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Lens of Joy (Self Paced)

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Designed with the storyteller in mind, Lens Of Joy is a photography workshop that takes a deep dive into processes related to capturing life through the lens of your camera. Ali Edwards will walk you through her personal workflow from picking up the camera, looking through the lens, establishing the story, experiencing the moment, composing, uploading, organizing, editing, printing and pairing the end result with words to tell a more complete story.

Over the course of the workshop you'll encounter 11 different lessons with over 8 hours of presentation/video content. 

Here's a look at each lesson: 

ONE | The Art Of Seeing // Photo Vision: Your Photo Story, The Reason Why, Photo Mantra 

TWO | Composition & Design // Photo Voice and Ali's Around The House Shooting Style 

THREE | Photo Workflow: Uploading & Organization, Choosing, Editing, Printing

FOUR | Storytelling With Photos: Self-Portraits, Bringing It All Together, Storytelling With Photos In Project Life® 

Please note that this is a self paced class. All workshop lessons and content will be available to you upon purchase for you to tackle at your own pace. 

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Class taught by: AliEdwards

What you'll learn

  • Seeing through the lens/establishing your vision
  • Composition and design
  • Taking & choosing photos that support the stories you want to tell
  • Self-portraits and the importance of getting "you" in the story
  • Cultivating a present-moment mindset while photographing
  • Organization, workflow and editing
  • Developing confidence in your own photo voice

Please note that this is not a technical/manual photography workshop. This is much more about seeing and storytelling with photos and growing your skills one step at a time from whatever level you are currently at with your photography.

What you'll get

  • Full color PDF handouts for each lesson
  • 11 presentation/video lessons spread out over the workshop, over 8 hours of video content.
  • Shooting and writing exercises to help you examine, reflect, and practice
  • Message board and gallery for sharing your thoughts and your photos

What you'll need

  • A willingness to think about the way you look through the lens
  • A willingness to think about the ways you use your photos to tell stories
  • A camera (can be any kind of camera - phone, film, DSLR)
  • A way to take notes/something to write with to complete the assignments
  • A willingness to practice what you are learning to establish & grow your own vision and voice