Week In The Life : Wednesday


The morning begins with the perfect yellow breakfast blanket, bagel, & OJ.


Sometimes the dishes remain from the night before.


Often he needs his "crazy hair" sprayed with water and brushed before he heads off to school. Dad is good at this but Simon never likes it.


If she is up she loves to be up on the couch to see him off to school.


Her current carry-around & snuggly loves.


Sometimes he takes care of those morning-after dishes. Lily is never far if someone is doing just about anything in the kitchen.


She was helping me again today.


She plays. Takes them out & puts them back in & sneaks them into her mouth. Sometimes a mark is made in the coloring book.


Laundry. Again.


Up from her one and only nap of the day. Just about an hour.


Sometimes he works from home too. Anna likes to help campaign.


Lunch for her.


Lunch for me.


Back from school. Lego time. Anna and I spent some time in his room today - her pulling things out and me working on organizing the legos. Current organization idea is by color in small plastic drawers (smaller than the ones he is kneeling next too - those there will be for bigger pieces). When something comes up with our childcare I often end up organizing toys, going through clothes, etc.




Love this too.


They play. They chase. They giggle and screech.


She pokes.


Heading to a late afternoon & dinner meeting.


Dinner @ 5pm. We are early eaters.


Baked potato, cheese, & broccoli.


After her bath. She's in bed most nights by 6:30pm.


Watching the popcorn pop.


Wednesday was a challenging day for me.

I think I usually have a harder time on Wednesdays with this project. The initial excitement has started to ware off and I have to constantly remind myself to grab the camera.

On top of that our babysitter unable to make it today (jury duty) - making it two days so far this week that I have been "not working" in my official professional capacity...instead "working" in my Mama capacity.

Know that my life is full of ups and downs and ins and outs and grumpiness and dirty diapers and laundry and dishes and whining and spills (and laughter and goodness and more blessings than I can count). The realities of being a work-at-home parent and working out the balancing act of kids and work and childcare and expectations with a working spouse can definitely be a challenge. This is all part of my everyday life. 

As I was ending my day I came across this quote from Emerson:

Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.

HA! Seriously. I needed a big time attitude adjustment.

So Hello Thursday! I am welcoming you with open arms and a "spirit too high to be encumbered."


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170 thoughts

  1. Tia says…

    Your photos were wonderful to view, and the captions were just right. The Emerson quote is one I am not familiar with, but will refer to often from now on.

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  2. Disa Burks says…

    You give me lots of ideas of photos to take! This is my first time doing week in the life. Thanks for all the ideas!

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  3. Janel says…

    Love WITL! It's amazing how it's making me live in the moment and enjoy the little things among the busy life we lead. Thank you Ali for your inspiration!

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  4. MelanieJ says…

    I love all of your photos. I'm not taking enough but am writing a ton. Tomorrow I'll do better. LOVE that quote--thank you for sharing it. Oh, and thanks for the lego tip. We need to find a good way to sort all of the Legos the boys are accumulating.

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  5. Cindy says…

    I love the realness of these comments. Sometimes it feels like I am the only one having a rough day, so it is comforting to know otherwise. Keep on Ladies!

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  6. Moxy Jane says…

    I decided to start this project today...and managed to get a picture of my morning cup of tea and my evening cup of hot chocolate! Thanks for the inspiration and motivation to see and enjoy and appreciate the everydayness of our lives.

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  7. Fanny says…

    Hi, Ali! I loved your pictures! Wednesday was a tough day for mee too. I was about to quit! I don't have any help at home and raising 2 little boys is challenging sometimes. Now that you have all these ups and downs with your babysitter I think she deserves being in one of your pictures! At least I became curious and missed seeing her face (or arms, or something) in one of your Tuesday pictures since you sense her absent on Monday. ANyway, just a thought! Thanks for sharing your real life with other MOPS!

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  8. Tanya Watson says…

    I have to say I love love love your photo of your dishes from the night before, ive been trying very hard to do my dishes at night but being a single mum of a 10 year old girl and full on 2 year old boy by the time i get them to bed i just dont feel like it and would much rather scrapbook hehe, but i love all your photos and have been good and used the timer on my camera a few times this week to get photos of me doing what i do when my son sleeps, thank you your so insipring...so looking forward to how you put it all together next week

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  9. Marianne Pollock says…

    I am loving this project. My Blog is www.mariannepollock.typepad.com - just a girl who loves scrapbooking & documenting life in Australia. Thanks.

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  10. Deb says…

    That quote is awesome - need to display that one somewhere prominent. Love that pic of Anna watching the bus and the one of Simon getting his hair done - my daughter is exactly the same!

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  11. patty says…

    a great display of a "real day in a life" thanks for sharing!
    ali, W*H*E*R*E did you get that cool shower curtain? i love the pattern & color!
    the picture of anna watching simon leave on the bus is priceless!
    have a great day!

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  12. Gwen says…

    I needed the quote today myself and I am continually referring back to it today to 'keep my spirit high' after a trying day yesterday. Another mom at the dance studio where the kids dance said some things that have hung with me. I know to let it go and that she has been this way in the past but still dampens the day. Your photos are the best and your blog gives me so much. Thank you for it all. I have been a faithful AE fan for many years and will be for many more to come.

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  13. holly says…

    Just wanted to thank you for a little reassurance that my baby is not as weird as I thought he might be :) I'm sure you can relate to the mom-complex of constantly comparing yourself, mothering, and your child to others. Well, I live on street where my now 14-month old boy was one of SEVEN boys born in under a year. Needless to say -- lots of room for comparing and driving yourself crazy.
    So, my point - my little guy has similar sleep habits as Anna, apparently. He goes to bed VERY early (some nights as early as 6:30, sometimes we can hold him out until 7:00 or 7:30 out of pure necessity - when I work in the office, I don't even get home until 6:30). He is not a good napper and has never been. When he's home, if we get one nap of 1 to 1.5 hours, we are thrilled! All the other babies I know are some serious nappers and don't go to bed nearly as early! It's just nice to read about another child with similar habits.

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  14. Sharon Osborn says…

    I am catching up on my blogs...thank you for sharing the hard parts of this exercise too :) My Wednesday was absolutely rotten. Working on "gratitude" this week and was ready to change it to "whinning"! you are keeping it real-what an encouragement!

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  15. Sue says…

    Due to some rather daunting family problems I am not doing the week in the life until later in the year. I did it in 2008 and totally loved it....was so thrilled to see one of my pages on your blog one day too! Thanks for the quote.....it really is relevant to us at present so I am going to print it and display it.
    Thanks Ali....love your blog and inspiration.

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  16. kris says…

    I love your honesty.
    Sometimes I cant read some peoples blogs because they are just too perfect.
    Thanks for sharing.

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  17. heather says…

    love this quote! not heard it before but it really is something I need to embrace & learn not to dwell on negatives from yesterday/last week whenever
    loving your photos too, interesting project!

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  18. Roxanne says…

    Wow, thank you so much for sharing the quote. So needed for me this weekend. Can completely relate with the challenges of working mother, two career family with two kids....at least there is comfort in knowing we are not alone...others are going through it too and there is some comfort in knowing we are not alone. Husband is traveling and out of town this weekend and a huge remodel project in work with lot's of "assignments" to be complete while trying to entertain a 2 and 6 year old....wish I had more energy! Maybe it's best not to document this period. It's not one of my favorites!

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  19. Gina says…

    I love the shot of your husband campaigning from home with your daughter close-by. Also that shot of your son smiling from ear to ear. Such an adorable kid!

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  20. Severine says…

    it's great Ali ! I don't manage to finish this kind of album yet.I tried it in 2008, I have pictures and words. We were 3 at this time and now we're 4, just like you.
    I'm working full time and if I bring a camera with me, it will only show my day, and not the rest of the family's one...
    Our schedule is very different from yours. We get back home at 7pm and little baby isn't in his bed before 8.30..and we don't take our dinner before 9 !
    It's interesting to compare them.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

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