Digi.

Jacki • Wow so many great things to check into. Thanks for sharing
all of them. I love clickin moms- I just joined a month ago and there's
so much to learn there! And I've been looking forward to hearing more
about Willette's class. Something special about me is that I have 5 boys (maybe that's more
about them- but I'm gonna use it anyway :) ), and I love it.

Meghan Thimjon • Well one
big thing in my life is adjusting to having a lot of health issues, it's
not something I share with everyone and most people probably wouldn't
know I was sick because I push myself as much as I can. I just wish I
had more energy and time to CRAFT! When your brain and body are tired
it's very hard to be creative!!!! Love the giveaway looks like a lot of

Mel • Oh... My... Gosh...... These prizes are *stunning!* Thanks so
much for the chance to win :-) As soon as I read the question my mind went to a song my children
sing at school. The first line is: "I'm special because God loves me..."
I can't improve on that :-)

me.junelle@gmail.comI am a great documentarian-photojournalist. I have been following sheepherders this month and documenting their
lives while they are lambing. They have loved it as much as I have and I
owe it all to opening my eyes to the loveliness of the everyday, and
that everyone has a story to tell.

Linda Johnson • I am the mother of 6 beautiful children, and heri in Norway
that is pretty unusual.

Heather H • I am very creative despite being a concrete (sometimes
abstract) sequential learner. I have learned to work with and around
this and to let things go sometimes.

GeneB • Hi Ali, That's a hard one for me this year. So much is happening
(cancer-divorce). So here it goes, what is special about me is that I
ALWAYS find something good in every situation. At work they call me the
iron lady or super women, they say I can survive anything and still
smile(be happy and positive).

Denise R • I'm special because I am Aidan and Colin's Mommy, Brian's
wife and my own best friend!

Katie Pegher • I was blessed with a great singing voice... It was my
full-time profession for 5 years. I miss it sometimes... but now I just
sing to my little boy all the time.

mtsnider99 • Oh boy--something special about me is I try my best and take
pride in my work

Log Your Memory is giving away the following:

Winner #1: One coil-bound print copy of Baby's First Year Memory Logbook

Moncion •
I started law school at age 40 and after two years I'm at the
top of my class! Thanks for your continued inspiration and generosity,

Winner #2: One print-it-yourself download edition of Baby's First Year Memory Logbook

denali • Me? Special? Hmm. Okay, I was born to be an aunt, and I take
the privilege very seriously :) Thank you for the chance to win, Ali!

Winner #3: One coil-bound print copy of Real Life Scrapbooking Weekly Challenges 2010
(black & white edition)

dot • i want to make a difference in all that i do...Thaks for the great giveaway offerings.

Winner #4: One print-it-yourself download edition of
the Scrapbooker's All-In-One Memory Logbook 2010

Dianna • I am very thoughtful and caring.

Winner #5: Your choice of any one download from the Log Your Memory
on-site store

shellySaz • something special about me... i love to leave unexpected
surprises for my kids, my husband, my co-workers, friends or for
strangers. i love the thought of making someone smile and hopefully
making their day!

Two people will receive a spot in the much
anticipated “Finding the Joy” photography e-course with willette.

Pat • I have a natural talent for crafts and creating.

janina • OMG!!! That really is a HUGE giant giveaway. I have
everything crossed. People say and I have finally come to appreciate that I am incredibly
organised and an amazing multi tasker. I do see its very unique as I
get to fit so many things into my life that I love doing.

One person will receive an amazing
collection of Alphabets (9 manufacturers -13 sets of Alphas in stickers,
rub-ons, thickers, felt, glitter and chipboard) from BlueMoonScrapbooking

Jessica Woodford • Wow!! This is a REALLY BIG GIVEAWAY! I keep pushing myself
to learn, grow & become educated almost weekly with something new! I
tell my kids to never stop learning and to always be themselves! Thanks!!

Biograffiti is giving away the following:

Giveaway No.1 (5 EACH)
P365: Simple Solutions [April 2010]
Lewis •
Living to be distinctively different. Well I am trying too,
though on occasions I do have to accept that I don’t quite make it.

Brenda • What a great giveaway!! Thanks for the chance to win some
awesome stuff! On thing about me is that I am all about second chances(and 3rds and
4ths). To a fault my DH says. :)

Dana • I'm a really hard worker. What generous sponsors!

Rachel LaPointe • When I commit to doing something, I go at it FULL FORCE.
There's no stopping me and no changing my mind!

JennaWhat an awesome batch of giveaways!! My curly hair is what
makes me special. :)

GIveaway No.2 (1 EACH) White Space ABC Template Album

Kathleen • holy moly! what an amazing givaway. i've really wanted to get
into scrapping some of my own achievements instead of only focusing on
my children, and would love to do a few layouts of my knitting and
sewing projects, i've really come a long way!

Giveaway No.3 (1 EACH) Baby Bird: A Printable Baby Book

LM • I taught someone to read. She had never been sent to school
in her home country. It was the greatest privilege of my life. PS I am not exception, but she is! Liz M

Giveaway No. 4 (1 EACH) Baby Owl: A Printable Baby Book

Maria • I am an awesome mom and daughter

Three people will receive $25 give cards to the

Dori J • I parent three teenagers and love it!

donna • Oh my goodness that is one amazing list of sponsors! what an
incredible task that must have been to gather all together! i would say my current favourite special feature of me is all of the
community work i am currently involved in. it gives me such huge
pleasure and a huge sense of accomplisment to pull off a city wide
garden tour, for hopefully 100 gardeners to showcase their passion of
gardening and share it as a free garden tour for everyone to come out
and enjoy and wander thru all corners of the city! It is the only one
of its kind in Canada!

Snellings •
I don't
feel old and still know when to release my inner child (which I do quite
often - tee hee)!!

Five people will receive a $20 gift
certificate and 4 downloadable PDF issues of Sweet Shoppe
in-house idea digest, Simply Sweet.

pip • I  am
unique! With all the merit and problems that that entails - but still I
am a unique, creative, loving, ever-optimistic, albeit naive and flawed,
individual! No more special than anyone else, yet infinitely special
and exceptional.

Anika • Thanks for
the amazing giveaway!!! My special quality is my sister! Although we
live hundreds of miles apart she's always with me and she makes me who i

India • After losing my husband to cancer in November I feel like I
have become really great at keeping his memory alive - especially to our
two young children who love and adore him, and remember amazing things
about him every single day.

Meghan • Having a mental illness sets me apart from others... but I
feel that I join the world through my creativity. I would love any of
these amazing giveaways to help my creativity along...

Michaela • I happen to make the best chewy chocolate chip cookies I've
ever tried (and people seem to agree... maybe they're just being nice).
And I guess to cancel those cookie calories out, I'm not too bad of a
runner either-- 5 months pregnant and passing guys my age in a 5k race
:). Thanks for an amazing giveaway and for all the inspiration in this

Two people will receive Lisa Leonard's new "together necklace."

Tona • I don't know how special this is but I have a good sense of
humor & I tend to find the humor in bad or frustrating situations. I
just tend to think of them as 1 of life's little adventures.

Marty • I have adopted 3 kids with special needs and attachment
issues. I think they are special and so are my bio kids and husband!

Five people will receive 100 4x6 express
prints from ColorInc

melissa • Lots of fabulous prizes here. And a great question to ask,
since most people have a hard time talking about how they are special.
Just taught my Stars class about that very subject. I am special because
despite all of my flaws (and I have a lot) God still chose to create

Davies •
This giveaway is amazing! Something special about me is that
I am a master of tying shoes (a.k.a. First Grade teacher) and can even
do it with my eyes closed. :)

momto7 •
I am the mother of SEVEN wonderful children and have so many
photos to scrap!

McArthur •
I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I am "perfectly"
ordinary, but my life with my sons is truly extra-ordinary and I am
grateful for the chance to experience it with them. This is my first
Week In The Life - thank you for the chance to preserve my
"extraordinary" life!

Kathy W • I seem to find rhythm almost everywhere and my body can
create a dance to what I hear and feel.

Five people will receive the entire
Anthology collection
from Studio Calico

AprilD • Wow amazing giveaway!! Something special about
me...hmmm...well I can fit 19 large size marshmallows in my mouth and
still be able to say "fuzzy bunny" relatively clearly.

Beth Ann • Even when I am im pain, I will struggle through my day and
try to keep a smile on my face. Or at least I always try to!

caitlinmiller • I've learned that having the house clean and the dishes done
and the laundry all put away aren't the things my babies are going to
remember. Its the time I spend with them. Learning to let go of the
desire to be perfect and organized is a battle, and it might not be
"special" but its a pretty sweet lesson for me.

Lisa H. • ooo I
totally want some of these goodies... I hope I win! :) Something about
me is that I'm really good at putting things together and really love
doing it. I love my power drill and people think I love Ikea for the
furniture... really I just like to put it together.

jenn • What a great giveaway! I'm a military pilot that can sew,
scrapbook and paint!

Ten people will receive the Sweetest Memories Stamp Set from Gina K. Designs

andrea a • I have a
twin sister and we are COMPLETELY different!

Ali • Something special about me... I would like to think that I
help my friends and family when they are in need of an ear to listen or
anything else they may need to get them through. What a wonderful

not sure of the name here • I am 55 yrs old and am training for to run a full marathon,
26.2 miles in January! I scrapbook in my spare time!

Tamara • Wow ... what's special about me? I am not really able to
answer this at the moment, but I'm working on it ... and that's pretty
special in itself, I guess.

Meggie • I am dependable, understanding, hard worker and do a lot of
volunteering. What an awesome giveaway!!!!!

Susan Hessler • I am an exceptionally good listener...

Raquel • People say they remember me as smiling and laughing. Great Prizes!

Melinda • Wow what a give away! thank you. I think the special thing about me is I'm mostly a glass half full
kind of girl and at 37 I still feel like I'm 20 something most days
even with 4 kids (2 teens and 2 toddlers)!!

Jill • I just finished making a banner and lots of tissue poms for
my Aunt's 60th birthday surprise. She is the librarian at my boys'
school and they are surprising her tomorrow with lots of goodies. It
was wonderful to create for someone else!

Bazeley •
WOW, what a geat giveaway!! I think something special I have is the love of giving. I love to
give things that I make away to the people I love. Makes me happy and
makes them happy.

Five people will receive lifetime memberships to Clickin’ Moms.

Adriana P. • Holy
cow! What a huge giveaway with some amazing prizes.
Something special about me...I was raised a city/suburbs girl, but now I
am on a 20-acre farm raising grapes (vineyard) and four kids.

Kimberly K • My gift is encouragement. My friends look to me to give them a
boost, or ideas to inspire them to fly....which is how they make ME
feel exceptional.

Mary Myers • I am a caregiver. It has been an honor to be able to give
back! Thanks so much for your wonderful posts and for always having such
generous giveaways. :)

amy cw • Something exceptional about me (but that i had no control
over): I have an Earthday Birthday. And i try every day to live up to
that. Thanks for the wonderful giveaways!

Noor Nahdi • I am a perfectionist and always like to do everything to its
best. It may be tiring for me but I will not have mental peace till I
complete the mission perfectly...

Two people will receive a Capture Life necklace from The Rusted

Kristina • I plan and put on the best parties and celebrations for my
family and friends.

Kathy McDonald • Let's see. . .I have a strong work ethic and strive to do my
very best each and every day. I've discovered the law of attraction
really works! What you give is what you also attract: if you're a good
friend, you find yourself surrounded by good friends. I LOVE your blog, Ali! Thanks for the inspiration.

Two people will receive an April "Bigger than a Breadbox" kit from Apron Spring

Tracy • Wow, something special or exceptional about me? I guess it's
the fact that I can't sit still. I always have to be DOING something.
Whether it's crafting, gardening, playing sports, cooking, etc. I'm
always busy and I LOVE it! What amazing giveaways, thanks so much for the chance.

Sandy • What is
special about me is that I see the potential in everything! And, that
goes for the lovely list of potential prizes above too! Thanks for
guiding on this journey again this year!

Ten people will receive
8 large Hero Arts
stamps and 7 Hero Hues Chalk Inks - all of which are perfect for
showcasing your favorite photos and special moments. 

Suzanne L • I am so special but I have to keep it a secret! Even from my
husband! LOL

No seriously, I think everybody has something unique about it, something
that will always be surprising and fresh about them. You just need to
spend real time with every one you meet in life.. I should maybe "scrap"
my own quote.. Thanks for reading!

Shae • Something really special about me.....I LOVE being a stay at
home mom!

ElizabethM • I spend my days coloring, painting, gluing, cutting and
loving every minute of teaching art to 800 students. Everyday I get to
explore the artist in me and help student's find their own voice through

Running •
I guess it would be my ability to read between the
lines...although my family finds this a bit annoying!

grace • awwww, i'm so looking forward to win this fab gifts!!!

StaceyA • I am a great mom, and made some hard choices to better my
family in the long run! Thank you for the chance!

unknown google account • Wow, what a huge giveaway...sooo amazing! It would be so much
easier to give you a LIST of the things that are UNexceptional about
myself!!! I like to find "the good" in everything and try to focus on
the positive!!!

Brandy B • I am a stay at home mommy to four great children and i am
always reaching out to help others.

I am a loyal friend, nuturing mother, and a patient wife,
and still have time to scrap.

Katie K • I have 3 metal rods in my back and have had 6 spine surgeries
and they told my mom I shouldn't have kids but I have 2 of the best
boys in the world and I rode my bike up Mt Washington until the wind got
to be over 70 mph so we ditched the bikes and hitched up in the back of
the truck. When I met my future husband he was the 3rd Bob in my life
but like the other 2, I met hime riding my bike! But he was the one! And
so it's a special life I have and that is part of what makes me
special.. Kt

One person will receive a one-year
subscription to “52 Inspirations: 2010” from Designs By Sue Cummings exclusively at

Junglewife • Wow, what awesome giveaways! What is special about me? I am amazingly uncoordinated :-)

One person will receive a custom
made SLR Camera Strap
from Cotton
Candy By Natalie

breeoxd • I'm good at making other people feel special :)

Ten people will receive Black 12x12 Everyday Stories Albums from Xyron.

Deb • I am special not because of anything I have done, but what
God has done in my life. I have a wonderful loving husband and an
amazing 4 year old son who are such precious gifts. I am also thankful
for the exceptional gift of creativity that allows me to see beauty
everywhere. Cheesy, but true!

Liz Oram • Wow...yes, please! What an amazing set of prizes! I love
teaching kids to read-I work at an elementary school in special
education and it melt me everytime they make a jump in their reading

Ginger GrissomSomething exceptional about me -- just the thought to try to
put something in words makes me blush. I don't usually compliment
myself BUT I am the best secret keeper I know. If you ask me to keep
something to myself, I will take it to my grave.

Smith •
I'm the granddaughter of two Holocaust survivors who each
lost their spouses and families in the camps and then married after the
war. My grandmother had been used for sterilization experiments, so it
was a miracle that she had my father and then my aunt. I would not be
here if it were not for the war.

Karen Lee • Well, something special about me is that at age 48, I'm
starting a new career!!!! I am studying to be a surgical tech as a step
towards being an OR nurse. I am very excited!

Tiffany • What an amazing giveaway! Special or exceptional about me... I am a level-headed person who
can calm people in tense situations. Thanks for this opportunity!

I'm a collector of all things related to scrapbooking, too
much spending and not enough creating...

D-K •
I am absolutely dedicated to and have worked for the past six
years with community organizing non-profits. These organizations have a
profoundly positive impact on society and I am proud to be a working
mom making positive changes in our world =)

Misenar •
I am the
mom of four - all under 8 and stay sane and happy most of the time -
with time to blog and keep up with laundry. haha... Great giveaways...

Karen G
(BC) •
This a way cool giveaway!!! As for something that makes me special, I have several mental
illnesses, and I've been able to raise a family and find time to create
cards. I actually find that creating helps my illnesses, as I'm forced
to focus on what I'm doing at that moment.

Five people will receive a Family
/Genesis package worth $79.95 from Creativity

Angela • I actually
like cleaning my house. Sure, there are specific tasks I don't love
doing, and it can be time-consuming, but I love the end result. I take
pride in how much better our house looks now than when we had a cleaning

The thing that makes me special is that I am always willing
to try, even if I know it will end in failure and I always encourage
friends and family to do the same. you never know unless you try right?? :)

Khalisi •
What a great giveaway list! I think the most special thing about me is that I can learn very fast
and efficient.

Julie B. • I am exceptional because I just made my ONE YEAR anniversary for beating

breast cancer.

jen smith • wow! that really IS a big giveaway! let's see...something
special...i'm going to argentina in june. i heard the other day that 85%
of the population has never been out of the country. So that's my
special thing.

Two people will receive a "Capture
the Moment" Mini Album
from Paisleys and
Polka Dots

Sharon K • Something special about me. My daughter and friends said I
should tell you that I have a giving heart, I have an upbeat attitude
even when I'm down, and that I have a loving acceptance of others. Some day I hope my grandchildren will tell their children that I played basketball with
them when I was old, that I took pictures of them all the time and show their children the scrapbooks I
made for them.

Julie K • I work in a school where all the children have a physical and
cognitive disability. There are 133 children and I was placed there as
their Vice-Principal. They are the most medically fragile children,
with many of them having rare genetic disorders. I am special because I
am lucky enough to work with them everyday and I have learned so much
from them about happiness. They inspire me and teach me gratitude

Four people will win $50 gift certificates
to Sweet Papery

Jessica Turner • My family is what is most special to me. :) Thank you for
this opportunity!

Sonya • I don't
work but I am donating my time and money to raise a puppy to become a
service dog. Great giveaways Ali!!!

T. •
Wow, what a giveaway! My husband, father-in-law, and I are building our new house from design
to the ground up -- ourselves. I have personally built 80% of the
walls, inside and out. I have learned carpentry skills, can wire a 3000
sq ft home, can haul 40 tons of gravel by myself, and can dig one mean
ditch by hand! I am still amazed at what I probably once never thought I
was capable of! :)

MaryJo Materazoi'm loyal to a fault. thnx for the multitude of opportunities. xo

One person will receive the March Kreatorville Kraft kit and the following titles:
Days of the Week, Enjoy, Simple, Joy, Awesome, Live, and Believe from

DeAnn • My specialty is my friendship. I am a very good friend. If
you need an ear, I'm hear. If you need a hug, I'm told I give wonderful
hugs. If you need advice, call me Abby. LOL

Five people will receive adhesive (365’ of Adhesive
Prize Pack) and a MiMi Travelmate from Therm O Web.

Laurel • Something exceptional about me? I finished my baby's first
year scrapbook 10 days after her first birthday! LOL! I think that's
pretty exceptional! :)

Marja SeidemoWhat´s so
special about me? I try to listen to everybody and be there for them.
For my Darling, my daughters and my two dogs. I have big ears all the

Melissa • I don't know... before I had kids I could have answered this a
lot faster. I guess I give so much to them I don't feel like there
much left. I enjoy taking pictures and documenting life, depending on
who you ask... that could be special.

marie • Wow, this
is so great...all the goodies. Well something special about me is....I'm
a good listener. I work with people that are very sick and I try to
make them smile and forget their pains. That why I love card making
because I just love to make people smile and feel good.

Karen Baker • What's special about me? Well, I can say that I have an
identical twin sister who is my best friend. I am a mother to two fine
boys and I'm a wife to one great husband. (Not particularily in that
order...) Love this giveaway and thanks!

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  1. Joanne says…

    I didn't win, but it sure was fun seeing all the names of everyone who did!!! Congratulations to everyone - thanks to the Ali and the sponsors for such a huge, great giveaway!

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    Congrats to all the winners!! I was hoping for a lucky post, but not to be.
    I am thrilled to see all of the winners though, how HUGE is this!?!?? Wow!

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    Wow this was just a tremendous giveaway! Thanks to Ali and all the wonderful companies and congratulations to all the winners!

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    Well, I've never yet been a "big weiner", as my BFF and I like to call it, here on the AE blog - but I'm always happy for the girls who DO win... and TODAY IS NO EXCEPTION. Go out and have a fantastic week, everyone!

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    Congrats to all the winners and many thanks to Ali! Like Christmas morning watching everyone "open their gifts"! And just as much fun to watch the progress of Week in the Life. ALWAYS love to follow your projects.

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    That list of winners is amazing, as are many of their stories of 'specialness.' Great way to begin a new week, and thank you again to Ali and all the Superb Sponsors for the generosity!!

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    C*O*N*G*R*A*T*S to ALL the winners...ali, you are awesome!!! i feel like i am a winner by just reading your blog and being inspired!
    thank you!
    happy monday...

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    Congrats to all the winners! Awesome giveaway! Awesome blog! Ali you rock!

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    This was such an awesome giveway Ali! This was like a christmas morning for us. Congrats to all the winner have fun with all your new prizes! Can't wait to see what you show us tomorrow Ali. I had such an amazing week doing this. Have a good day.

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    Congratulations to all of the winners! Enjoy your new products! Thanks again Ali and sponsors for a great contest. I am grateful to have been able to participate in such a huge and lovely giveaway:)

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    Wow, how wonderful to read about how everybody is special in her own way. All together we are one beautiful species on this earth. :)

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    congrats to all the lucky winners!

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    Congrats to all the winners!!!! And I enjoyed reading everyone's "specialness"! Over 4000 posts, yikes. You definately reach out and inspire many people Ali!

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    Congratulations to all the winners! Thanks to Ali and her sponsors for a great blog giveaway. I didn't win, but it was fun - LOL!
    Elaine Allen

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  19. Vicky says…

    If you get the chance, check out Cathy Zielskie's blog today. She has a post of a video reminding us why we should enjoy our ordinary days. It totally goes with the week in the life project. Make sure you have some tissue nearby.

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    Congrats to everyone and thanks Ali for thinking of us!

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    Over 4000 comments - WOW! Congrats to the winners :)

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    Congratulations everyone!!

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    As I looked for my name I was amazed at the generosity of the sponsors! Maybe I'll be a winner next time.

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    Wow - congrats to all the winners (there were a ton)! Hopefully my luck will come eventually! Fantastic week in the life last week - very, very inspiring.

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