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Project Life® 2016 | Week Nineteen (Week In The Life™)

Hey guys! 

As I enter the busiest time of my working year I have this crazy thing happen where I want to work on all my projects even the ones without deadlines. Hence, a Project Life® spread to share with you. It's been awhile, I know. Thanks for being patient with me through my health issuesmerging households, and lots of behind the blog work on product design/development and class content. 

Today I'm sharing Week Nineteen which was the week I did Week In The Life™ this year (May 9th through the 15th). 

As I stood at my work table and contemplated what I wanted to do for the 3x4 pockets (all my 4x6 photos with the Week In The Life™ Messy Circles Filled 2016 word art were printed out months ago) I decided to just add "filler" cards vs. specific journaling. I came to this conclusion after pulling my Week In The Life™ album off my shelf and seeing how detailed I was with that week already. I still want this week included in my chronological Project Life® album but I don't need to re-tell the entire story of the week. Obviously I could have printed out more photos for those pockets but again, I feel like I covered that in my main album. So I went with fun filler cards from my stash. 

I think next year I'd like to try to remember to collect more "stuff" during my Week In The Life™ documentation that can be included in my Project Life® during that week (planning for sometime in the spring again). It would be cool to have all the pockets filled with receipts or things cut up from the stuff of life. 

The lesson here is flexibility within whatever storytelling system you are working right now. And that some weeks are detailed and some are not and some are all photos and all these weeks add up to one big awesome story.   

Another factor was that I also already had a 6x12 insert included in this week that told a good, long story from a past Story Kit™ theme (Read).  

Here's how the spread turned out:

The circles on top of each 4x6 photo were added digitally to my photos before printing and came from this digital set: Week In The Life™ Messy Circles Filled 2016. I just picked photos I liked from that week - no other specific reason. Again, my goal is to fill up the pockets. 

My title card is from my Hello Happy Journal Card Set (now retired). We hope to release this set digitally soon. The label sticker is from Freckled Fawn + a rolling date stamp

The fun "Here We Go" card is a pad that was included in the Drive Story Kit™. On it I wrote how I felt like I covered this story in my Week In The Life™ album and referenced the insert for a longer story about what was happening in life during this time period.  

"Here's to us" is from the Here's To Us Journal Card Set

The "PS I Love You" and "Take A Picture" cards are from past Studio Calico kits. 

Along the edge of the 6x12 insert I added an Avery Index Tab + stamped "this is life" using my new Phrases Roller Stamp

"We were here" and the floral 3x4 card are both from past Studio Calico kits. "Every Day Looks Like This" is also from the retired Hello Happy Journal Card Set. 

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10 thoughts

  1. virginiegoujon says…

    Love this spread Ali, thanks for sharing.
    Love your idea to collect more stuff from WITL and fill the pockets with receipts.

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  2. tesoro_de_recuerdos says…

    I love it! Especially to see a week without so many headshots (as I do them mostly). Thanks for sharing! So looking Forward to my first December daily!

    Reply 0 Replies
  3. Lize says…

    Ali, I honestly don't know how you get done all that you do. But very happy to see a PL page & love the circles.

    Reply 0 Replies
  4. ciahansen says…

    I love this so much! A good reminder that it's okay to have some PL weeks just be filler cards.

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  5. CasieGutierrez says…

    These is just something magical about horizontal 4x6 cards and vertical journaling cards ... a lovely layout as always!

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  6. KeithRathbun says…

    Thanks for sharing photos. As you just picked photos you liked from that week, I picked Resumes.Expert reviews I liked the most.

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  7. renuka says…

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  9. Ankansharma says…

    Great postcards, also u r very creative, loved ur work.
    plz reply me, u can reach me at

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  10. harrylone says…

    This is very simple, but so effective! I love the design and I will definitely make one for myself:) Have a nice day

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