Are You Stretched Too Thin?

Earlier this year when I was attending the Mom2.0 Summit I was invited to participate in an interview with my friend Jessica Turner for a new series she was putting together to celebrate the launch of her new book Stretched Too Thin. The focus of the series is on how working moms thrive but after watching all the interviews I think any woman could gain some insight while watching if you are feeling stretched thin in your own life. 

The result of the interviews she conducted is The Thrive Series - a free, four-day set of interviews that are delivered to you via email (two interviews per day in one email). Jessica's goals with this series is to help you let go of perfection, ask for help (that's one of my tips), implement organizational tactics, communicate better, and invest in your relationships. 

Here's a short excerpt from my interview with Jessica

You can register for this free series here (this series is available until September 17th). 

You might remember me writing about Jessica's first book The Fringe Hours when it was released back in 2015. I'm super excited about her new book Stretched Too Thin: How Working Moms Can Lose the Guilt, Work Smarter, and Thrive that is coming out September 18th, 2018 and have been listening to an advance copy of the audio book on my walks. 

It's good. 

I love that Jessica reads the audiobook - it totally feels like chatting with a friend.

Within her words I've found so many good reminders about being conscious of the choices I'm making with my time, my energy, my love, etc. I especially liked the marriage and parenting chapters but all of them had pieces of wisdom and things to think about/implement (or to take away - like guilt). I really enjoyed listening to it on my walks and might just be the book that changes the way I think about audiobooks. 

Big thanks to Jessica for sharing her gifts with the world and sharing her friendship with me. 

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2 thoughts

  1. paulainauckland says…

    I pre-ordered this one as soon as I got the notification. Fringe Hours was so, so good & it's one I keep on my shelf & buy for others rather than loan (another is Simply Tuesday by Emily Freeman).
    Thank you Ali for pointing me in Jessica's direction in the first place :)

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  2. sophie3832 says…

    this is something i need in my life right now for sure.
    new job, school changes = routine changes, my life cycle changing in the midst of all this is also not helping. thank you for sharing Ali!

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