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I'm passionate about memory keeping that is rooted in stories, photos, and intentional embellishments. My projects focus around documenting the moments of everyday life. Since 2004, I've built a vibrant community of memory keepers through my blog, workshops, and memory keeping projects and have inspired tens of thousands of people to share their own stories and enrich their own lives through the process.

You are welcome here whether you are embarking on your first memory keeping project, or your shelves are lined with albums. I believe that there's no right or wrong way to approach telling your story.

This class is designed to get you thinking about the kinds of stories you’re telling and the ways in which you are getting them told. My hope is that this workshop will encourage you to put pen to paper. Enter your email address to join the class and start telling the stories that matter to you most.

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Join our vibrant community of memory keepers for even more inspiration and encouragement as you #craftthestory.

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