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Plan, Prep & Play

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Plan, Prep & Play is here to help you set yourself up for success as you dive into crafting in the new year. In this class, we are going to explore goal setting and project planning specifically for memory keepers, discussing and applying various techniques that are adaptable to a variety of lifestyles and crafting approaches. You do not need to be a self-proclaimed “Type A” personality to participate in this class; instead, this class is designed to help you find a system of project planning that works for you. We are going to learn techniques and tips for how to select projects, break them down into actionable steps, and celebrate following through on our intentions. 

Among other things, we are going to tackle craft organization, turning inspiration into projects, and other barriers (such as nonstop scrolling) that crafters face in getting their ideas on paper. While the primary focus of this class is on planning and prepping our projects, this class also includes a lot of opportunities and tips to see those plans come to life. In addition to detailed planning steps, worksheets, and tips, this class includes plenty of project examples and process videos. This class is designed to help you accomplish your crafting goals while having fun, I hope to see you in the classroom!

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Class taught by: Linda Jordan
Class starts January 2nd

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What you'll learn

How to:

  • Set & follow through with long & short term crafting goals 
  • Set up your albums & projects for the new year 
  • Evaluate & organize your supplies and craft space 
  • Adapt inspiration into projects 
  • Sketch out and break down a project into manageable steps 
  • Turn a kit into completed projects

What you'll get

  • 12 lessons over the course of 4 weeks, each including a printable handout, multiple videos to discuss and apply the techniques learned, as well as detailed images and written content
  • Digital word art (designed by Ali Edwards)  
  • A variety of printable worksheets to help you set craft goals & plan your projects  
  • Project examples and process videos  
  • Message board for communicating with the instructor and other class participants  
  • Gallery to share your plans, organization, and creations

What you'll need

  • A planner, journal, or place to collect the worksheets from this class
  • Printer or other means for printing worksheets from the class 
  • A scrapbooking kit from Ali Edwards, another brand, or created from your own stash 
  • A basic selection of scrapbooking tools, including paper, adhesive, scissors, paper trimmer, and photos
  • Your favorite pen
  • Enthusiasm to dive into projects in the new year

Class Schedule

  1. Jan 2
    Class begins
    6:00AM EST
  2. Jan 2
    Why & What You Scrapbook
    6:00AM EST
    A look back on the types of projects you like to create & reason why for memory keeping.
  3. Jan 5
    Setting Your Craft Intentions & Goals
    6:00AM EST
    Diving into setting intentions & goals from a memory keeping perspective.
  4. Jan 7
    Setting Up Your Annual Albums & Projects
    6:00AM EST
    Selecting & setting up your albums and creating title pages.
  5. Jan 9
    Evaluating & Using Your Supplies (Part 1)
    6:00AM EST
    Assessing & using older supplies.
  6. Jan 12
    Using Your Supplies (Part 2) & Your Workspace
    6:00AM EST
    Evaluating your workspace & your most frequently used supplies.
  7. Jan 14
    Organizing Your Supplies & Craft Space
    6:00AM EST
    Craft room tours & organization tips for various sized spaces from Linda, Morgan and Erika.
  8. Jan 16
    Setting Craft Goals & Planning Out Your Projects
    6:00AM EST
    Tips & techniques for setting short term craft goals and project planning.
  9. Jan 19
    Breaking Down Craft Goals & Projects for Success
    6:00AM EST
    Turning project plans into actionable steps for success.
  10. Jan 21
    Using & Adapting Inspiration
    6:00AM EST
    Tips & techniques for adapting inspiration from various sources into projects.
  11. Jan 23
    Use It Up: Planning Your Kit
    6:00AM EST
    Project planning with the Tags Quarterly Scrapbook Kit.
  12. Jan 26
    Use It Up: Prepping Your Kit
    6:00AM EST
    Prepping the Tags Quarterly Scrapbook Kit to turn my project plans into reality.
  13. Jan 28
    Use It Up: Playing With Your Kit
    6:00AM EST
    Having fun & using the Tags Quarterly Scrapbook Kit.