For The Love Of Laughing

Sometimes it can be painfully obvious to myself that I might be a little too serious.

Last night Anna I and climbed onto her bed to read some of her new library books.

The first one she picked out is called Walter The Farting Dog.

Okay, ha, ha. Sounds funny and silly and perfect for my three-year-old who loves nothing more than saying any number of phrases related to poop.

I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard.

And I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard with her.

And I know she liked that because I could see the surprise and delight on her face at seeing my laughing so effortlessly.

I bet we'll read it again tonight.

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109 thoughts

  1. Katie scott says…

    Balloon - I'll blame typos on my iPhone tonight.

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  2. Nancy L says…

    My 3 boys (8,8,6) love Walter books. Anything about bodily functions or noises are hits with them!
    2 other books they still enjoy are
    Have you seen my potty? and
    Achoo both by Mij Kelly

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  3. SandraA says…

    Love it! Made me think of my granddaughter. We sing a song back and forth to each other; "I love you more than...". Some make us go "awww", like when it's "I love you more than rainbows." But then she starts with 'I love you more than poop", it gets us laughing and making "EWWWW" sounds. We all need these lighter moments in our lives.

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    1. Ali says…

      Love that - that sounds like just what Anna would say :).

  4. Jessica says…

    The Mr. & I collect children's books for our future children & I just got this book. It was fantastic, we giggled the whole time we were reading it. Speaking of funny kid's books have y'all tried Stinky Cheese Man & Other Fairly Stupid Tales ? It is so funny!!!! It is best read straight through since the narrator pops up randomly though out the book, but seriously an awesome read!!

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  5. kathleen natale says…

    Well, all you need now is the book "Everybody Poops". My grandson loved it from the first day of potty training. We laugh, giggle, and say eewwwww a lot! LOL! There is also Everybody Farts. Hey, that's what little kids laugh the most at!

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