Pieces Of The Past 2022 | Prompt 03 : A Childhood Adventure

Today's prompt for Pieces Of The Past is A Childhood Adventure

The first thing that immediately comes to mind related to childhood adventures is spending time on local rivers in my Dad's drift boat. We also had many, many adventures where we all piled into the car (sometimes wanting to go and other times not wanting to go) and simply drove around. Most often we ended up "in the woods" or at a log yard where my Dad was checking out the inventory (he worked in the timber business). For today's prompt I simply took some of those memories and wrote up a short paragraph to add to my notebook along with an enlarged photo that spreads across both pages.  

Quick + wholehearted reminder that you can respond to these prompts with specific stories or they can simply be general reflections on the topic. 

Let's dive into the video: 

Here's a closer look at this project: 

I started this one off by printing a photo sized 8.5 inches wide x 8.25 inches tall (printing on an Epson XP15000 printer) with the intent that it would go across both pages in my notebook spread. I also used a similar technique to Monday - this time I cut the top portion of the prompt page off and removed it from the album which created a page that looks like an insert below. 

Along the top of the 1/2 page I added a half circle cut from a 3x4 journal card from the Whole Story Kit. I added a photo to the back (see below). In the video I also talk about how I'm taking photos of my original photos before printing them out for use in this album.

Below the prompt I used our 6x8 Typewriter Alpha Stamp Set and Tim's Scattered Straw Ink to create a custom text pattern using words from my journaling such as driving, floating, fishing, and listening. On top of the custom pattern I added a "remembering" stamp and "embracing all of me" (from the Pieces Of Me stamp set). 

I used adhesive and stapled the half circles to prompt portion of the page. I also added chipboard stars like I have on past days. 

I typed up my journaling for this story (size of the journaling space there was 4.25 x 4.25) and adhered it onto the prompt page. You can also see the second photo I printed (4 inches x 2 inches) and adhered to the back of the half-circle. I added the Freckled Fawn washi tape as another way to hold the photo in place. 

Tomorrow's prompt: Education


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    Another awesome spread!

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