Week In The Life : Wednesday


The morning begins with the perfect yellow breakfast blanket, bagel, & OJ.


Sometimes the dishes remain from the night before.


Often he needs his "crazy hair" sprayed with water and brushed before he heads off to school. Dad is good at this but Simon never likes it.


If she is up she loves to be up on the couch to see him off to school.


Her current carry-around & snuggly loves.


Sometimes he takes care of those morning-after dishes. Lily is never far if someone is doing just about anything in the kitchen.


She was helping me again today.


She plays. Takes them out & puts them back in & sneaks them into her mouth. Sometimes a mark is made in the coloring book.


Laundry. Again.


Up from her one and only nap of the day. Just about an hour.


Sometimes he works from home too. Anna likes to help campaign.


Lunch for her.


Lunch for me.


Back from school. Lego time. Anna and I spent some time in his room today - her pulling things out and me working on organizing the legos. Current organization idea is by color in small plastic drawers (smaller than the ones he is kneeling next too - those there will be for bigger pieces). When something comes up with our childcare I often end up organizing toys, going through clothes, etc.




Love this too.


They play. They chase. They giggle and screech.


She pokes.


Heading to a late afternoon & dinner meeting.


Dinner @ 5pm. We are early eaters.


Baked potato, cheese, & broccoli.


After her bath. She's in bed most nights by 6:30pm.


Watching the popcorn pop.


Wednesday was a challenging day for me.

I think I usually have a harder time on Wednesdays with this project. The initial excitement has started to ware off and I have to constantly remind myself to grab the camera.

On top of that our babysitter unable to make it today (jury duty) - making it two days so far this week that I have been "not working" in my official professional capacity...instead "working" in my Mama capacity.

Know that my life is full of ups and downs and ins and outs and grumpiness and dirty diapers and laundry and dishes and whining and spills (and laughter and goodness and more blessings than I can count). The realities of being a work-at-home parent and working out the balancing act of kids and work and childcare and expectations with a working spouse can definitely be a challenge. This is all part of my everyday life. 

As I was ending my day I came across this quote from Emerson:

Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.

HA! Seriously. I needed a big time attitude adjustment.

So Hello Thursday! I am welcoming you with open arms and a "spirit too high to be encumbered."


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170 thoughts

  1. con-tain-it says…

    Great post Ali...love it because you "keep it real"...another good quote for days/weeks like these (especially lately :) "life happens while you are making other plans"...I've just discovered a new outlook/philosophy on "life happens"...it's called "Wabi Sabi"...I posted about it here after my disappointing yard sale this past weekend:
    fyi...on organizing those legos...try "fish n'tackle boxes" tambori brand (I think I spelled it right) anyhow...I still have my boys legos in them to pass onto my grand babies...hope this helps! Fondly, Roberta

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  2. Shelly K says…

    Hey Ali...Some days are like that and then we move on. Thanks for sharing all that you do, it's fun and good to know you are 'normal' too! :)
    I can't believe she is in bed that early every night! My kids were/are not early to bed. You must have some lovely peace and quiet at night! :) Jealous!

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  3. Ali Edwards says…

    She had some turkey, avocado, bread, cucumber, strawberries, and a cheese stick :). The shower curtain is from Anthropologie.

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  4. Ali Edwards says…

    I totally need to post a collection of all the photos where Simon has jumped in the shot because he has heard the timer going off! He goes back and forth from doing crazy silly things to being totally ok with it as if everyone takes photos of all these sorts of things.

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  5. Ali Edwards says…

    I am telling you mer, it is THE BEST. Love it, love it, love it.

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  6. Ali Edwards says…

    Knocking on wood big time here because it is REALLY nice. Some nights it's even earlier and she sleeps straight through. It's very much a gift after Simon...he was not a good sleeper at all :).

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  7. Annika says…

    WOW, I so needed a quote like that!!!
    I spent half of my day in the hospital today.
    Our daughter is in breech presentation (did my dictionary give me the right word? Her head is under my rips and booty in my pelvis) and we gently tried to turn her around by helping from the outside, but she just couldn't do it. I was upset, angry, frustrated because I wanted to give birth naturally so badly, and then when I read the quote you posted I thought: Come on, let it go, move on, be glad she is alright and a miracle like that is happening to you!
    So thank you for making me let go of the negativity of my day!

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  8. Sandra says…

    thanks for the quote Ali - it is a good one ... one day you will look back on these days and think where did those simple days go?

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  9. dawn says…

    That would be funny to see some of those photos, thanks for answering my question. I can't find my manual for the camera so I can't take any timer photos. Hope your having a good day!!

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  10. Tere says…

    I'm in a meeting and was just delivered a box of See's chocolates. Pretty cool and kind (well, not to my hips).
    But when I think of kind, I think of my mother who is the most giving and kind woman I know. She gets my 4 year old on the bus nearly every day and picks up my middle school kids in the afternoon. Yesterday, all my laundry was done. She's so kind and a keeper.

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  11. Tere says…

    Oops, posted answered the wrong blog ;)
    Love your Wednesday.

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  12. AmyM says…

    Thank you for what you said today! I have been loving this project, but today I kind of started to lose my umph. Or maybe it is that the dishes, laundry, play dough, swing shots all seem the same...not sure...either way it was nice to hear that you, the pro and originator of this...feel this too! If I haven't told you lately, you rock!

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  13. Sandi M says…

    How nice it would be to have dinner at 5pm. It was that way when I was growing up. Now, I'm lucky if my husband is home and my daughter back from cheerleading in time for us to eat together at 8! At least we DO eat together :)

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  14. skphoto30 says…

    this post REALLY helped me. I'm not a work at home or stay at home mom but my husband and i have a 3 yr old and one moth old along with very busy and demanding jobs/lives. we're trying to figure out how to make it run smoother. would love to chat further with you.

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  15. Anne says…

    We just got a new puppy, and even though this is a perfect time to document and I really would have liked to have joined in, the sensible thing for me was not to. Hopefully next time :) However, I'm really going to try and take that Emerson quote to heart, this is just what I needed with everything that's going on, so thank you for sharing :)

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  16. Leigh says…

    I have been doing a lot of the timer thing and I am getting some good shots. I am still trying to use the 10 sec to get into a natural position. Not always easy. Thanks again for the inspiration.

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  17. Kristin says…

    I didn't find out about this until today but I am planning on doing this next week. We are going through some major life changes and I believe it is cool to document everything in our lives, not just the fun parties and Christmas. This will be amazing.
    REAL popcorn is the best, no can do on the microwave front!
    Ali, you are an inspiration to me!

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  18. Laura Toriello says…

    I'm laughing right now because we have crazy-haired mornings with my six-year son everyday too. Gotta get out the water spray bottle and brush to try and tame his hair. I also love the picture of Anna looking out the window. I could picture my three-month old daughter doing the same thing when she gets a bit older watching my son get on the bus.

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  19. Colleen Sheehy says…

    I'm still loving this project. It was a little harder to remember to take photos on Wednesday, but somehow I managed to still take 100. That's way down from my 200 on Monday. :)

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  20. AngieS says…

    Today I had my Pilates instructor take a photo of me doing Pilates (before the class started!!), I also convinced my Postman to let me take his photo as he was handing me a long-awaited letter!! I am sure people think I am mad, but I know that these photos are going to mean so much to me when I look back at my WITL project. Thank you for your inspiration and for giving me the courage to document everything...regardless of what others might think!!

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  21. Colleen Sheehy says…

    Oh if you want to see how I'm doing with the project check my blog. I have my favorite photos posted there.

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  22. Susanne says…

    Love, how you are documenting with photos this time.
    In you BPS class I documented a day of my baby Emilia with a lot of writing - loved the result. I will give it a try next week and make a photo-documentation - I am sure, I will love that even more!

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  23. tracyg says…

    Pick me!

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  24. Gen says…

    I am so glad to know I am not the only one to leave the dishes dirty overnight. I don't have a dishwasher and to wash by hand takes an hour so sometimes I just let them pile up. Hey, if it gives me more time with family then it's worth it!

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  25. Janna says…

    That is an AWESOME quote! And thanks for sharing your real life pictures Ali! It's good for me to see people like you even leave their dishes undone;) I always picture your house to be immaculate and find myself wondering many times...How does she DO IT!!??!

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