Week In The Life™ 2022 | Bring On The Stories + Things I've Learned

Our community documenting week for Week In The Life this year is just a few days away! 

Here are two more videos to get you in the mood!

Also, make sure to check out the conversations that have been happening on the Ali Edwards Design Inc Instagram account here

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6 thoughts

  1. summer82 says…

    Missed the name of the blog piece. Wanted to save it as inspiration.

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    1. RichelleH says…

      "Our Days Are Built with Stories". If you go to the blog and filter by WITL and then put in this title, you should find it.

    2. jdm9 says…
  2. ljr3kids says…

    Thanks so much for this. My week will be so different this year as I am retired. Last year I made it very work heavy on purpose as I knew it was the last year of work. So excited to see a new chapter

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  3. dpowersfabian says…

    Can you give us the name or the date of the blog post? I loved all those story ideas you articulated in this piece and would like to save it.

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    1. AliEdwards says…