December Daily® 2021 | Story 19

Welcome to Stories #19 in my December Daily® album for 2021. 

Today's story is prompted by a page I set up for this year's December Daily® Product Play workshop using a 6x8 transparency + window cards + a "yes, just yes" stamp from the Phrases Stamp Set. This is one of my favorite kinds of foundation pages that invite a specific response/story - in this case I'm talking about what I'm saying "yes" to this week. One of the big things I'm saying yes to is the possibility of snow! You can hear me get all excited about that in the video. 

Let's dive into the video for today: 

And here's a look at the spread in and out of my album: 

The window cards were a fun addition to this year's collection that sold out fairly quick. We do have a digital option to make you own available here. To make today's story come to life I took a screen shot of the weather app on my phone which shows the possibility of snow on Christmas Day and printed it out on photo paper and then stitched it to the transparency with a zig zag stitch. 

We live in an area where we do get snow in the winter - usually only once and very rarely on Christmas. The excitement about this possibility is palpable. 

Inside each of the window cards I wrote what I'm saying "yes" to right now. Such a fun prompt especially here during the week of Christmas. 

On top of the printed weather screen shot I added "just yes" using the White Glitter Cardstock Alpha Stickers + a Tim Holtz Label Sticker

I'm off to enjoy my people! Hope you have a wonderful day!



You are invited to leave a link in the comment section if you'd like to share your daily pages. Please include a direct link to your blog post sharing your Day 19 vs. a general blog address link.

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7 thoughts

  1. ljr3kids says…

    This is amazing. This morning I screen shot our weather too. We have snow predicted for Christmas Day too. Here in Puget Sound you never know but I say Yes to snow too.

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    1. AliEdwards says…

      Yes! SAME!

  2. iHanna says…

    Yes! I have So been enjoying your videos (mostly on YouTube) of December Daily this year, and getting a glimpse into your life and process. This album is just beautiful!

    /Hanna in Sweden

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  3. Jeannew says…

    Yes to this! The world is crazy but here’s to enjoying our people!

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  4. ahiggins83 says…

    This Minnesota girl hopes you get your snow!! :) Thank you for the reminder to just say yes to slow down and enjoy our people right now.

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  5. mshanhun says…

    I adore those little presents :D

    Today I shared about our miraculous Carols event in 2020!

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  6. Pepierre says…
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