Week In The Life™ 2018 | Let's Do This

Welcome to Week In The Life™ 2018! 

I so hope you enjoy the process of becoming a direct observer of your life this week. Tell me, through your words, what real life looks like for you right now. Show me, through your photos, what real life looks like for you right now. Focus on those two pieces this week and tackle the bringing it all together the following week. 

You are the main character in this story and your story matters

Starting tomorrow morning I'll share my own words + photos for each day this week.

Let's do this!

More details on this project and links to past examples, blog posts, etc. can be found here

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  1. jamie59 says…

    Hi Ali,

    Can you recommend some fonts that would match or go with the WitL templates? Normally I use Remington Noiseless but I'm looking for a change-up.


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