Week In The Life™ 2017 | Friday Words + Photos

Ah, Friday. Love this day of transition into the weekend. 

We are getting closer to the end of this documenting project and like most years I'm taking fewer photos. I'm totally fine with that. 

Keep going my friends and get what you can get. Enjoy the last couple of days of more consistent photo taking. 

Here's a look at my Friday: 

7:53am // Giving thanks for a little later wake-up today. It's pretty cozy but coffee sounds so good. Time to get up.

9:03am // Giving thanks for washing machines + getting loads started that I can move around over the course of the day. I have a wonderful cleaning person that comes on Thursdays so I often wash all the sheets on Fridays. I totally give thanks for her work for our family too. (And, I like bags ?). ? taken with 10 sec timer on IPhone 6+ sitting on a pulled out locker basket.

9:22am // Giving thanks for my friend Tonya from @inkwellpress for the wisdom she shared with me about a year ago at @inspiredretreat about creating a "Financial Friday" habit. Most Fridays I spend some time in the morning doing any business accounting/financial tasks I need to take care of - it really has helped me stay on top of it this past year and made my tax prep a little more manageable.

12:23pm // Giving thanks for Cathy. We've been friends for years and years now and regularly have little life and work chats via iChat. She wanted to make sure she was included in my weekly documentation. Yesterday we were celebrating that Simon Says Stamp will now be manufacturing her stamps which is awesome - love when good people get together. 

1:39pm // Allergy testing for Anna today. She's been really struggling with seasonal allergies this year so I wanted to get more information on what exactly she was allergic to and make sure it wasn't pet related.

She's allergic to trees and weeds (and luckily not cats and/or dogs). Giving thanks for friendly doctors and clarity on the steps to take going forward.

I was going to take her back to school after her appointment but she asked really nicely (ha) so I kept her with me and we went and had a snack at Starbucks and chatted about what she's been learning at school (they are starting a poetry writing section). She's so fun to hang out with. Her new drink of choice is what I get there during the warmer weather: unsweetened green iced tea. Her current snack of choice are the vanilla bean scones.  

3:30pm // Giving thanks for good helpers. Stopped over at Thistledown Farm (just opened for the season) to see what they've got and pick out a couple hanging baskets and another peony. 

4:30pm // Giving thanks that we decided to stay in this house and make it work for our new blended family. We looked quite a bit last summer and made an offer on one house and ended up changing our minds after the inspection. We decided we could put the money we would have needed to put into that other house into this house and make it work. I really do love this house and this neighborhood. I always have. 

You might notice that the front yard tree is gone. I know I'll notice that in the years to come. The one that was there was severely damaged in an ice storm earlier this year and needed to be removed. Lots of conversations about what to plant there now. 

I took a photo of these two trees earlier in the day with my phone and then came back again this afternoon to take one with my bigger camera. This is a scene that I just love - it only lasts for a short time in the spring but man it makes me happy. Looking at these two trees was actually the jumping off point for my "give thanks" prompt for the day. 

6:45pm // After Chris came to get Anna (she played with the neighbor friend when she got home - immediately putting on the romper + new flip flops I had put on her dresser yesterday) I laid down on the couch that's currently in a space where a second dining room table will be at some point in our front living area to read more of my book and wait for Aaron to come back from Isaac's TKD testing (he's a red belt now). 

8:05pm // Unfortunately my stomach started feeling upset so we changed our plans (had been planning to go out and see some live music) and ended up staying home, eating take-out pho (me) + drunken noodles (Aaron) and watching a couple more episodes of Fargo (we started watching season one earlier this week). The cats love to go out the front door and roll around on the cement when the weather is nice. 

Giving thanks for the whole of this day and especially for Aaron who is kind and caring and always willing. 


In the past I've offered a linking widget here to collect links to people who wanted to share their Friday post of words + photos. For some reason I can't get it to work again so if you would like to share a link to your FRIDAY words and photos please post in the comment section below. Please link directly to your post vs. a general blog link. Thank you!

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    Friday - http://bakingbetsy.com/week-life-2017-fridays-stories/

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    just a little day before a family week-end
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