The Weekend Lens

SATURDAY | Out in the yard in the morning. Anna worked on a Kiwi Crate box. Simon read and walked around the yard playing out Indiana Jones scenes. He re-filled the bird feeder. I picked up the dog poop and started weeding my vegetable beds and dreaming up stuff to plant. Nachos for lunch. Rode bikes and checked out a new park in the afternoon. The sun is shining. The sun in shining. The sun in shining. Leftover pizza for dinner. Dishes. laundry. Layout for blog hop. Aaron installed new hard drive. Watch Nanny McPhee Returns. Time change.

SUNDAY | Banana pancakes. Taxes. Reading (Anna = any Pinkalicious book, Simon = Indiana Jones, me = Country Living). Cheese sandwich for Simon. Noodles for me and Anna. Mediate arguments. Prescribe break time in their rooms. Text with Aaron. Drive to park with kids bikes in the back of the car. Play. Play. Play. Sit on bench with Simon at the park + hold hands + listen while he tells me a story about Adventure Time. Simon feeds Lily and George. Watch James & The Giant Peach. Steak + roasted Brussels sprouts & carrots + peaches for dinner. Anna helps with the dishes. Watch them chase each other around after brushing their teeth before being talked into a hug before bed. Anna looks through her usual 2 stacks of books. Simon reads a Star Wars book. I sit down to work.

All photos above were shot with my iphone 5.

I made a conscious effort this weekend to reconnect with that part of myself that sees through the lens - it helped that the sun was shining and the temperature warmer and we weren't stuck inside (so many things seem to be easier when this is the case). I've been feeling rusty and out of practice and un-inspired and just not really satisfied with my images lately (potentially a symptom of other things). I knew I needed to get back to what I know: composition, looking up, looking down, relationships, and really just be more intentional about it.

To give myself a bit of a boost I also decided to purchase and play around with Totally Rad's Rad Lab - a plug-in for use with Photoshop. I've heard Cathy talk about it before and must say that I really liked using it with these photos this weekend. I also purchased the PicTapGo app for my iphone.

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  1. Jennifer says…

    Love looking at your pics of the weekend lens. Up here in Northern Ontario Canada we still have 3feet of ice on the lake! I am dreaming of getting into my garden and doing some serious landscaping this year! Soon enough *sigh*

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