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Stories of Hanukkah

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Stories of Hanukkah is all about fun ways to document Hanukkah. We will explore several different approaches on how to include Hanukkah in your memory keeping and dive into some really fun interactive techniques to tell your stories. We will be working step by step through several pop-up pages, creating Hanukkah papers with mixed media, and making Hanukkah layouts using items from the December Daily® shop. This class is for anyone who wants to find fun ways to document your Hanukkah stories and learn some awesome techniques that can be used year round!

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Class taught by: Jenny Simon

What you'll learn

The goal of this class is to encourage you to tell your Hanukkah themed stories through a variety of fun hands on projects. 

  • You will learn how to approach a project like a Hanukkah album with limited supplies. 
  • How to build a stash kit for your project.
  • How to create supplies from scratch using fun hands on techniques.
  • How to create unique interactive layouts and pop ups to tell your stories.

What you'll get

This kit is packed full of fun interactive projects, coordinating digitals and step by step walk throughs of interactive layout construction and design.

  • Step by step instructions and walk throughs of pop-up construction and design. Including printable templates for interactive pages that can be used over and over again.
  • Six lessons with at least two process videos per lesson for projects based around themes from Hanukkah. (Ie. Menorah, dreidel, nosh. And presents) 
  • Story ideas and project planning discussion for each lesson.  
  • A digital mini-Hanukkah kit from Ali.  Unique digital downloads and hand drawn papers made to coordinate with the projects.

What you'll need

Many of the lessons in this class will be using products from the shop including December Daily products and stamps. You can find links to each of the products used within the lessons. In addition, you may also want to have:

  • A basic selection of scrapbooking tools, including patterned paper / cardstock, adhesive, scissors, paper trimmer, photos, pens for journaling, ruler and a paper scoring tool 
  • Photoshop or Word for printing digital elements and/or computer journaling 
  • Ink Jet and laser printer for printing digital files at home

Class Schedule

  1. Dec 5
    Class begins
    10:00AM EST
  2. Dec 5
    10:00AM EST
    Let's talk about Hanukkah craft supplies and creating your own Hanukkah stash kit.
  3. Dec 5
    Lesson 1 | DIY Hanukkah Supplies
    10:00AM EST
    Finding ways to create our own Hanukkah supplies and customize what we have to suit our project
  4. Dec 5
    Lesson 2 | December Daily® Hanukkah Play
    10:00AM EST
    Adapting products from the December Daily® Main Kit to come up with Hanukkah ideas
  5. Dec 5
    Lesson 3 | Menorah Stories
    10:00AM EST
    Telling stories about the Menorah and using the Menorah as our jumping off point for design ideas
  6. Dec 5
    Lesson 4 | Dreidel Stories
    10:00AM EST
    Creating pages based on the jumping off point of Dreidels
  7. Dec 5
    Lesson 5 | Documenting Hanukkah Nosh
    10:00AM EST
    Ideas for stories and design ideas using the jumping off point of Hanukkah Nosh
  8. Dec 5
    Lesson 6 | Hanukkah Presents
    10:00AM EST
    Wrapping up our Hanukkah adventure with stories about Hanukkah presents

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