Where in the heck is my Christmas Art Journal?


Somewhere underneath my piles is my Christmas Art Journal. Trying to get myself back in order to get going on it again. Not stressing about it - just enjoying the season - but wishing for more hours in the day.

It is 4am here on the West Coast of the good-ole USA and I am up with a sore throat. The kind that makes it where you can't sleep cause you keep waking up from it. Yuck. The other day we got one of those "great" notes from Simon's school that he had been exposed to Strep Throat. Lovely.

So here I am, up with a cup of organic peppermint tea. Thinking about things I want to say and share and celebrate.

While I was in Indiana I picked up Stay Julian's new book The Big Picture. Seriously, this book is awesome and I dare say, revolutionary. She says all those things that are in my heart. Not only does she go down deep, but she also talks about practical stuff - like how she organizes her albums. I was totally fascinated by that aspect and am considering establishing something like she set up.

Stacy is such a fantastic writer. Engaging. Conversational. Just like she is right there with you. Love that about her. She exudes all that is good and happy and blessed.

How about this for a quote:

I think scrapbooking is a way to live with passion. It's about being present in your life. It's about recognizing a fleeting moment as memorable before it passes and it's about the ability you have to say, "I was here, I lived and breathed and played in the sand. I learned and I loved. I laughed and I cried and I danced disco in my kitchen."

Stacy, I love you. Thanks for laying it all out there. For saying the truth. For being such an amazing woman.


And hey, if you signed up to take my Week In The Life track at CKU-A Chicago come join our Yahoo group. Totally looking forward to another amazing experience.

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