Project Life® 2013 | Week Forty-Four


Welcome to Project Life® 2013 | Week Forty-Five (October 28th through November 3rd).

Here's a look at Week 44:AE_PL2103_WK44_Spread1


Kid's art rocks. Especially when it's orange.

Speaking of kid's art, it's piling up around here. Right now I pick and choose a few things from Anna every couple of weeks to add in to Project Life and the rest I'm storing in a bin for now. I'm thinking about what I want to do with all that moving forward. Maybe a school album? Maybe taking some photos? Or maybe the one's I pick and choose to add here are enough.

No right or wrong on this one of course. Just thoughts as I move forward with Anna who makes a whole lot more art than Simon did.


Loving combining the Seafoam & Midnight kits.


Super is from one of my new digital sets: Super Flags (set includes the flags with the words and just the words by themselves). I can't wait to use those with the Silhouette.


The Silhouette was put to work once again to cut this "love halloween" word art. Need a tutorial on how to trace my PNG files with the Silhouette software? I've got one for you right here.


The "Love home" card was from the CUPPA Studio Calico Project Life® kit.


On the photo of Simon and Anna on the couch I added a canvas banner from Little Yellow Bicycle and one of those great gold hearts from Studio Calico's Essentials Collection.


Click on the images to link to the products.

Project Life® is a product and a system and a lifestyle created by Becky Higgins. It can be anything you want it to be. The core pieces used in my album are available here. If you live outside the US check Becky’s site for more information on sources. View all my posts about Project Life® here.


I also wanted to share a sneak peek today of a new layout I created for Studio Calico's new workshop Color Studio with Lisa Truesdell. The workshop includes cut files (the "love this" circle above is part of the class downloads), printables and some cute planning pages from Marcy Penner of Hello Forever. There's still time to join in on the live class - check out all the details and register here.

Also it's Thrifty Thursday over at Designer Digitals which means there's one 99 cent item from each designer + over 600 items each at 50% off. My 99 cent item this week are The Story Of This Day Brushes & Stamps.

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7 thoughts

  1. Michelle t. says…

    Thank you so much for having tutorials. Don't have a silhouette yet but I know that it's here when I can get one. Oh that "Love This" embellishment is awesome. I so love all the bits you put on your layouts and Project Life. Awesome pages. Michelle t

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  2. Karen C says…

    Something to consider for school art: One thing I did with my son's was take a picture of it all taped to the wall at the end of the year. Granted he sounds like Simon and didn't have much but it was/is nice to see the variety. Also at the end of the year it was easier for me to let go of some when i could see all of it spread out. He's in college now and I have 3 school albums for preschool, grade school and high school (all still in progress). And I have 2 large art box-ish things that I keep meaning to sort down to one. I love the kid art though so maybe I won't ;)

    Thanks for posting!

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  3. mindy says…

    i take photos and scan some & then turn it into a photo book at the end of every school year. i keep a few pieces & then trash the rest. hard for me to do, but with many years of school ahead i know cannot keep it all :)

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    1. Emma says…

      I am the same as you mindy, keep the best ones, photograph/scan the rest and turn into a photo book and then throw them out. It is hard but as you say have lots of school years and not enough storage space.

  4. chel says…

    I read something great in The Happiness Project book: Scan her art and every year or so, get it made into a hardcover book. The problem with school-grade art materials is that they often fade and fall apart. But if you scan the art and have the photos printed and bound into a book, you'll have a record of her art for every year, which you can pass on to her at some point. I REALLY wish I had done that with my daughter, who is now eight and doesn't do as many smaller , quicker pieces of art. I wish I had the first year or so of art she did. We DID keep it, it's just falling apart (construction paper is evil). :(

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  5. Lissa says…

    This is always tricky hey? I too like to put art/notes/etc into my PL Album but it gets bulky :( So I just add a few & the rest goes into a box that at the end of the school year I sort through & cull (the ones I don't keep I take photo's of though first) My girls are in high school now & they each have just one box with their 'art' projects in & one filing cabinet drawer each with their books/school work from all the years combined :)
    I would love it if Becky created a page projector that was 12x12 with a pocket that folded out from the 'outer egde' to store some of these 'bulkier' items into in order to make the album sit flat... if you know what I mean. Because over time my album has this lump/rise in the middle cause it's full of memorabilia that I store into slimmer (12x4 for eg) pocket pages (that have to sit in the middle to connect to the posts) Do you have any suggestions to 'even-out' my album Ali?

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  6. Jany says…

    Hi Ali! Thank you for sharing yet another beautiful PL spread. I am quite new to digital crafting and only recently invested in the Photoshop Elements software. I am on a huge learning curve at the moment, lapping up all your video tutorials which are awesome, thank you!
    I am wondering how you created that white space at the bottom of your photo from the hairdressers'? Did the white space just happen to be there or was it some sort of digital magic? Is 'This is life' a real stamp or a digital one? Thank you very much for sharing!

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