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My Plans For Memory Keeping In 2015

I've been thinking a lot over the last few months about how I want to approach my memory keeping in 2015. 

I'm ready for a bit of an adjustment. I want something more loose and less structured (as in less emphasis on weekly) and from what I've been reading around the web that seems to be a bit of a trend. 

I'm ready for one album for my stories this year. 

One 12x12 album to hold pocket pages, traditional pages, and stuff of life (kids artwork, notes, etc). I don't literally mean that I'll force everything into ONE album because I might fill up one and need another, but I mean one home for all my stories this year. 

This one home will be a mix of pocket pages and traditional layouts in 12x12 and 8.5x11 and 6x8 and it will hold stories from 2015. Supplies will come from my Story and Stamp Kits™, from Studio Calico kits, and from other things I find here in my stash or from

This isn't new or revolutionary. People have been combining layouts and Project Life® style documentation since it's inception and I've been using divided page protectors mixed in with my traditional pages from time to time for many years. 

I think really what I'm ready for is something more organic and less structured and more focused on stories. I still love everyday life documentation - which has been my passion since I first started this adventure back in 2002. I still love capturing little and big things and I'm definitely not stopping any of it. But it's time for me to mix it up. 

This means I will not be committing to weekly Project Life® documentation in 2015. I'm up to date until June of 2014 and I plan to finish that as time permits (lots of photos already printed and "stuff" in pockets, but it needs some TLC). I anticipate that I will still do some specific weeks-at-a-glance like I've been doing the last few years, but it will be significantly looser than in the past (and include more of a mix of divided pockets when I do use them vs. always using Design A). I'm ready for that change. Just writing that out feels good. Does it mean I will never do weekly Project Life® again? Nope. My first Project Life® album was in 2010 and I've loved the process but I'm ready for the next evolution. 

And if none of this makes any sense, know that it's a work in progress and I'll be figuring it out as a go.  

Here's a look at how I'm starting my 2015 story album: 

The album begins with a divided 6x8 page protector from Becky Higgins (this is inside a black 12x12 We Are Memory Keepers album). 

"Hello Life 2015" is a new digital set now available in my shop. I cut it out with my Silhouette and vellum. I've got a tutorial here that shows you how to trace PNG files with the Silhouette software here.

The big ampersand was from a previous Studio Calico kit (can't remember which one). I embossed it with black opaque embossing powder on both sides.  

Along the edge of the page protector I added a 2-inch Avery index tab and stamped 2015 using this awesome Pebbles rolling stamp.

On the back side I added my favorite 2014 photo of the three of us. I'm just about done over-using it (taken during Week In The Life™ and used as my Christmas card). Note to self to take more group shots of the three of us. 

I like it so I'm going to use it. Again. 

The next pages is a 12x12 page protector from this variety pack that I cut to 6x12. 

"Give" in vellum was a left-over mistake from the end of my December Daily® album (the thread came out of the stitching). I decided to give it a home here as a nod to my One Little Word® for 2015 (I do have a separate album for documenting my experience with my word but I like having it included here as well). The "hello" label on top is actually on the outside of the page protector. 

The monthly paper and the floral 3x4 card are from the Park Avenue Studio Calico kits.  

The gold glitter remember card and the canvas 3x4 card are both from Heidi Swapp Project Life® kits (available via Michael's if I remember correctly). This was a 4x6 card that I cut down to 3x4.  

The letter stickers for "our" and the small word stickers are from my Firsts Story Kit™

It's a very simple beginning to what I hope will be an awesome mixture of long and short stories from 2015.

Here's to stories and documentation and flexibility and evolution and giving myself permission to loosen up the way I'm documenting, holding, and sharing my stories.  

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93 thoughts

  1. Mandy_G says…

    I started in 2014 with PL and making scrapbook layouts, respectively. So I'm not make a week by week PL up to now and in my first 12 x12 album I mixed PL pages with traditional layouts, some sketches or other thing which I want to remember and I put in the album without page protectors. I liked this way from last year and decided to make it also in this year. I want to make my PL clean & simple without to much embellishments and do further traditional layouts as well as some mini albums. So i'm very happy to hear that Ali decided to make it in a similar way and that there is no straight border between the two ways. Mixing different papge protectors sounds interesting and from Alis OLW workshop I was also inspired to try this in my albums. Thank you for this very beautiful inspiring post

    Reply 0 Replies
  2. Shannon_D says…

    Where is the yellow hello card from Ali. It speaks to me. I have a handwritten yellow hello sign on my bedroom wall

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. AliEdwards says…

      Hi Shannon - it was from a Studio Calico Project Life kit a few months ago.

  3. ExoticOrchid says…

    Yay! I've been so stagnant and overwhelmed. This seems like the way I need to consolidate too. Boo! I just bought all my Project Life supplies again!

    Reply 0 Replies
  4. mshanhun says…

    Oh yes! I'm totally putting PL and all my layouts together in one big series. I've been adding my digi layouts in there too! :D

    Reply 0 Replies
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