Week In The Life : Wednesday


The morning begins with the perfect yellow breakfast blanket, bagel, & OJ.


Sometimes the dishes remain from the night before.


Often he needs his "crazy hair" sprayed with water and brushed before he heads off to school. Dad is good at this but Simon never likes it.


If she is up she loves to be up on the couch to see him off to school.


Her current carry-around & snuggly loves.


Sometimes he takes care of those morning-after dishes. Lily is never far if someone is doing just about anything in the kitchen.


She was helping me again today.


She plays. Takes them out & puts them back in & sneaks them into her mouth. Sometimes a mark is made in the coloring book.


Laundry. Again.


Up from her one and only nap of the day. Just about an hour.


Sometimes he works from home too. Anna likes to help campaign.


Lunch for her.


Lunch for me.


Back from school. Lego time. Anna and I spent some time in his room today - her pulling things out and me working on organizing the legos. Current organization idea is by color in small plastic drawers (smaller than the ones he is kneeling next too - those there will be for bigger pieces). When something comes up with our childcare I often end up organizing toys, going through clothes, etc.




Love this too.


They play. They chase. They giggle and screech.


She pokes.


Heading to a late afternoon & dinner meeting.


Dinner @ 5pm. We are early eaters.


Baked potato, cheese, & broccoli.


After her bath. She's in bed most nights by 6:30pm.


Watching the popcorn pop.


Wednesday was a challenging day for me.

I think I usually have a harder time on Wednesdays with this project. The initial excitement has started to ware off and I have to constantly remind myself to grab the camera.

On top of that our babysitter unable to make it today (jury duty) - making it two days so far this week that I have been "not working" in my official professional capacity...instead "working" in my Mama capacity.

Know that my life is full of ups and downs and ins and outs and grumpiness and dirty diapers and laundry and dishes and whining and spills (and laughter and goodness and more blessings than I can count). The realities of being a work-at-home parent and working out the balancing act of kids and work and childcare and expectations with a working spouse can definitely be a challenge. This is all part of my everyday life. 

As I was ending my day I came across this quote from Emerson:

Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.

HA! Seriously. I needed a big time attitude adjustment.

So Hello Thursday! I am welcoming you with open arms and a "spirit too high to be encumbered."


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170 thoughts

  1. tammyg says…

    Thank you so much for sharing your day. I'll be better prepared to document our lives, I'm hoping, one of these years.

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  2. Corinne says…

    Glad to know that I am not the inly one who sometimes wakes to those dishes that escaped the night before! I find it hard enough keeping up with the 2yo and the baby let alone everything else!

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  3. Kayla says…

    I am lovin' that quote! LOVIN'!!
    And those potatoes looked so YUM!

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  4. Cristina says…

    Life....some days Wonderful, other days not so wonderful. New starts are always welcomed when we have one of those days. I can relate. The juggle act between home and career can be quite the challenge. I have an active 2-year old and a demanding full time job. I have to remind myself that house duties can wait so I can cherish the time spent with my two year old and husband. Thanks for sharing!!!!

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  5. Kelly says…

    I'm a SAHM and the days circle into each other. We have great moments, we have good moments, and we have moments that need to be forgotten. The Emerson quote made me tear up. "Begin it well..." as yes, indeed I will begin each day as its own. Only reminding my boys of the good and great moments of the previous days.... and well, the not-so-great moments when we're reviewing rules, ha ha

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  6. Lee Anne says…

    Do you read our comments? I hope so, because I have a BIG thank you for you today. Not everyone would post a picture of their messy kitchen with last night's dirty dishes still in the sink. I feel so guilty, so bad, so gross when I do this, but there are nights that I just don't have the energy to deal with them. I appreciate your honesty here and allowing me to feel like I might be a little normal in leaving dishes in the sink overnight!

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  7. Beverly says…

    That's one of my favorite quotes. I think I'll be attempting a WITL soon, but not this week. Thanks for all your sharing & inspiration!

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  8. Donna says…

    I am not taking part in posts this time as I was at a conference all last week and am catching up this week and working on a quilt I need finished by the third week of June for our son's wedding. I love your posts and thank you for the dinner idea! I wasn't sure what to have but loved your baked potato, broccoli and cheese. Your posts bring back memories of when our two sons were small. Loved your quote also. You are very blessed and it reminds us all of how blessed we really are in just our daily lives. Thank you.

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  9. Carmie of the Single Nester says…

    Thanks for sharing your day with us! You have a lovely family and home. Also, when I started my first blog last year (awomanontheverge - which is no longer), I emailed you a question and you were so wonderful to get back to me. Thank you!

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  10. Carmel says…

    What a wonderful quote!
    Really though Ali - we love you human like us, wouldn't feel right any other way.

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  11. Ali Edwards says…

    Hi Lee Anne - I definitely read the comments! Oh man, it's so NORMAL :).

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  12. nancy says…

    So glad I'm not the only one who leaves dishes out overnight!

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  13. DawnS says…

    Love that quote! Here's another one that you can welcome Thursday with:
    "With the new day comes new strength and thoughts." (Eleanor Roosevelt)

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  14. Melle Broaderick says…

    Dear Ali,
    This may end up being too wording to post here, I promise I'll try to keep it short....I'm just so inspired; inspired to thank you for being so open; inspired to do this myself; inspired to let go of inhibitions because one day these "moments" will be so important. I have to admit, that I won't take photos similar to yours of the house for example because I'm embarrassed. But it won't always be like this. One day the furniture will match, or the kitchen walls and floors won't need repair, or the carpets won't be stained. One day, the house will be quiet, things will be put back in their place and the floors will be clean. One day, I'm going to miss this.
    Thank you Ali for sharing. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Melle in FL

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  15. Karen says…

    Fabulous quote; I'm saving it. I have too many projects on the burner already to do this project this week, but I have bookmarked it all so I can do it later when I'm less swamped. Thanks for sharing so much of your process and your life with us.

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  16. Jane says…

    I love that quote from Emerson, I am going to use it in my classroom.
    Thanks for your continued inspiration.

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  17. Barb in AK says…

    /Users/barb/Desktop/mom OUCH.jpg
    I tried to put in a favorite photo for a Week in the Life. Did it work?

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  18. dawn says…

    Hello Melle,
    I love what you wrote here for Ali. This is so true. We need new carpet, flooring in kitchen, matching couch in family room, but I always tell my kids and friends it's my favorite place in the whole world. I can go about 4 days tops before I have to be home again. I love my things around me, the photos, memories, toys, clutter on the counter, books all over the house, etc. One day my babies will be gone and I can have all that pretty stuff then. For now though I enjoy each minute of their lives fully and so happy to be their mom.
    I also took a quick glance at your blog and love all the questions and favorites on it. We do that all the time so going to answer some of those later. Funny though my favorite movie songs, footloose, pretty women, LION KING could listen to those anytime anywhere!!

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  19. rene Jantzi says…

    I'm draggin' with all the photos and documenting but keeping at it. Love that quote; I teach 2 year olds in a Montessori school and today it was poop dropping out of underwear in the sandbox and biting and a sad new child missing mommy and two long parent conferences......tomorrow is a new day! Thank you God!
    Can I print out the twill tape? or is that just for digital pages?

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  20. dawn p says…

    love the pics! your daughter is a doll. great inspiration for me. thx Ali!

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  21. Ali Edwards says…

    You can totally print it out. I am planning to do that next week and include some screen shots for people interested in printing. I've done it on other projects and it works great.

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  22. Johwey Redington says…

    I love seeing glimpses of your everyday. Thanks for letting us take a peek. It's nice to see the 'struggles' together with the 'easier' days. I ditto everybody who says you are an amazing woman.

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  23. Scrapbook Society says…

    you know what i love most about this? how {real} you are and this is. not pretentious and perfected. real and beautiful!

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  24. Carolyn HP says…

    Love the photo of you & Anna after her bath, some great moments captured today, but that is my favorite, you both look happy and the camera in the photo is so you too :)
    Thanks for sharing as always!

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  25. Kelly R. says…

    Love the quote Ali! Thanks.

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