And the Week In The Life giveaways go to...

First I want to say a REALLY BIG THANK YOU to all the companies who sponsored this giveaway. Their support is greatly appreciated.

Second, thank you so much for all the comments last week. It was so cool to read the different things people shared about what makes them special.

Below you will find all the prizes listed as well as the people (and their comments) receiving them. If you see your name below please email me with your contact information.

Three people will receive a $50 gift card to Lisa Leonard Designs.

  • Janet...Great givaways. I’m doing scrapbooks for all 8 of my grandchildren. That really keeps me busy. They love to look at their scrapbooks. One of them said “Grandmom, my whole life is in here.”

  • melissa o. said...I am the backbone of my family

  • Tammy...It’s so easy to think of exceptional things about my kids & husband. Much harder when I have to think about myself… I guess the most exceptional thing I can think of about me is that I am a true friend.

One person will receive a Bigger than a Breadbox July ’11 kit and one person a Smaller than a Breadbox July ’11 kit from Apron Strings.

  • Tona said…My friends & family tell me that I’m exceptional at organization. Maybe it’s from all the practice I get from reorganizing my craft space making room for the new product that follows me home

One person will receive a fat quarter bundle of "Trick or Treat" fabric and a a QT Minky Cuddle Blanket Kit of your choice from Quilted Treasures.

  • susanmcl said...I am special b/c I so try be compassionate , understanding, and to see things from another’s view, situation, history. With emphasis on try!!
    Ali, Glad that you are able to get such great sponsors in these hard times & would like to win!! thanks for the opportunity

One person will receive the July Kit from Cocoa Daisy.

  • Nancy G. said...I am inspired just looking at the work on your blog from the sponsors. I got my captain’s license form the Coast Guard so I could teach sailing from our boat. It was one of the the most difficult projects I have ever taken on.

Three people will win a Gift Card worth 15.00 in products to Designer sherrieJD at

  • Beth M. said…In the past I would have said patience, though over the past four years my daughter has worked to find the limits of my patience and made me think mine doesn’t stretch as far as I once believed :)

  • Doortje said…Thanks for doing this. As for me being special: I have a hard time saying that because I never ever thought of me this way. But I am working hard on improving myself so I can be a better mom and wife, and I think that is special.

  • Ellen McKinley said…I have a friendly, kid-centered divorce that mostly works well. And I am an avid kayaker.

Six people will receive four new paper stacks from Die Cuts With A View. The stacks include Mademoiselle, Lady Couture, All About Me, and Collage Musings.

  • Chrissy said...As I tell my boys…I’m special because God created me! There is only one of me and I should embrace each quality He gave me:)

  • eliseg said...My senior year of high school I was selected as one of the top 100 graduating seniors academically in the state of Oklahoma and was awarded a scholarship.

  • Laura T. said...I work a full-time job, and am a consultant for three different companies just so I can afford to live and keep my family safe, happy, and fed.

  • Tricia said...Great giveaway. What is exceptional about me? my skills as a prosecutor and advocate for victim’s rights.

  • AnnieS said...What an awesome giveaway! Something special about me? I enjoy doing things for others, especially if it brightens their day or brings a smile to their face.

  • monica coffman said…Very excited to be participating in Week of the Life again this year. What a great group of sponsors and giveaways! I had a heart attack in January at the age of 43 so my whole year has been renewing (my OLW btw) my dedication to healthy eating and exercise and documenting that process. I am now 30 pounds lighter, healthier, and now considered low-risk for future heart attacks. I think that’s pretty special.

Two people will receive the paper & embellishment kit from the 7 Gypsies Lille Collection and another two people will receive the paper & embellishment kit from Teresa Collins' Timeless Collection all from J Creations.

  • stephanie said…since I have started running in may I have run 200 miles!

  • Lois said...I am a great companion…just ask my husband of 3 months!!

One person will receive a Celebrate Wall Hanging Kit from Keller's Creations.

  • Elsi said…This is an impressive set of gifts! Thanks to all the sponsor. I’m special in the same way as many others — I take too many pictures and get too few pages scrapped.

Five people will win one Big Idea Festival kit AND one $30 Big Picture Classes gift certificate.

  • Tanya W said...I think what makes my life exceptional is definately my gorgeous family that surround me, giving me everyday reasons to document our life together. I hope they think I am a special Mum, Wife, Sister, Daughter, grand-daughter, cousin, niece etc. Thanks for the opportunity Ali!

  • Britiney @ Consider the Lilies said…I can sew almost anything. Thanks for a chance to win!!

  • JoanK said…Hi Ali: this looks like a great project for the week…I’ve never done it but I LOVE the class “one little word” I’m taking with you! I love all the giveaways I HOPE i WIN!!!

  • LindaAZ said…Hmmmm… I am special because I remain calm in very intense situations. Thanks to all your wonderful sponsors!!

  • Kelli said...I love reading out loud and it’s my favorite thing to do with my kiddos each day! I also enjoy making meals for friends that are in need.

Three people will receive FREE tuition to Up & Running with Photoshop, Jessica Sprague's introductory online class in digital scrapbooking AND three people will receive FREE tuition to Good-to-Great Workflow, Jessica's introductory online class in photo editing.

  • Heather W said…I am special because I’m a real ginger (aka natural red head) and I’m always up for adventure!

  • Suzanne said...I go out of my way to give meaningful & thoughtful unexpected gifts.

  • Amy said…Thanks for the giveaways! Something special about me? If we’re talking about the everyday here, I’d have to say that I’m rocking cherry tomatoes in my garden this year

  • Amy Lynn said…Hmmm…I think it would be that I try, each day, to be the best person I can be. It’s never perfect, but I always to do what’s right. My life is crazy, but I try hard not to miss those “opportunities” we are given each day to make a difference. It may seem like something insignificant at the time, just stopping (even thought I’m always running somehwere) to help someone in need. I believe that those are the “life lessons” we are supposed to be learning. I am the Mom to three special needs kids, two on the autism spectrum, a wife to my best friend. Life is good, even better when you take the time to enjoy it!

  • ashley said…im a fulltime student, fulltime nurse, and a mother to a beautiful little girl. will graduate in december but havent had much time for fun or scrapbooking in the past couple years. would love to win so my little girl and i could squeeze a little artsy fun in!! thanks ali

  • Amy Ferguson said… I think that i am exceptional because i really am a self motivated person. i get things that are important to me done

Four people will receive a prize pack of adhesives from Therm O Web.

  • Karen said...I would not have known what to write a few years ago….but now, it’s clear. I am exceptional because I am a MOM to two beautiful boys, one who has CANCER. I would never have known I am as strong as I am, I have learned to advocate, change dressings and administer IV medications….I am a Cancer Mom and my son is my hero….

  • Char said…I am the person you go to if you need something done quickly and right.

  • Rachel Dallaire said…Super excited about week in the life! Something special about me….I love to help out, but in the background

  • Ashley said…Thanks for the chance to win one of these goodies. Something about me … I enjoy encouraging others. It is especially awesome to see God at work in women’s lives allowing them to see their own potential and possibilities they didn’t recognize before.

Ten people will receive a 36-sheet pack of Paper Layerz/CutMates combo pack from WorldWin Papers.

  • Angela said...Something great about me would have to be my amazing family. Both the one I was born into and the one I married into. They are wonderful!!

  • Debra said…This IS a really awesome giveaway! Something special about me….my mother was the most incredible woman who ever lived! She had endless patience, spoke sweetly to me when giving advice, was consistently encouraging, was kind in every way and gave me absolute unconditional love. I must be special to have been blessed with such a wonderful mother.

  • Lenea said…Thanks so much for the chance to win something fun! Hmm something that makes me special, my friends and family, they make me special!

  • naomi said…great giveaways!! what is special about me (more lucky thank special) is that I have the best family&friends I could have ever imagined!!

  • Sarah Jay said…I never stop thinking, wondering, figuring.

  • Christy B said…I am empathetic.

  • tracy durcan said…This is a “really awesome” giveaway!!

  • LindaAZ said…Hmmmm… I am special because I remain calm in very intense situations. Thanks to all your wonderful sponsors!!

  • Jana said…Wow, what an amazing bunch of treats your sponsors are offering! Thanks in advance Ali & everybody! A gift I enjoy that makes me unique & special is my ability to draw what I see – and sometimes things I don’t see too!

  • Michelle Dumas said…Amazing prizes! Something special about me is my dedication to documenting my families lives and our family history-it’s important to me that generations from now our future family members will “know” us and all about these times in our lives.

One person will receive a hand-picked prize package from Tim Holtz.

  • deb said…My ability to work with CSE Youth is a little exceptional…though I think my love of Disney is pretty special-and they sort of link together in a unique way! You have such lovely sponsors! : )

Two people will receive August’s kit, BOARDWALK, from Studio Calico.

  • Kristen said...What a fabulous giveaway Ali! So many amazing prizes! Something special about me: I would say that I am pretty creative and have a huge heart that I love to share with others.

  • Kimmie said…One thing that I think is exceptional about me is that I’m a strong person. I know it sounds cliche, but sometimes I’m surprised that I’m not a drug addict or alcoholic or something considering the stuff I’ve been through. Of course, this whole scrapbooking thing is kind of an addiction, right? ;oP

Ten people will receive shopping sprees worth $25 each to

  • Katje Lehrman said…As a kindergarten teacher, I’ve spent a good deal of my summer vacation brushing up on my teaching and technology skills… but at the end of the day, my inner artist has been running amok. Visitors can no longer find my coffee table as it is covered with stamps, papers, inks, glitter, etc. I’ve been spreading the creative joy to my fellow K-pals by making charming distressed notepads to clip to their book bags. (and did I mention my distress inks??? hint, hint, nudge, nudge…)

  • Guénolée said…I can see behind the pictures & can understand the importance of silences.

  • Lisa said...Whats special about me, is that after much adversity, I'M STILL HERE !

  • Carrie Snellings said...Thanks for the chance to win. Awesome giveaways! What is special about me? I always try to look for opportunities to help people that don’t expect it just to make their day a bit easier.

  • Sierra said...I love life and try to encourage others to as well. This usually involves a mixture of humor, sharing my optimistic outlook, and baked goods.

  • Cindi said…I would be absolutely thrilled to win any of these magnificent prizes…I would share with my stamping friends! Many thanks to you, Cindi

  • Donna said…As others have noted, this is such a tough question but it really shouldn’t be! One thing that I think is special about me is my ability to relate to all types of people and get along with just about anyone. Thanks so much for this giveaway.

  • Wendy Trankle said…I am living with Chronic Pain but still creating and sharing my love of stamping with friends and customers. Some days getting out of bed is a major achievement but I try and do something creative everyday even if it’s just combing magazines to find my next project.

  • Kodi logsn said…It’s funny how hard it is to brag on yourself. I would have to say something special about me is that I’m a teacher. I get the opportunity every day to make a positive impact on the lives of middle school aged children.

  • natalie g said…something special – the joy of planning and LIVING a wonderful life for my husband and children!

If you see your name listed above please email me with your contact information (email if your prize will be delivered that way and home address if it's something that needs to be shipped).

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  1. dawn says…

    congrats to all the winners, so cool to see them all. What awesome prizes these were.

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  2. Vera says…

    Wow so many happy winners, congratulations you all!

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  3. Duckienz says…

    Congrats guys! So awesome to see so many people win :D

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  4. peggy says…

    congrats everyone who one. That was a great many wonderful gifts, thanks for the chance to win one of them. I learned a lot about your giving sponsers.

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  5. Lisa says…

    Enjoy those fantastic prizes everyone! Use them in great health and happiness.

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  6. Julie in Edmonds says…

    That was such a great question, Ali. We all probably need the reminder to look at our positives. Fantastic prizes, too.

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  7. DorothyCC says…

    Even though I didn't win (not that I was expecting to), thanks so much for your give-away contest. It's more fun & certainly cheaper than playing the lottery, and it has introduced me to some lovely products that I would otherwise not have seen.

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  8. Lenea says…


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  9. Renee J. says…

    Congrats to all the winners! I know you will enjoy your prizes! It was great being able to participate!!

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  10. Dawn F. says…

    I loved reading what all the winners wrote. Congrats and thanks Ali and sponsors for this great week.

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  11. Sandi M says…

    Congrats winners! Ali, thanks for having such a huge and fun giveaway.

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  12. Vanessa B says…

    Congrats to all winners! Thanks Ali for the fun give aways! Those were really great gifts!

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  13. Tinka says…

    Congratulations, everyone!

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  14. Gina Crowley says…

    Congrats to all the winners and thanks to Ali for inviting all of us to participate in this project. It is so much fun!

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  15. Linda from Blue Bell Designs says…

    Congratulations all you winners. Enjoy your loot. And Thanks Ali for the inspiration.

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  16. Jennifer McIntyre says…

    Lucky! Lucky! Lucky!

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  17. Susan Day says…

    Thank you, Ali for the great give away!
    A few months ago I just got tired of feeling tired all the time. My friends all said that is just a part of getting "older". But I'm not even 50! LOL... So I changed how and what I eat and have lost 38 pounds. That means I went from a size 14 to a SIX! Even better I feel great and have more energy than I've had in years!
    So, I guess what makes me special is my commitment to living a healthier life style!
    Thanks again, Ali!!!!

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  18. Cynthia says…

    Congratulations to everyone who won. And I have to say that reading some of the comments, there are a lot of very incredible women out there.

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  19. Lillian Child says…

    Congrats, ladies! ENJOY and CREATE!!!

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  20. Brenda says…

    congrats everyone!!!

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  21. Laura J Lazaro says…

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congra

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