Project Life® 2017 | Week Nine

One of my current goals is to get caught up with Project Life® for 2017 before Week In The Life™ starts on April 17th. 

Super happy to let you know that I made that happen last week and will be sharing five weekly spreads with you over the next five days here on my blog. 

I will still be doing a Project Life® spread for the week I document  Week In The Life™ - generally I just pick one photo per day as I usually do for most other weeks. For me the difference between these two projects is depth. In Week In The Life™ I go much deeper into the day with more photos and words compared to the overview weeks I include in Project Life®. 

As with most things, there isn't a right or a wrong it's really just up to how you want to handle it. Remember that you really don't have to make it more complicated than it needs to be

Here's a look at Week Nine: 

This was the week after Aaron and I got back from Mexico. It was a week of celebrating the engagement news with the kids and getting back into the swing of things at home. All that good stuff. 

Title card is from the  Bond Story Kit™ (there's a marketing card in each kit that includes a quote and a photograph). 

For the "HOME" card I used my  Sans Serif Alpha Stamp + my Deschutes ink (card underneath is from the Project 52 Fresh Core Kit as is the repeated "yes" card). 

"Home is" circle is from Heidi Swapp's new  Storyline Collection

On my Gratitude card this week I used a  Pitt Artist Pen Big Brush to write something super short. 

Those leggings are from the very awesome  Kal Barteski. Love wearing them to yoga. Also enjoying the chance to pretend I have a lot of tattoos on my arm by writing a bit more of my story on top of my photo. 

Because it was a big weekend of kids having friends over I used cards from my  Here's To Us Journal Card set (physical product). 



Check out my Storytelling With Project Life® workshop that is now available as a self-paced workshop. Topics include: 

  • Lesson One | A look back at many of my past Project Life® albums (2010-2015) with individual video walk-throughs. The take-away from this lesson is the opportunity to learn from the past and reflect on what's worked and what's not worked to create a plan for right now.
  • Lesson Two | Process exploration. Setting expectations, creating a plan for yourself (key word here being "YOU") and setting yourself up for success by establishing a storytelling mindset. This content will be specific to telling stories in Project Life®.  
  • Lesson Three | Specific storytelling ideas, encouragement, and inspiration to spark stories.  
  • Lesson Four | Working with products in Project Life®.

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6 thoughts

  1. mtercha says…

    Beautiful! Michelle t

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  2. Murray says…

    Always and forever grateful to you Ali for introducing me to Project Life. Your spreads are my favorite inspiration to continue to do document the everyday stories. I love that you are sharing more PL spreads this year! Happy Engagement!

    Reply 0 Replies
  3. happytoscrap says…

    Your project life posts are one of my favorites to view. Just want to let you know thank you for continuing the PL posts, it puts a smile on my face!

    Reply 0 Replies
  4. Annie says…

    Your PL posts are the best. I love everything you put in it - photos, journaling. It feels so authentic and timeless! I'm trying to cut back on the embellishment and add more stories to make my PL spreads more meaningful like yours!

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  5. LynnseyJo says…

    I need to catch up on 2017 too - I have about 5 weeks to get done. I think I might use your inspiration of using a "formula" for these weeks, it's harder to catch up after the week has long passed otherwise. I've almost exclusively been using your story kits in my PL weekly spreads these days. I've been selling off all my PL kits on eBay.

    I will try to get caught up before WITL too. I wasn't excited about WITL until I saw your last post! Thanks for your posts, without them I really wouldn't enjoy or continue this project. You give life to memory keeping for me.

    Reply 0 Replies
  6. birdnscrap says…

    I agree with the people above...PL is my very favorite thing that you do. I just love how your share your everyday. It inspires me to see special moments in my own life. I do admire how you have coped with the house full of kids and remodeling! Thanks you!

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