AE : Inspirations


S E E I N G : Hearts. I've been working on keeping my eyes open and looking down when I look through the lens. Totally inspired by Kelly Rae Roberts.


B R O W S I N G : I've been checking out some serious visual inspiration via Creature Comforts. Be warned...this is one of those sites that will lead you on a ton of additional visual adventures.


D O C U M E N T I N G : A Mini Diary from Marta of I love the simplicity of this little book. Currently it sits on my desk and I grab it from time to time and jot down my answers. I feel no pressure or obligation to do it daily.


P U R C H A S I N G : After seeing some awesome quilts Jamaica has been making I commissioned her to create one for Anna. I just about cried when I opened up the package and immediately sent her an email thanking her for creating an heirloom for our family. Handmade = good.


P L A N N I N G : Love how Liz did this wall in her office. Great post including more information and a free template for your photos here.


A note of appreciation to you today for your continued support and a request. If you currently have a link to my blog from your blog or website, would you mind changing the link to instead of the typepad address? Thank you

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33 thoughts

  1. Stephanie Tu says…

    I updated the link on my blog :-)

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  2. tania smith says…

    I love the heart rock photo! I took a photo this early spring in where I made a heart out of some small stones and laid it on a crack on the ice of our lake. It has been one of my favorite nature photos from this year. I love finding GOOD things to be inspierd by. And mostly I notice these things come from God's creation or the fruit of one's hands when using thier gifts. That is where some real beauty can always be found.

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  3. Kareen says…

    I saw this photo wall on the paislee press site. Thought it was a way cool look too!

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  4. Tori says…

    Love all of them, especially the quilt! Don't you just love the wonderful of blogging and how it ties us all together?!

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  5. Molly Irwin says…

    Oh my gosh, I just enlarged the tiny diary by Marta, and it's really similar to my summer book pages. I've seen Abby (Try Again) do her 'five senses fridays' posts and always loved them. Decided it was just the thing for a quick, not-so-serious summer project. ... more soon.

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  6. Ez says…

    Oh my! What a delightful surprise to discover my blog featured here on your gorgeous site! Thank you so much for including me! You completely made my day1 xo Ez

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  7. Ellen McKinley says…

    I am so glad that I found your website! Creating Keepsakes has not been the same inspiring magazine since the mass exit of you, Beck, and Lisa, and I find you so inspiring. I am tackling One Little Word and Project Life this year, and look forward to all your blog entries and project updates. Thanks for continuing to contribute to the scrapbooking community!

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