Week In The Life : Monday


8am : reading books with her (more than one at a time of course).


8:20am : seeing what's happening outside her window.


8:45am : a quick couple of sips and email checking.


8:46am : she's interested in checking email too.


10am : on our way to a weight check-up with her doctor (she's a skinny little thing).


10:01am : from the dashboard.


11:15am : grocery shopping with my girl - she got a cookie from the bakery - man I loved that as a kid.


noon : home again.


1:30pm : late lunch of lentil soup, carrots & ranch, and grapes.


1:45pm : pushing her baby dolls around. 


2:45pm : waiting for him to come home on the bus - my peonies are in bloom - I could not love them more.


2:50pm : here comes the brother.


4:30pm : after a trip to Target he gets down to the business of homework.


5:10pm : acting out the scene from Fantastic Mr. Fox where Mr. Fox and the badger lawyer have an argument (there's lots of growling involved).


5:40pm : gardenburgers with avocado, sprouts and tomato for dinner (simon had a chicken burger)


Monday was a bit of a crazy day for me as our babysitter was sick. Instead of a normal "working" Monday I had a "mama to a really cute & fun toddler" Monday and took care of some domestic things on my list.

I used my camera's self-timer in many of the photos above. Chris took the top photo and I took the rest with the timer. I also used
my iphone a bit when Anna and I were out and about.

I took some time last night to read back through my Monday journaling from 2008 and I definitely want to do some more in-depth, list-style documentation on an hour by hour or task by task basis. Today, I just went with it. For me that meant thinking way too much and not writing enough stuff down as it was happening or soon after - it's really hard to try to write at the end of the day and really capture what I would like to about the day. 

Don't be discouraged if you feel like you didn't "do it right" yesterday. There is no right or wrong. There's always room to change and embrace and adapt and do things different today.

Hello Tuesday.

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SPRING STAMP SALE : I also wanted to let you know that Two Peas is having a spring stamp sale where you can get some of my stamps for 30% off. Here's a few that are all about celebrating everyday life:

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106 thoughts

  1. Hannah Means says…

    What a wonderful thing you are doing! How you will cherish this in the future!

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  2. Laurie Montague says…

    Ali, this is the first time I've participated in this! I can tell you this has really sparked my scrapping, which has been alittle stale. It has also made me realize that even though my kids are grown and gone, I have alot to tell and scrap! I can just imagine, my grandchildren pulling out my week and being totally amazed at how things were 'back then'

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  3. Davita Edmundson says…

    I love the concept too and I will be thinking about how I can make this work for our family. The kit and pieces are beautiful.

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  4. scrappysue says…

    you get better looking as the week gets older - love that ali!

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  5. Gina says…

    I absolutely love the shot of your re-enactment of Mr. Fox with your family. It is always good to see your whole family in shots. A real glimpse of your life. :)

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  6. littletoki says…

    I love going through your old Week in the Life posts. I really want to join in this year but I was having trouble thinking of things that I could document. My weekdays pretty much look identical since they're spent at work. I'm getting so many ideas clicking through your old posts. And it's lots of fun seeing your kids grow up. :)

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