Introducing Stories By The Month™

I am super excited to announce a brand new subscription option Stories By The Month™ which will be launching on December 13th (the same time the Story Kits™ go live).  

Each month the Stories By The Month™ physical kit will include 3x4 and 4x6 journal cards, a 4x6 chipboard set, and a 3x4 stamp set. These designs are all based on the Monthly Digital Kits we've been offering throughout 2017. You can see all the designs here. We will continue to create new monthly digital kits as well for 2018.

What is the difference between Stories By The Month™ and the Story Kits™? 

There are two main differences between the subscription options: (1) the Story Kit™ subscription includes a subscriber classroom (there will be no classroom/additional content in that same format with the Stories By The Month™ subscription) and (2) Stories By The Month™ is targeted to annual themes and holidays vs. a single word concept/theme each month. 

Stories By The Month™ is great for people who want to tell everyday life stories, who may want less product overall, or who are looking for a different price point. This might be a nice stand-alone subscription or it might serve as a wonderful compliment to what you are already receiving each month with the Story Kit™ subscription

As always, the products are geared to encourage you to document the stories of your life. 

Here is a look at what's included in the first month: 

Prices for the Stories By The Month™ subscription are as follows: 

  • $9.99 per month for 12 months
  • $11.99 per month for 6 months
  • $15.99 per month for month to month (as always, you have to cancel to not have this be a recurring charge if you choose the month to month option)

Shipping will be free for domestic subscribers and $2 for international. 

Again, these kits are based on the digital kits we offered monthly in 2017. You can see all the designs in advance of receiving the physical kits here. Please note that the digital kits include a 4x6 sized digital stamp and the physical kit includes a 3x4 stamp (meaning not all stamps shown on the digital packages will be included in the physical version of the kit). 

More details will be available when the new subscription goes live on December 13th. 

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47 thoughts

  1. kblighton says…

    You mentioned that you will use this in your 2018 Project Life. Just curious, do you use a certain kit to do Project Life?

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  2. hclappy says…

    I hope you will consider doing a digital subscription at some point.

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  3. LynneGillis says…

    I was so excited to sign up for this - and I know that you do your best to not disappoint people... but I'd like to lovingly make a suggestion. (truly - that is my intent here, so I hope that you take this suggestion as just that - a suggestion for what might work to help you to your goal of minimizing disappointment ). There seems (from my experience in trying to order things lately) to be a pretty consistent under-estimation of how popular your products are going to be. Things sell out in hours - which I think is awesome for you!!! And I am truly thrilled by your success!!! But it's not so awesome for those of us who want the product and can't get it. LOL! I realize that there is a risk to ordering too much physical product. Truly, I get that. But perhaps you could set up some kind of a pre-order system so that you have a better idea of how much to produce? Or maybe even having the option of getting the past kits that sold out quickly based on the month you subscribed (I had to sign up for the waiting list and we're not even 12 hours into it being available).

    Anyway... I don't want to be negative - I just want to offer up some possible ideas for changes that might help to mitigate so many out of stock situations. Keep on designing the stuff that's irresistible for helping us tell our stories! :-)

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  4. scrapfin1 says…

    I love this kit and look forward to add ons which correlate to the months themes.

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