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12 Hours | December Daily® 2019 Prep Day

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***The live event has now passed for 2019 but you can still access all the videos (everything was archived), inspiration, and downloads. As with all my workshops you can go at your own pace and you have ongoing access to the content."

Join the December Daily® community for a fun online prep day on Saturday, November 9th, 2019. Use this opportunity to finish past December Daily® projects or start working on your project for 2019. The classroom will open at 7:30am Pacific with the first live video happening at 8am Pacific. 

At the top of each hour Ali will be live from her office (these will be recorded + available for viewing later) chatting about a specific topic for 10-15 minutes. The goal is to give you a few ideas and then send you off to work on your own projects, clean up, prep, etc:

  • 8am Pacific | Foundations Pages
  • 9am Pacific | Stash Organization
  • 10am Pacific | Tackling Unfinished Projects
  • 11am Pacific | New Page Idea #1
  • Noon Pacific | 5 Things I Want To Try In December with Jen Schow
  • 1pm Pacific | Stamping
  • 2pm Pacific | New Page Idea #2
  • 3pm Pacific | Incorporating Ephemera (stuff from life)
  • 4pm Pacific | December Story Ideas
  • 5pm Pacific | New Page Idea #3
  • 6pm Pacific | Photos In December 
  • 7pm Pacific | Wrap Up

Each topic will have it's own Lesson within the 12 Hour Classroom. Inside each lesson you'll find the live video, a free download, a challenge, and a spot for conversation in the comments section of the lesson. Live chat will be available for anyone who wants to converse back and forth during the live event. 

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Class taught by: AliEdwards
Class starts June 1st

Class Schedule

  1. Jun 1
    Class begins
    12:00AM EDT
  2. Nov 9
    Hour #1 | Foundation Pages
    10:30AM EST
    Come chat about Foundation Pages + other ways of getting started.
  3. Nov 9
    Hour #2 | Stash Organization
    12:00PM EST
    Come chat about getting organized for December Daily®.
  4. Nov 9
    Hour #3 | Tackling Unfinished Projects
    12:50PM EST
    Come chat about tips for tackling unfinished December Daily® projects.
  5. Nov 9
    Hour #4 | New Page Idea #1
    1:50PM EST
    Ali shares a new page idea process video.
  6. Nov 9
    Hour #5 | 5 Things To Try With Jen Schow
    2:50PM EST
    Come in and check out five ideas from Jen Schow.
  7. Nov 9
    Hour #6 | Stamping Ideas
    3:50PM EST
    Come chat about stamping in December Daily®.
  8. Nov 9
    Hour #7 | New Page Idea #2
    4:50PM EST
    Ali shares a new page idea process video.
  9. Nov 9
    Hour #8 | Incorporating Ephemera
    5:50PM EST
    Come chat about adding "life stuff" into your December Daily® album.
  10. Nov 9
    Hour #9 | December Daily® Story Ideas
    6:50PM EST
    Come chat about story ideas for December Daily®.
  11. Nov 9
    Hour #10 | New Page Idea #3
    7:50PM EST
    Ali shares a new page idea process video.
  12. Nov 9
    Hour #11 | Photos In December
    8:50PM EST
    Come chat about taking photos in December.
  13. Nov 9
    Hour #12 | Wrap Up
    9:50PM EST
    Come chat about anything else you want about December Daily® + thank you for hanging out today!