Around The Yard | May 2013

Just one week ago there were completely different things in bloom in my yard.

Blink and you miss.

Every year right around this time I have grand plans for my yard or my raised beds. If you would have asked me two weeks ago I would have recited the list of things I want to plant (veggies, corn, and more cutting flowers). But as the reality of the next couple months becomes apparent (work commitments + travel) I think that I'll skip adding new stuff this year and just enjoy and take care of what I have in the time I have available.

I love being in my yard. I enjoy pruning and even weeding and watering (yes Mom you read that right) - it's relaxing and it might be as close to a hobby as I can get right now for someone who works in an industry that is other people's hobby.

Same tree from the photo above, different view:

And up close it looks like this:

And it smells divine and I can hear the busy bees humming along every time I step outside the door.

Bleeding hearts and hostas and a couple other little shade plants tucked inside.

Just last week this crazy amazing wisteria was in full bloom with hundreds of purple flowers cascading down.

In front of that little fence are three blueberry bushes. I thought the middle one was dead but it seems to be greening up now. The other two already have berries in formation.

Last year I planted a couple new white hydrangea's and they are looking good.

These peonies are what I check on just about every day. They are getting close to bursting wide open.

Something new I did plant this spring were some additional dahlias. I have a raised bed area that holds an amazing collection of burgundy dahlias. These should be light pinks. I'm currently fighting a battle and killing off the snails. So many snails around here.

So many good lessons out in the yard. Patience. Acceptance. Taking it slow. Savoring. Not filling in everything too tight all at once.

Hope you have a wonderful week.

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30 thoughts

  1. Toni says…

    Hi Ali - your garden looks beautiful. You make me miss when I used to spend hours in our garden planting all sorts of things. Anyway just thought I'd say we tried the crushed egg shell trick too and it definitely works. We just hand crushed them and scattered them around the edges of the plants or garden. Safer than some snail pellets. A friend's little child thought they were like giant sprinkles...

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  2. Jeanne Ann says…


    It is always an amazement when you walk through the yard to see what is new and blooming. Hubby and I have been diligently working on our landscaping since moving in 2 years ago and it is such a nice feeling of accomplishment when you can see the fruits of your labors and the anticipation of what may bloom next. Thanks for the tour!

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