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Hybrid All Year Round

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Join Jennie Rey in her class Hybrid: All Year Round as she shares her creative process for combining digital & physical memory keeping products together in large variety of ways via her computer.  During the course of this workshop, Jennie will be sharing fun ways to play with your digital memory keeping products as well as how to bring them to life in paper + printed projects. 

Each lesson will include projects that feature both a seasonal and a non seasonal example of stories created using themed digital products.  All of Jennie's lessons will be rooted in story and the examples she provides will demonstrate how versatile digital products can be in helping you get your stories told. 

Jennie will showing you a variety of fun and creative ideas spread out over 4 main topics:

  • Go Big!
  • Change it up!
  • Backgrounds & Templates 
  • So Much More 

Please Note: This workshop is not meant as an in depth Photoshop tutorial workshop, but will show the steps that Jennie takes in Photoshop to make physical (6x8) pages using digital memory keeping products.

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Class taught by: Jennie Rey
Class starts March 10th

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What you'll learn

  • Fun & creative tips and techniques for using digital products paper projects
  • Creative ways to use monthly-themed digital products to tell other kinds of stories

What you'll get

  • Video tutorials that include step-by-step how to's using Photoshop
  • Classroom content with blog-post style information
  • Full-color PDF handouts that include inspiration and how-to's
  • Message board for communicating with classmates   
  • Gallery for sharing your work/assignments

What you'll need

There is not a specific software requirement for this class. That said you will need some kind of software that will allow you to open and edit digital embellishments. Jennie will be demonstrating with an older version of Photoshop but these lessons will translate to both Photoshop Elements and newer versions of Photoshop.

  • A printer and paper to print out the digital products (recommendations will be included in the classroom)
  • Patience working with computers (it helps)
  • A desire to learn and play and experiment with bringing digital products off your computer
  • Stories to tell

Class Schedule

  1. Mar 10
    Class begins
    11:00AM EST
  2. Mar 10
    Welcome + Getting Started
    11:00AM EST
    Meet Jennie and learn more about how she approaches her hybrid projects.
  3. Mar 10
    Supply Recommendations
    11:00AM EST
    Suggestions for programs, printers, paper, and more.
  4. Mar 23
    Lesson 1 | January - Go Big! with Digital Journaling Cards
    11:00AM EDT
    Inspiration for enlarging digital journal cards
  5. Mar 25
    Lesson 2 | February - Go Big! with Digital Stamps
    11:00AM EDT
    Inspiration for enlarging digital stamps
  6. Mar 27
    Lesson 3 | March - Go Big! with Digital Chipboard Pieces
    11:00AM EDT
    Inspiration for enlarging digital chipboard pieces
  7. Mar 30
    Lesson 4 | April - Change It Up! Changing the Color
    11:00AM EDT
    Inspiration for changing the color of digital elements
  8. Apr 1
    Lesson 5 | May - Change It Up! Cutting & Combining Digital Elements
    11:00AM EDT
    Inspiration for cutting and combining digital elements
  9. Apr 3
    Lesson 6 | June - Change It Up! Make Your Own Chipboard Pieces
    11:00AM EDT
    Inspiration for creating your own chipboard pieces
  10. Apr 6
    Lesson 7 | July - Make Your Own Background
    11:00AM EDT
    Inspiration for creating your own backgrounds
  11. Apr 8
    Lesson 8 | August - Backgrounds Using Brushes
    11:00AM EDT
    Inspiration for creating backgrounds using digital brushes
  12. Apr 10
    Lesson 9 | September - Make Your Own Layered Template
    11:00AM EDT
    Inspiration for creating your own layered templates
  13. Apr 13
    Lesson 10 | October - Using the Silhouette
    11:00AM EDT
    Inspiration for using digital elements with the Silhouette
  14. Apr 15
    Lesson 11 | November - Transparencies + Vellum
    11:00AM EDT
    Inspiration for using digital elements with transparencies and vellum
  15. Apr 17
    Lesson 12 | December - Other Textures
    11:00AM EDT
    Inspiration for using digital elements with other textures
  16. Apr 20
    Bonus Lesson | Kim Chaffin + Ingunn Markiewicz
    11:00AM EDT
    Bonus content from Kim Chaffin and Ingunn Markiewicz
  17. Apr 22
    Bonus Lesson | Jenny Theriault + Jen Schow
    11:00AM EDT
    Bonus content from Jenny Theriault and Jen Schow
  18. Apr 24
    Bonus Lesson | All Year Round
    11:00AM EDT
    Bonus content from Jennie

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