Week In The Life : Wednesday


The morning begins with the perfect yellow breakfast blanket, bagel, & OJ.


Sometimes the dishes remain from the night before.


Often he needs his "crazy hair" sprayed with water and brushed before he heads off to school. Dad is good at this but Simon never likes it.


If she is up she loves to be up on the couch to see him off to school.


Her current carry-around & snuggly loves.


Sometimes he takes care of those morning-after dishes. Lily is never far if someone is doing just about anything in the kitchen.


She was helping me again today.


She plays. Takes them out & puts them back in & sneaks them into her mouth. Sometimes a mark is made in the coloring book.


Laundry. Again.


Up from her one and only nap of the day. Just about an hour.


Sometimes he works from home too. Anna likes to help campaign.


Lunch for her.


Lunch for me.


Back from school. Lego time. Anna and I spent some time in his room today - her pulling things out and me working on organizing the legos. Current organization idea is by color in small plastic drawers (smaller than the ones he is kneeling next too - those there will be for bigger pieces). When something comes up with our childcare I often end up organizing toys, going through clothes, etc.




Love this too.


They play. They chase. They giggle and screech.


She pokes.


Heading to a late afternoon & dinner meeting.


Dinner @ 5pm. We are early eaters.


Baked potato, cheese, & broccoli.


After her bath. She's in bed most nights by 6:30pm.


Watching the popcorn pop.


Wednesday was a challenging day for me.

I think I usually have a harder time on Wednesdays with this project. The initial excitement has started to ware off and I have to constantly remind myself to grab the camera.

On top of that our babysitter unable to make it today (jury duty) - making it two days so far this week that I have been "not working" in my official professional capacity...instead "working" in my Mama capacity.

Know that my life is full of ups and downs and ins and outs and grumpiness and dirty diapers and laundry and dishes and whining and spills (and laughter and goodness and more blessings than I can count). The realities of being a work-at-home parent and working out the balancing act of kids and work and childcare and expectations with a working spouse can definitely be a challenge. This is all part of my everyday life. 

As I was ending my day I came across this quote from Emerson:

Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.

HA! Seriously. I needed a big time attitude adjustment.

So Hello Thursday! I am welcoming you with open arms and a "spirit too high to be encumbered."


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170 thoughts

  1. Emma says…

    That is one of my favorite quotes of all time. I want to print or paint it big and put it above the garage door into the house to read when I get home from work.

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  2. Dorothy Flora says…

    Wednesday was really yucky! Must be middle of week blues and I don't even have children! Am loving this project and the fact that you are so willing to share of yourself with us. Thank you for this class, Ali, and the digital downloads, they are awesome.

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  3. stephanie says…

    Glad to you know that I'm not the only one that was lagging a little yesterday. A long (busy) day, a tactless comment left of my blog to be found (and deleted), leaves me a little dry. Love the quote.
    (And after your food posts, you have me hungry for cantalope!) : )
    My Wednesday: http://herdofsteph.blogspot.com/2010/04/week-in-life-wednesday.html

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  4. nerdgrl says…

    I LOVE this quote. It works especially well for some of my students.

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  5. Donna says…

    Thanks for the quote...needed this today!

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  6. nic says…

    I LOVE your quotes - was just thinking a similar thing with yesterday... and I love your leftover dishes - about to do mine now... and I love your shower curtain! random eh? really do love the quotes most though...

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  7. Aimee says…

    I started Monday but yesterday felt the same as you. We are having (and will continue to have) such a busy, event-filled week this week. I thought it would be a great way to document all these milestone events, such as birthdays and school plays but I was so busy yesterday I really struggled with remembering to take pictures. But I snapped a few and am trying for a fresh start today. Still really enjoying this project and I can't wait to see how it all comes together. :)

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  8. Susan says…

    i hope you have a nice thursday. when you write i can relate to so much of it. in some way we are all juggling, our homes, the routines, our families, jobs, things we enjoy and some days just go better than others but in the end there is also so much to be thankful for.

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  9. julia says…

    I, too, want to thank you for the quote. It is much needed here...not only today...
    I know you surely have your own difficulties, sorrows, and hardships - but at the moment I would definitley love to have a life like yours...but working on my attitude will have to suffice ;o)

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  10. Lisa says…

    Oh i love this quote! I too want to print it out and hang it somewhere so i can see it every day. I love the quotes you put on here...they always help me put things in perspective.

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  11. Lori says…

    Yesterday I was absolutely fried and my kids were wholly uncooperative. Go figure.
    Either way, it's a NEW day and I am so grateful to you for the inspiration to see it that way!
    Thank you for ALL you do, Ali!

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  12. Mitch says…

    I, too, had a harder time of it yesterday. Took plenty of photos but just didn't have the time or maybe energy to write anythimg down. But today is a new day! Thanks for the inspiration.

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  13. Sarah Pendergrast says…

    Thanks for this Ali. I saw your tweet yesterday of "taking a really deep breath", and figured you were having one of those days. I think I have at least one really big sigh a day, as I sometimes less than graciously accept the reality of my less than perfect life. I'm really glad you showed your kitchen in the morning. Love that - and how one simple sentence or word with a sequence of pictures beautifully told the story of your day.

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  14. Charmaine says…

    Wow, I also feel like that..... But I have kept on. I must still do the documemting.

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  15. Heather D says…

    I added that quote to my diet tracking journal. It's good for the days when food becomes an emotional crutch and I can't concentrate on the "why" of why I'm making changes to my eating habits.
    It's also good for those days when I've been extremely grumpy for no good reason.
    I'm glad it's helping you too. :)

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  16. Tracy says…

    I just want to say to you Ali and to all the moms out there. Having young adult children 19 & 23, I can't tell you what I would give to go back in time for just one week and do this project. My daughter always used to watch out the window for Daddy to come home from work...my son and all his thomas trains & legos...and the books...wow we always read books. When you all are having a bad day and as Ali said " life is full of ups and downs and ins and outs and grumpiness and dirty diapers and laundry and dishes and whining and spills ", please remember it all goes by too fast...I know it sure doesn't feel like it at times but believe me it really does. This is an awesome project and a big AMEN to that quote!

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  17. tara pakosta says…

    Have a GREAT day today!
    Enjoy every second!
    It must be hard to have a baby
    that young that only naps one nap
    and only an hour long. My two
    girls NEVER napped, unless I napped
    with theM! and I couldn't do that every day.
    they mostly would take a 15 minute "cat nap"
    and be done. so I KNOW that's rough!
    hang in there! have fun with it!
    your pictures are turning out awesome!
    I LOVE when you do these weeks!
    I am doing mine next week!

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  18. Jakki says…

    I havent been able to do this this week but I am so excited to give this a try! I like the idea of a mini book but LOVE a full 12x12 book of 'Several Weeks in the Life'! Thanks for the inspiration and the guidance on it!

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  19. Cynthia H says…

    I too had a bad day yesterday, so I really appreciate the quote. But it wasn't a bad day in terms of Week in the Life - I took way more pictures than usual (151 vs. 31 on Monday and 4 on Tuesday). I also journaled a lot more. Trying to embrace the positive!

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  20. Jill says…

    wednesday was hard for me too. . . felt like my life is sort of being left by the curb. not many pictures. some tears. more about the journaling and paper gathering today. here's to a brighter thursday!

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  21. Mary says…

    LOVE it...I love an ordinary day. As someone who doesn't "work" (HATE when people whoe don't know my circumstances say it's because I'm lucky when, truly, it's because I'm ill) it's nice to see that people I ADORE and ADMIRE are ordinary too! WHERE do you get the quotes? I would LOVE a source. Thanks!

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  22. Barb M. says…

    Wow, I so needed that quote today!

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  23. Tracy says…

    What a lovely family. Thank you for sharing and inspiring:)

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  24. Jo says…

    Hi Ali, I love your photos, the composition and the way they tell a story, but I have a question. The ones you show on your blog are landscape but 2 pages (baseball card protectors) of your daily spread will be portrait. Will you crop these photos to fit or do you take others in that orientation? Just asking because I'm using those type of card protectors and I'm trying to take a lot of my photos portrait, including balancing my camera for self-timer shots. Thanks

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  25. Nicky from Canada says…

    Somes days are just like that and very long!! Each day is a blessing
    Loving the project, wishing I was tagging along this year but so busy at work right now!!! Still totally inspiring and hoping to do a week in the life maybe in the summer this year!!

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