Introducing My Story : A Collection For Kids + Kids At Heart

I'm excited to announce a brand new collection for kids + kids at heart called My Story

My Story is created with kids between the ages of 8 + 12 in mind, with the goal of creating products to encourage storytelling and documentation through the process of play. 

The idea of this collection is something we've been talking about behind the scenes for a long time. With five kids between the ages of 10 and 17 I'm always looking for creative, fun, and meaningful projects that don't involve a phone or other screen. 

Here's a video overview by Anna + Audrey that walks you through what will be available tomorrow: 

Here are still images of the new My Story collection

Starter Kit : $39.99 | Includes 3x8 navy cloth album with page protectors, adhesive backed wood veneer people, storage pouch, circle puffy stickers, paper stickers, chipboard stickers, 3x8 prompt pages, 2x3 cards, 3x6 journal cards. 

Along with the Starter Kit we've got some additional fun things to play with: 

My Stories 4x6 Stamp Set : $15.99

My Story Rubber Shapes : $9.99

My Story Clickable Pen : $2.99

My Story Washi Tape Bundle

My Story Pocket Bundle : $12.99 | Plastic pocket, transparent "Stay Magical," and paper pocket

My Story Patch Pack : $9.99 | Adhesive backed

My Story "Yes You Can" Charm : $5.99 | This is awesome hooked onto the outside of the album. 

My Story Pie Chart Charm : $5.99 | This is awesome hooked onto the outside of the album.

My Story Transparent Dividers + Labels : $11.99 


Audrey + Anna had an awesome time testing out the products and starting their own My Story projects. 

A couple things I learned (or was reminded about) while watching and filming these two last week: 

  • I love how kids just play. They aren't worried how it's all going to turn out, they are just enjoying the process. This project is an awesome opportunity to continue to encourage that kind of play. 
  • I love seeing what they chose to write in response to the prompts. 
  • I love the discussion between the two that happened while they worked side by side. This is an awesome project to work on with a friend or a group of friends or to work on alongside an adult (it would be super cool for a kid + a grandparent to play with this togheter). Conversation seems to come naturally while working on responding to the prompts. 
  • I love seeing how they decided to add their family structures to the front of their album. I didn't give them any direction - just gave them the products and let them start playing. You'll hear Anna talk about it in the video below - which is totally funny and an awesome way to own this piece of her story. 
  • I love the opportunity to simply start talking about how their own stories matter. 

While they were working on their albums I turned on my camera and asked them a few questions about writing their story:

So fun. 

As with all my projects, there's no right or wrong here. 

I'm so excited to see what they end up adding to their albums over time. We've got additional products planned for future releases that continue to encourage this kind of storytelling. 

Thank you so much for checking out this new My Story collection. 

Let me know if you have any questions below!

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35 thoughts

  1. Aliemily1 says…

    Video is amazing love their interaction. Great idea My Story for kids. My kid is 19 and pinching my Ali stash ahhh. Love all your products Ali xxx

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  2. kristinkanner says…

    I think I need this for me! So adorable. My 17 year old will roll her eyes, but love the album any way! Quick this a subscription or individual kit? Thanks--love all your stuff and ideas!

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. AliEdwards says…

      This is not a subscription - just an individual kit. We have additional ones we are looking to roll out in the future with themes like My Joys and My adventures.

  3. minkaclark says…

    Ali - it would be lovely to see cats and dogs to add to the family figures as they are part of families too.

    Reply 0 Replies
  4. dpowersfabian says…

    HOLY COW!!!! Anna's hands look just like Ali's!

    Reply 0 Replies
  5. mcmichaels says…

    This is so cute! I'm thinking about purchasing it for a birthday present. I see that there are transparent dividers. Does this mean there will be additional stories to add specifically for this kit?


    Reply 0 Replies