Week In The Life : Wednesday


The morning begins with the perfect yellow breakfast blanket, bagel, & OJ.


Sometimes the dishes remain from the night before.


Often he needs his "crazy hair" sprayed with water and brushed before he heads off to school. Dad is good at this but Simon never likes it.


If she is up she loves to be up on the couch to see him off to school.


Her current carry-around & snuggly loves.


Sometimes he takes care of those morning-after dishes. Lily is never far if someone is doing just about anything in the kitchen.


She was helping me again today.


She plays. Takes them out & puts them back in & sneaks them into her mouth. Sometimes a mark is made in the coloring book.


Laundry. Again.


Up from her one and only nap of the day. Just about an hour.


Sometimes he works from home too. Anna likes to help campaign.


Lunch for her.


Lunch for me.


Back from school. Lego time. Anna and I spent some time in his room today - her pulling things out and me working on organizing the legos. Current organization idea is by color in small plastic drawers (smaller than the ones he is kneeling next too - those there will be for bigger pieces). When something comes up with our childcare I often end up organizing toys, going through clothes, etc.




Love this too.


They play. They chase. They giggle and screech.


She pokes.


Heading to a late afternoon & dinner meeting.


Dinner @ 5pm. We are early eaters.


Baked potato, cheese, & broccoli.


After her bath. She's in bed most nights by 6:30pm.


Watching the popcorn pop.


Wednesday was a challenging day for me.

I think I usually have a harder time on Wednesdays with this project. The initial excitement has started to ware off and I have to constantly remind myself to grab the camera.

On top of that our babysitter unable to make it today (jury duty) - making it two days so far this week that I have been "not working" in my official professional capacity...instead "working" in my Mama capacity.

Know that my life is full of ups and downs and ins and outs and grumpiness and dirty diapers and laundry and dishes and whining and spills (and laughter and goodness and more blessings than I can count). The realities of being a work-at-home parent and working out the balancing act of kids and work and childcare and expectations with a working spouse can definitely be a challenge. This is all part of my everyday life. 

As I was ending my day I came across this quote from Emerson:

Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.

HA! Seriously. I needed a big time attitude adjustment.

So Hello Thursday! I am welcoming you with open arms and a "spirit too high to be encumbered."


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170 thoughts

  1. Katrina says…

    My Wed was rough. Very rough. Thank you for that quote...it will definitely be making an appearance in my Wed layout.

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  2. Heather says…

    Ali, this is such an inspiring project! I took a couple of photography classes in college, but would really love to get better at this artform. I am always the 'paparazzi' with my little digital camera when out and about with friends and family. I would definitely enjoy getting a more professional-use camera, though. Any recommendations on a great camera for me to start out with? Keep in mind that I am very green, so any automatic features would still be appreciated! I'd like to spend no more than $500, but is it possible to get a decent camera at that price? Thanks for any advice you may have for this newbie!
    Also, may I ask where you bought that shower curtain? I LOVE IT!

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  3. Ann says…

    Thank you for honesty about how life is not picture perfect. Isn't it that way for everyone, yet it's hard to want to record it, document it, and share it.
    I have been working on a scrapbook about me in the aftermath of a very messy and unpleasant divorce. It's healing.

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  4. Marsaille says…

    How refreshing that so many felt to same way today! I decided to write the blessings and irritations of the day on some journal cards for the pockets, and realized that I really needed to just quit complaining about nothing. Seriously, why should my neighbors overturned chair bother me- when I know my dog sneaks into their yard to "do business"? Get a grip already. Thank you for the quote and I will keep balancing those spinning plates if you do!!

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  5. karla says…

    Your summary paragraph at the end about balancing life as a wife/mom/professional is the honest truth! It is my life as well, and probably so many of your readers. I also work at home, and the line between mama and working professional is so often blurry. I appreciate the quote from Emerson. I will post it at my home/work/homework/catch all desk. Thanks Ali.

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  6. nancy d says…

    That quote is absolutely spot on! I'm saving it-thx I love that you're taking photos throughout your day.

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  7. Talesfrommynest.blogspot.com says…

    Thanks for sharing! I didn't get on board with this for this particular week, but I would love to do it before the end of May (seemingly everyone's insanely crazy month)! Also, I loved seeing your kitchen in the morning with dishes still leftover from the night before-I think we all take comfort in knowing that everyone's home is not always perfect! I want to print out that quote and frame it to stick on my bedside table, what a great good night and good morning blessing to read to yourself!

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  8. Ali Edwards says…

    LOL...so right there with you :).

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  9. Ali Edwards says…

    I think the Canon Digital Rebel is a great starting SLR!

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  10. Stacy Milford says…

    Must be something about Wednesday...it was hard for me too...but made it thru! Ali, so glad to see that you are NORMAL just like the rest of us...ha, ha! Knew that deep down, but nice to see that you too have Laundry, again...LOVED that one! & Anna watching out the window is priceless! Thanks for sharing your everyday with us :o) I finally had a chance to post a few of my favorites to my blog...it sure is fun to get a glimpse @ what the everyday looks like...

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  11. Amanda D says…

    I'm not participating in this project this time around, but your posts are certainly making me wish I was. Great pictures all.
    Really, I must say thanks for that quote about ending the day. I REALLY needed to read that this morning. It is a new day. Thank goodness!
    We're early dinner eater and early to bed folk too. :)

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  12. Jen Chesnut says…

    Ali, thanks for sharing & making me feel better about my terrible 2 weeks of straight overtime & chaos. To hear that someone like you, who I look up to & admire, has her rough days...I feel surrounded by friends!!!
    Thanks Ali! Love the pictures and stories & details! You really need to start your own "Ali Edwards" line & expand from just the wonderful TT stamps that I love!!!
    More books?????? Can't wait for BLISS!

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  13. Sarah Mullanix says…

    LOVE the Emerson quote!

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  14. Lani says…

    Wow. Amazing quote, and amazing timing. As always, inspiring and honest. Thanks Ali.

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  15. kaydub says…

    I also hit the slump on Wednesday, and my kitchen looked exactly like yours this morning. I only took 13 pictures yesterday, but that's part of my story too, right?

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  16. debra s says…

    Hi Ali, I completely understand....as I was uploading my photos from yesterday last night, I realized that as soon as my son is in bed, I stop taking photos....and my husband even commented that the photos keep decreasing in numbers. I told him I was going to 200 today!!! One thing that has proven to be especially cool about this project is that my husband is getting a glimpse of our days, and he's really enjoying that.

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  17. Tracy says…

    I'm such a goof...I'm having camera envy. So i start playing with mine and turns out...I have a timer! lol. So...I'm embracing the self portrait today. Yesterday, I had one of my students take a picture of me teaching. It was fun for me and turned out great, so I may do it again today! :-D Thanks for the inspiration!

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  18. Linda says…

    I can totally relate about Wednesday--yesterday was crazy--I worked all day and took a total of 3 pictures--I think I have 50 total for the week--but my life is a lot simplier than yours so I am going to keep working at this project!

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  19. Christy says…

    I love this quote! It really hits home here on a daily basis and now I'm thinking about doing a framed project or something and hanging it our kitchen or near an entry door. Thanks for bringing this little thought our way!

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  20. mer says…

    how fun to see so much of you in your "mama capacity"... your munchkins are beautiful and i love the way you capture their relationship. it makes me a little less nervous about having two kids many years apart in age (when our next little one arrives in july our two will be just shorts of 6 years apart). thanks for the peek into your everyday - very refreshing!

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  21. slmnontec says…

    By documenting my day, I'm feeling more alive and appreciative!

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  22. Monica says…

    Powerful quote! I need that. Wednesday is always a challenge for me and I kept forgetting to take pictures. But that's part of my life too!! Thanks for sharing your day.

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  23. Sarah says…

    Love the quotes this week Ali. I tell myself that after a tough day, "forget about it, and try again tomorrow."

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  24. lee says…

    The picture of Anna looking out the window at the school bus is adorable! Even though her face isn't visible, there's so much lovely emotion in that shot.
    Also, thanks for sharing the quote from Emerson - what an amazing concept, and how much lighter would we start each day if we could truly embody that?!
    Have a wonderful Thursday! =)

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  25. dawn says…

    So glad to see the quote, it is so so true. I think everyone gets that middle of the week bump no matter what. The pictures you have from yesterday are my most favorite I think. We had dinner dishes out all night and not once did I think to take a picture, making a note now to remember. That's so sweet of Anna watching Simon get on bus, that's what my Sam would do every morning. You are doing great at getting in the photos, so happy for you. This day was such a "real mom" day for you and I feel for you and have been there myself. On those days when they are finally in bed, my husband and I will come down and high five and do a little dance because we MADE it thru another day. Hope it's better day for you.
    By the way what does Simon think of the self timer, he's not looking at it or acting like he's aware of it. My kids would probably stare at it waiting for it to flash. Super good pictures though Ali have fun today.
    I'm going to go post my favorite picture from yesterday, which is the kids in the front yard waving to cars as they went by. Some of the people waved and beeped back which made my kids even more excited. My link is http://everydaymemorieswithprojectlife.blogspot.com

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