Give Sunday | 17

This year, in honor of my 2015 One Little Word® "give," I'm sharing a hand-drawn quote each Sunday here on my blog.

This week's quote comes from my friend Amber Housley. She included it in some words she shared on one of her Instagram photos this past week. Her writing totally resonated with me, especially this quote. Here is the full text of what she wrote: 

I spoke last week at Inspired Retreat and shared my journey of the last couple of years. How I had it in my mind one path to success and when things changed, I fought against it. I put a lot of band-aids on truths and failed at a lot of things. It all eventually brought me to this new starting place that I didn't want to be. What? Start over? I asked. There's a sad feeling you get when you're stuck in one place and it seems like the rest of the world is just moving forward, and you're frozen in time. But rest assured, in time you start to get cozy in that spot and you realize it's exactly where you needed to be -- perhaps to catch your breath and just be. Tonight, a friend asked me "so what's next?" I smiled and was so content and happy in saying, "I don't know. I'm just enjoying where I'm at right now." Sure, there's lots of things I would like to start but for once I don't feel like I have to do them all at one time or all right now. There's a peace that comes with saying "it all doesn't have to happen right now." So I sit back on the sidelines, just wanting to do what makes me happy and what fills my heart with joy...and cheer everyone else on.I hope you know that this life and business journey doesn't have to be that glorified phrase emblazoned on Pinterest and art prints: "hustle!" I wish we said 'hustle less and live a good life more.' 

Thanks for sharing your heart Amber.

Click here to read my initial post and download the #givesunday word art title and checklist for helping you to give a little something today. You can also view all the past #givesunday quotes via the archives

Click here to download the #givesunday 17 quote. Please note: If you are reading this post via email you need to click through to the actual blog post to download the file

You're invited to join me. What will you give today?

Have a wonderful Sunday. 

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14 thoughts

  1. virginiegoujon says…

    Thank you Ali.
    Today I give you a little something. Check your emailbox.
    Have a wonderful Sunday.

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  2. mtercha says…

    The Instagram post and quote you chose are beautiful. She's so right. Thanks for sharing it. And also your near constant inspiration. And also, thank you, very much, for having your stamp/story kit extras on sale. I'm very grateful to be able to get one. That has to be ok for me for now. :)
    Thanks again. Michelle t

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  3. nerdgrl says…

    Loving the quotes. It did kind of startle me when I saw it was number 17. Really???? Already???? How time flies...all the more reason for us to tell our stories. Thanks so much for all you do.

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  4. blayne65 says…

    Thanks, Ali! This one especially speaks to me right now. I've bitten off a little more than I can chew for spring. Looking forward to June! :)

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  5. LoveJacCards says…

    I love this quote! I've been having a love/hate relationship with the word "hustle" lately! I am printing this out and hanging it on my wall. Thanks Ali!! Have a wonderful week!!

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