Project Life® 2017 | Week Thirty

This past weekend I took some time to add words and embellishments to the photos I've been keeping up with in my 2017 Project Life® album. I was able to get six weeks completed and I'll be sharing those one spread at a time over the next six days. 

My process when I'm going back in time and wanting to get a bunch of weeks completed is to keep it simple and just fill the pockets. You'll see a lot of repetition of embellishments because that's one of the easiest ways I've found to "finish up" my weeks. I also found myself going to my Instagram account often to copy and paste the story I'd added to my photos from both my @aliedwards and @ae_wellness accounts. I love taking the time to tell the story when I share the photo and then being able to simply copy and paste that story onto a 3x4 card and slip it into a pocket. 

Bring on the simple.  

I think it's so important to remember that it's the sum of all these stories vs. any one particular week that is the most magic for me. I'm super excited that I'm farther along in my 2017 Project Life® album than I've been in most recent years. I think so much of that has to do with not making it more complicated than it needs to be and not feeling like I have to keep adding more and more to my weekly spread before I consider it done. 

Here's a look at Week Thirty: 

My unifying embellishment I used for this week are the flag stickers from my Summer Sticker Variety Pack - these are everyday life themed stickers. Simply identifying one product to use to bring the entire spread together is also such a great way to use product you have on hand. 

"Seek with eyes open" journal card is from my Travel Journal Card Set. The "Yes" card and the stripe pattern cards are both from the Brave New Day Journal Card Set. All my shop Journal Card Sets include two of each card design so you are able to use both the front and the back design. 

Each of the 4x6 photos got one of the banner stickers added on top + a staple from the Tiny Attacher. Today's Adventure card is from the Travel Journal Card Set and the "start where you are" card is from the Brave Journal Card Set. The "Here's The Story" pad is from a past Story Kit™.  

The "loving" circle sticker is from a past Add-On Story Kit™ option


You can see all my past Project Life® blog posts here. For more information about my overall process make sure to check out my self-paced Storytelling With Project Life® workshop

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5 thoughts

  1. mtercha says…

    Beautiful spread. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the reminder to keep it simple. I have to finish Oct and start Nov. Working on it today. Michelle t

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  2. MaggieR says…

    Love this so much, Ali, and L-O-V-E your handwritten “healthy choices” text. I’m on a mission to turn my health around (and it’s working!!!!) and I’d love to purchase some health/wholesome food word art to use.

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    1. AliEdwards says…

      Hi! I'll be adding more of those in the coming months - right now I have some wellness quotes available:

  3. theblueberryscrapper says…

    I've always crafted for everyone and everyone else's stories. Friends, extended family, putting off scrapbooking for me until later. But hanging out with you and all the crafty like minded souls, thru December Daily, Week in the Life, Day in the Life allows me to see the importance of focusing on me and my little family and my stories begin now.

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    1. AliEdwards says…