Week In The Life™ 2014 | Friday In Album

Friday in Week In The Life™ this year happened to fall on Halloween. 

This is the day I added no words to my blog post - partly because I was just tired at the end of the day (hey, it was Halloween) when I was putting it together and partly because it showed a very pointed difference from the previous days - an opportunity for all of us to think about how the words play in our projects. 

When it came time to get the photos and the words into the album the process was different from previous days because I didn't already have those words easily accessible to just copy and paste onto the photos. Rather than trying to add a bunch more words, I went with small bits of stories added to labels or hand-written directly onto the photos. 

I actually really like this as a mix-in to the overall album and is a nice contrast from the rest of the days with all the words. 

Here's a look at Friday 2014: 

The day begins, again, with an enlarged 6x8 photo of my niece Gabrielle. It was one of my favorites from the day. I added one of the gold-edged labels

Today I decided to go with a photo on the front of the 3x8 card.

And a photo for the back - which happens to be a shot of the inside of my fridge which was stocked up because we were having people over in the evening. 

I like the look of the combination of the perforated phrase + the type + the handwritten words along the bottom. 

Those labels are great for adding a bit of context/story to the photos. "Love this" is from my Photos stamp set

I followed my plan/pattern and gold embossed the chipboard #5. This one got stapled to the photo vs. just hanging out by itself in the pocket so I was able to include another photo.

I'm sure for some people out there this is way too simple. 

For me, I'm cool with it as a piece of the whole story. Words + photos + intentional word-based embellishments. Love that

Writing directly on my photo using the Staedtler pen

I cut "everyday magic" from one of the 3x4 cards and stapled it to the photo. 

The YES gold letter stickers are from Pebbles. I love how this shot shows the action that was happening around here on Halloween night - it's one of my favorite parts of the night when we sit in my entry way and watch all the kids come to the door. 

And I ended this day with a large photo of Simon standing in the door. I added my story directly onto the photo. 

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11 thoughts

  1. Lmesserli says…

    Which album did you use for this project? Is it a handbook album from studio calico?

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    1. AliEdwards says…

      Hi - this album was part of the Week In The Life™ kit (it's similar to the new Handbook designs that SC will release soon) with a thinner spine.

    2. Lmesserli says…

      Nice! I'll wait and get one of the new ones then--I love the idea of the thinner spine-thank you :)

    3. Lmesserli says…

      Do you think there will be any of those 3x8 protectors in the future? Those are great!

  2. abragg79 says…

    That photo of your stocked fridge? Coors should contact you to use that photo for an ad because that picture is awesome. And it makes me want to crack open a cold Coors. And I don't even drink Coors (I'm a Miller girl when I drink beer).

    Anyway, I love the simplicity of these pages. It works since it feels like you have a few more pictures than the other days...so less words work. Very nice!

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  3. mtercha says…

    It really looks like some awesome day. Really great. I love the labels and the kraft color word/phrase labels too. Michelle t

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  4. KarineC says…

    I'm a fan of handwritten journaling so this totally works for me.

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  5. Carolly says…

    Looks great Ali!

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  6. desilei says…


    It's funny that you changed your writing "format" on this one because I started with mostly hand-written on the first day and then started typing words onto my photos using my very basic, low-tech photo editing software and found myself adding text to almost all the pictures! Well, I'm about to start on my Friday layout so this is good to see as a reminder that I can mix it up in my album.

    I'm so glad I'm working on finishing up my album as you release the rest of your days :) I'm still on course to finish before X-mas! Will have the weekend to myself as the kiddos will be with their dad! --Desiree

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  7. durbaa says…

    Hey Ali, love the layouts! I have a quick question, I noticed you used the Gold Zing Glitter (as I've seen you do on other projects) but this is the first time that I've got to see the embossing so close up. I didn't realize it all melts together so much, was this the same as what you used in last years DD to emboss the big 25? It seemed like that was pretty sparkly. I bought it for this years DD (I won't start until after Christmas once I have my pictures) but I was hoping it would be more glittery and less metallic...if that even makes any sense. Any ideas how to keep it glittery?

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    1. carpecakem says…

      I just learned during my December Daily that there is actually a glitter Zing and then a metallic Zing. I had the glitter red and it's not as solid as the metallic. So I bought the metallic one as I like the coverage of it better. But I just noticed the same thing! And had no idea it was different either.

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