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31 Things

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Say hello again to 31 Things - an invitation to "see into the life of things.”

This self-paced workshop includes a collection of 31 prompts that invite you to document some"thing" about your life right now via a single photo and words. Some of the topics include: jewelry, conversation, technology, shoes, think, chores, and smell. Gather your photo and words for each prompt into a 12x12 album (using the templates and tutorials provided in the workshop) or simply use the prompts as jumping off points for blog posts, personal journaling, etc. 

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Class taught by: Ali Edwards

What you'll learn

My goal with these prompts is to spark a desire in you to write more/tell more of the story about the life you’re living and then to practice those skills via the process of writing out the 31 stories.

Originally this workshop ran as a daily-email class - it's now available to you in a self-paced format. Upon registering you’ll have access to all 31 prompts and can immediately get started telling stories from your life.

Each of the 31 prompts includes the following: 

  • A word/phrase as the jumping off point
  • A writing prompt for that particular word/phrase that includes questions to get you thinking about the different ways you can think about the word
  • A couple probing questions/tips to encourage you to go deeper with your story
  • Photo suggestions/ideas to support the prompt
  • My photo and words to encourage you along the way

What you'll get

  • 31 prompts with writing and photo suggestions
  • Digital layered templates and journaling templates 
  • Video tutorials for working with the layered and journal templates (includes a tutorial on working with the journal templates in Word)
  • Welcome handout that includes step by steps for working through the process

What you'll need

For addition information and suggestions, download the original supply list used in this workshop here. As always you are more than welcome to substitute and make the content of this workshop work for you and your own style of memory keeping. 

  • 12x12 white cardstock if you choose to create the layouts following my design formula
  • Camera and a way to print your photos
  • Photoshop or Word for working with the journaling templates (optional)
  • Printer for printing your journaling (optional)
  • Washi tape, ribbon or strips of pattern paper
  • 12x12 album