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Pieces Of Joy: Ali's Notebook

I had the BEST time last week working on the chapter in our Pieces Of Life collection: Pieces Of Joy. 

I shared my spreads each day on Instagram and you can see the process videos via my account over there

This time I decided to throw out all my own expectations about what this project looks like and played with going big on each of the spreads. I used alpha stamps and brush pens and full page photos and some mixed media play to document pieces of joy in my life in this season. 

I used the Alphas Are Awesome #13 stamp setWillamette ink

For "joy looks like" I used my own photos of flowers from my yard to create an explosion of floral joy. I removed the backgrounds from my flower photos (using AI tech in Photoshop), printed them on photo paper, and cut each one out to collage it together in my notebook. 

For "joy tastes like" I used words to tell the story of some of the memories and moments in my life that taste like joy. I used a Kuretake Brush pen for the writing. The background is yellow paint on old dictionary paper. 

For "joy feels like" I went with a full page photo as my background. On top of that I created a shaker using one of the chipboard frames from our Frames Scrapbook Kit. I stitched a piece of plastic on top and added in some star sequins on top of the quote. I stamped "joy feels like" on top of the yellow printed part.  

To create a little repetition in the project I decided to paint another background and then use a brush pen on top again for the "joy smells like" prompt. 

For "joy sounds like" I had a very fun time painting letters and cutting them out. I also printed a background photo and then added a star stencil + texture paste. I adhered the letters using red line tape. 

For the final prompt I told the story about a song + memories from my senior prom. So much joy in both the song and the memories. I used frames from a past release and typed up my journaling to fit inside. I attached the frame to my notebook using a folded piece of mixed media paper. 

On the backside I added a photo of some of my mixed media play from this past week. Lots of joy in my mixed media play right now. 

Thanks for joining me for this round of creative play! 

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7 thoughts

  1. kelly_watson says…

    Ali your entire project is brilliant and just exudes joy, but am absolutely enchanted by your flower page and your layers of playfulness over the concert photo! I had planned for my documenting to start today and I’m so inspired by this. Thank you!

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. AliEdwards says…

      Thank you! I loved working on this!

  2. g_scrapped says…

    Just WOW!!!!

    Reply 0 Replies
  3. mecastro says…

    I love this so much! I like that you aren't afraid to experiment and do something completely different from your past work. It inspires me to take out my paints and do something similar.

    Reply 0 Replies
  4. Liliana110907 says…

    What adhesive did you use to attach the deli paper to your notebook for the last prompt of joy filled memory?

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. AliEdwards says…

      Glue stick!

  5. cjflynn09 says…

    Always inspired by your work!! Love how you approached each prompt 💛

    Reply 0 Replies
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