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Travel Mini-Class | 6x8 Album

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In this class Neela will be making a 6x8 album from start to finish using the 2022 Travel Collection. She is documenting her family cruise to Alaska in 2018 and is telling her stories using the gorgeous products from this collection. The pages she will make will be about their little excursions in Alaska, experiences on the ship and time spent with extended family. Join Neela on this journey as she relives her vacation while making this album.

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Class taught by: Neela Nalam

What you'll learn

Throughout this class, you will learn techniques that will help you finish a travel album from start to finish. Neela will share her best tips and tricks that you will be able to use to make your own albums. Some of the topics that she will cover in her class include:

  • Collecting and prepping photos and products for your album
  • Setting up sections for places visited 
  • Making pages inspired by the products 
  • Making pages inspired by photos 
  • Incorporating the memorabilia, brochures, printed photos collected during the trip 
  • Editing and printing large photos 
  • Using stamps to make journaling cards 
  • Using digital alphabets

What you'll get

This class contains 4 lessons. Each lesson will contain multiple videos with detailed step by step processes on photo editing, fun usage of products and filling in the album with photos and journaling. The final lesson contains walkthroughs of the entire album.

What you'll need

Hopefully you have tons of photos or plan on going on a great trip and will take tons of photos. Collect your photos and memorabilia and products that you want to use. Collect some basic supplies too – rulers, pens, stamps, tape runners. Finishing an album requires a lot of determination but is also a great way to relive your vacation while making it. Of course, as a scrapbooker, come to have some awesome fun while using your crafty skills to make something that you will treasure.

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