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AE Digital Creative Team | Holiday Product Inspiration

Today I wanted to take some time to share with you some really awesome samples that my Digital Creative Team has been creating with my holiday products. 

As you'll notice, many of these women are what I call hybrid memory keepers - meaning they are using digital products on paper projects (which is a lot of what I personally do too). If you'd like to learn more about getting started with digital scrapbooking (with the goal of purely digital projects or a hybrid projects) check out my series on Getting Started here. Those posts include information on basic file management plus tips on printing and working with many of the products I have available here in my shop and at Designer Digitals

Each week we are adding new examples created by this team to the product image sliders in my Digital Shop to give you a variety of examples of how the products can be used. 

One thing I want you to know is that this team isn't restricted to only using my products in their projects. I like seeing how they combine my products with other cool things available out there for memory keeping. 

Below each example we've included the web address so you can go check out their blogs and see what other cool things they are creating. Super thankful for the support they are providing me and looking forward to their future creations. I've also added a bit of commentary next to their names detailing what I like about the page/project. 

Here we go: 

Noel | A fun set of holiday script. Great for adding to photos or as titles above your journaling. 

Here's some cool ideas of how to work with this product from the Digital Creative Team:  

Pam Baldwin | Full page photo + second page for a large title and two columns of journaling. Love it. 

Ginny Hughes | Super in love with the circle image + the gold dots and stitching. Ginny used the Silhouette to cut out the words "christmas" and "tree" from the Noel set. 

Sasha Farina | A couple things I think are cool about this page: (1) I love the two areas of stitched background pattern paper - something super cool about that separation and (2) I like how she created a simple card by repeating the "twinkle" script over and over again. I also love that this isn't a holiday page - it shows that these words can be used in other projects vs. strictly used during December. 

Cristina C. | Two page layout - again loving that she used "merry" on a non-Christmas page. Great full page photo combined with a fun collection of repeated words on the other page. 

Christmas Rocks 3x4 Cards | Great for adding to pocket pages or on traditional layouts, this graphic and bold set of cards emphasize my love of words and type.

Here's some cool ideas of how to work with this product from the Digital Creative Team

Kelly Schmidt | I love how this page could easily translate into a December Daily page pairing the 3x4 card with a 3x4 photo. I also really like that grid pattern paper in the background. 

Stephanie Baxter | Stephanie took the design and used it to create her holiday card for this year. 

Carly Robertson | Simple and lovely. 

Paige Taylor Evans | Paige took the 6x8 version of this design and turned it into a cut file for the Silhouette. Awesome. Read her post about that here

3x4 December Stories Cards | Another 3x4 card set available includes sentiments for documenting your December stories. 

Here's some cool ideas of how to work with this product from the Digital Creative Team

Lindsay Bateman | Love how Lindsay varied the size of the cards here and gathered them all together on the layout. 

Donya Gjerdingen | Love these cute photos and love how Donya added patterns behind the word art on the cards to customize her pages. 

Emily Webster | I love this example from Emily because of it's emphasis on the photos and the words. The products compliment her images and story. 

Teresa Victor | Another lovely example of simplicity. 

Merry & Bright 6x8 Text Overlays | This product is designed to add word-based texture to your photos or can also be used on it's own to create a home for journaling. 

Here's some cool ideas of how to work with this product from the Digital Creative Team

Annette Haring | Love this page from Annette's December Daily that includes the text overlays on top of her 6x8 photo. Love that silver and gold and gray color scheme too. 

Celine Navarro | Celine used the text overlays on the top of this photo. I love the subtle quality of the words on the photo combined with the rest of the things she's got going on with the layout. 

Hope you have a great day!

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7 thoughts

  1. mtercha says…

    Beautiful projects. Each one is so special and lovely. Michelle t

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  2. Bellaa75 says…

    Wow wow wow, these are beyond amazing! How talented are these ladies?! Love them all!

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  3. Michelle06 says…

    So much inspiration!

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  4. BeautyScraps says…

    Beautiful! I love the hybrid look and really want to try to make time to play around with it more. I love love love all of the text and fonts :)

    Reply 0 Replies
  5. rhondapogo says…

    Great post and products! Just wondering if the December Daily stamps that were included with the kit will become a digital item for sale on this site??

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. AliEdwards says…

      Hi - not this year - we are just keeping those as stamps this time.

  6. SusanBowers says…

    Amazing, amazing!!! So excited to see the Creative Team's work all over the site. And Ali, it has been days and days and days since I've seen new digital products up - something just has to be done:)

    Reply 0 Replies

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