Day In The Life™ // Tomorrow March 29th, 2016

Here's your reminder that you're invited to join me in documenting a Day In The Life™ tomorrow Tuesday, March 29th, 2016.

Don't get too caught up in any one part of this. Seriously. Just grab your camera (your DSLR, your iPhone, a small camera - whatever you have is the best one to use) and start taking photos. Think about your story as you are taking photos. What is your waking-up story? What is your morning story? What is your mid-day story? What is your evening story? What is your bedtime story? And then fill in the gaps along the way. 

There isn't a "right" number of photos for this project or a "right" way to approach it. Some people like to write things down throughout the day and other people just use their photos as memory triggers (this works great if you are working on bringing your content together soon after the fact and less great if you wait a long time between the content collection and the making of your own project). 

I know for me I'll be writing down times (most likely that will happen as I post my images to Instagram throughout the day using the hashtag #aeditl) and little micro stories throughout the day. I'll ask myself questions like: 

>> What's the central theme of our life right now and how can I capture that visually?

>> What is the stuff that seems really small & mundane right now but is actually a really beautiful reflection of who we are today? 

>> What makes us "us" at this point in time? 

>> What are the basic details of our day - times, meals, routines, etc? Numbers are a great way to tell this story - think miles driven, cups of coffee consumed, pages read, etc. 

>> I remind myself over and over again that it's not about what is or isn't perfect, it's about what simply is

I'm including my personal documentation as an insert in  Project Life® but it would also work great in a traditional album or as a mini-album as well.

This is a great warm-up for Week in The Life™ coming up in May. Don't forget to take advantage of the shipping specials for Week In The Life™ kit/product preorders which ends March 31st (kits will be shipping first week in April). 


Hope you'll consider participating!

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13 thoughts

  1. ginny says…

    So excited for tomorrow!

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    1. mtercha says…

      Me, too. Can't wait to see yours, Ginny.

  2. kelseyespecially says…

    I'll be doing my best to play along this year, although I still haven't decided how I'll approach it in terms of photos and words OR in terms of album or layout size. Eek! Tomorrow won't be a normal day for us at all, but I'm still excited to document it...and hoping I don't get too hung up on details!

    Mostly though, I can't wait to use your ridiculously awesome roller time stamp!!! YES!

    Reply 3 Replies
    1. marysiad says…

      I'm so excited to use the time roller stamp as well!!

    2. Blitzburggirl says…

      Ummm you've been waiting?! Heheheh! I SOOOO love this thing! I have never like a roller stamp enough to use it more than a handful of times. I'm considering ordering another kit to get a second one in case this one wears out. I looooove it!

    3. Blitzburggirl says…

      One of the reasons I don't usually use roller stamps is I don't like the little bookmark type splotches the mechanism makes. This one seems to have deeper rubber and doesn't do that so easily, so the image is much much cleaner!

  3. Jacqui1902 says…

    Super excited

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  4. wandergirl says…

    My DITL kit didn't arrive in time for tomorrow (someone from your CS team is helping me sort it out since nothing shows upon tracking) but I'll still be documenting my day :)

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  5. jdj247 says…

    I'm sooooooo excited for tomorrow!!!!

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  6. teri0604 says…

    Love these kinds of projects...the real life capture!

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  7. tmjordan says…

    I started documenting at 5:45 this morning. This is my first time doing this and I am so excited!!!!! Can't wait to see it all come together. You are brilliant, Ali!!!

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  8. Thea_m says…

    Totally forgot that this was on but probably just as well because it would have started at 1AM with a migraine and no one wants to remember that. Oh well, I will choose another day. I hope everyone else has great fun doing this.

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  9. pamelawest says…

    If you keep eggs in color water for a longer period of time their shades will be richer. Easter events at college are so much fun! why should i do my homework when so much is going around. How not to miss your own chance?!

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