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December Daily® Product Play

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In this workshop we will take a closer look at playing with three specific shapes in December Daily® documentation: circles, hearts and stars. These are three of my favorite shapes and there are so many different ways you can creatively play with them to support and complement your stories - from using already designed products to creating your own. We'll also be talking about the specific design concepts that go into working with these shapes which will be useful for you in projects going forward (repetition, layering, scale). I'll be using products from this year's December Daily® collection but the products are not required as many ideas can be translated to what you might have in your memory keeping product stash. As always I'll be coming at this with storytelling and simple design at the forefront.

PLEASE NOTE: Ideas and pages created for this workshop will become part of my December Daily® Foundation Pages for 2017. As always I will be sharing an overview look at all my Foundation Pages on my blog in late October/early November  - this means that the pages I'll be showing you how i create will likely be shown on my blog before the how-to appears here in the classroom. The actual how-to process videos and step-by-steps of my 9 specific pages created for this class will be exclusive to this workshop. 

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Class taught by: Ali Edwards
Class starts June 1st

Class Contributors

What you'll learn

  • Ways to play & create with circles, stars and hearts when creating foundation pages and homes for stories in December Daily® 
  • Creating pages with stories in mind / Creating homes to hold your stories in December

What you'll get

  • Full color handouts for each topic that include ideas and how-to's
  • A main presentation for each theme and a total of 9 process videos/started pages from Ali (3 for heart, 3 for stars, 3 for circles)
  • A process video and how-to lesson from each Contributor
  • Additional digital tutorials when applicable (for a deep dive into working with digital products in paper projects check out my Hybrid workshop)
  • Digital package that includes PNG files (see image in slider)

What you'll need

  • A playful attitude
  • A collection of various hearts, stars, and circles
  • A storytelling mindset

Not required but I will be using: 

Class Schedule

  1. Jun 1
    Class begins
    10:00AM EDT
  2. Oct 25
    Basic Supply Suggestions
    1:00PM EDT
    Click here to check out a list of optional supplies.
  3. Nov 1
    3:00AM EDT
    Click here to check out my process videos for three different ways to play with circles.
  4. Nov 3
    Circles With Pam Baldwin
    3:00AM EDT
    Pam shares cool ideas for an interactive chipboard circle + creating a wax seal.
  5. Nov 5
    Circles With Ingunn Markiewicz
    2:00AM EST
    Ingunn shares ideas on using circles for snowballs + journaling.
  6. Nov 8
    3:00AM EST
    Click here to check out my process videos for three different ways to play with hearts.
  7. Nov 10
    Hearts With Kelly Ishmael
    3:00AM EST
    Kelly shares an idea for creating a pattern paper quilted heart.
  8. Nov 12
    Hearts With Jen Schow
    3:00AM EST
    Jen shares a fun graphic way to document the things you are loving this season with hearts.
  9. Nov 15
    3:00AM EST
    Click here to check out my process videos for three different ways to play with stars.
  10. Nov 17
    Stars With Brandi Kincaid
    3:00AM EST
    Brandi shares three different ways to work with stars in your projects.
  11. Nov 19
    Stars With Laura Wonsik
    3:00AM EST
    Laura shares ideas for playing with star stamps, stencils, pockets and tags.