Wellness Journey | Q&A, Part 2

Welcome back to Part 2 of my Wellness Q&A. You can read Part 1 here.


kl_wells // I'd love to hear about your food plans! Also what book is it that your getting all your recipes from?! I know it was from a podcast you're listening to but can't remember what it's called!

The book that I've really been into on this journey so far is  Body Love by Kelly LeVeque. The principles in this book have really been a jumping off point for me in creating a foundation to simplify what I choose to eat. It's about adding more to your plate rather than restricting - the goal is to elongate your blood sugar curve - with the focus is on fat, fiber, protein, and greens. I honestly can't recommend this book highly enough - it is such a well-rounded, practical approach. You can listen to her talk about her approach on Episode 3 of the Feel Good Effect Podcast and Episode 18 of That's So Maven (there is a particularly good part about sugar/insulin in this one). I keep coming back to her book again and again - reading and re-reading to actually learn more about the science behind what she is talking about (so totally not in my wheelhouse). This isn't about calorie counting, it's about fueling your body with the nutrients need. 

I'll list other cookbooks I'm enjoying below in the inspiration section. 

sarabhirt // You posted recently that you have gotten to the point where the good, healthy food is what you crave. How long did that take to get to that place?
jenhart5 // I would like to hear more about the food side of it. How long it took you to get rid of the sugar monsters, how long before you felt better, have you tweaked it at all? Etc, I have been listening to your podcast recommendation of the Feel Good Effect and absolutely loved Kelly LeVeque's talk and it was really inspiring.

I've been consistent with my food changes for a couple of months now (gluten free/dairy free with a focus on protein, fat, fiber and greens). I think it probably took a few weeks to a month for me to really be looking forward to the clean, healthy meals. Part of it is that I started to feel better and that motivated me to keep eating this way. I also started from a generally okay place with my diet - I'd already eliminated a lot of unhealthy things over the last few years. 

At this time I'm still eating some sugar (natural sugars) and soy but may take those out at some time in the future either as part of an  AIP elimination diet or just to see how I feel. Having a small piece of dark chocolate at the end of the day has been working well - I'm not having huge cravings for it at other times during the day and I think this is because I'm getting the protein, fat, fiber and greens to propel me to the next meal. 

I'm continually tweaking, continually seeing how I feel after eating particular foods, continually learning on this journey. 

lbonahoom // I'm eager to hear if changing your diet has improved mood and/or hormonal symptoms if you ever had any trouble with those. I'm 46 & the last year has thrown me for a curve more than once regarding hormonal shifts & I'm changing my diet to see if it helps . 

I know that medication has helped me with my moods/hormonal fluctuations ( see Part 1 of this series). I want to think that changing my diet has also helped but it's hard to tell when both are a part of my day. That said, I've been taking the medication longer than I've been eating pretty clean and I feel significantly better these last month without gluten and dairy in my diet. 

mjbloves // What would you recommend for people who can't afford too much? It's pricey to eat healthy, and for picky eaters maybe? My husband and I are both super picky. Everything you put in your bowls look good, but not mixed together lol Absolutely loving your aewellness posts, very very inspiring. My hubby and I lost a lot of weight last year and gained half of it back.

I googled a little bit about healthy food costing more and thought these were two interesting articles. For me, eating healthy has become my priority and I'd rather move a little over into my food budget and out of a different category in order to get to eat in the way that I want to eat: 

Do you live in an area where you can grow your own vegetables? That's definitely a more cost effective way to tackle getting more nutrients. 

My experience with picky eating has long been that it's possible to become less picky via the continued introduction of the food(s). That depends a little bit on where your pickiness originates from - are you sensitive to textures or is it that you've just decided you don't like something so you are unwilling to try it again? I know for me, I went years saying how much I disliked sweet potatoes and refusing to eat or make them. Then at some point last year I tried them again and I really liked them and now I eat them regularly and am not eating white potatoes. Same with brussel sprouts. Our tastes are able to change and evolve - for me I'm definitely now motivated by wanting to feel better and am willing to try new things in order to get different nutrients into my body. I've also lived with Simon now for 15 years and he has gone from being very picky to eating just about anything - watching his evolution has been super, super inspiring.  

As for my bowls, I don't mix the food all together – I just eat bites. If all the individual components of my bowls look good you could just put a pile of each on a plate and eat it that way! The bowls for me are just an easy way to see that I'm eating greens, protein, fat and fiber at each meal.

mobilenurse // I would love to know a general idea of what all you shop for all a time and how you prep for healthy meals for the week. I think time is one of the hardest things for sustaining healthy meals.

crhardin2003 // How do you shop and budget for your groceries? I ask because I have to buy different foods for my kids.

satokob74 // Thank you for keeping me motivated by sharing your wellness journey. It might be too personal but I'd like to see your grocery shopping hauls at Costco and Trader Joe's. What do you usually buy there? Also can we see not only your lunch bowls but also your dinner pictures, too?

I generally shop once or twice a week at either Trader Joes, a local grocery chain (Market Of Choice), or Whole Foods. Aaron does the Costco shopping for us and that's generally once a month, sometimes more than once depending on what's happening.  

When I shop at my grocery store, Trader Joes or Whole Foods I'm generally purchasing thinks like: 

  • Greens (spinach and kale)
  • Cucumbers (I love the Persian ones from Trader Joes)
  • Vegetables: brussel sprouts, asparagus, cauliflower, broccoli, squash, etc
  • Apples
  • Lemons & Limes
  • Almond Flower
  • Coconut Oil
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Avocado
  • Almond Milk
  • Olive packs (Trader Joes)
  • Cooked chicken
  • Cauliflower Rice
  • Broccoli Rice
  • Green Salsa
  • Salmon
  • Canned salmon, tuna
  • Almond Butter
  • Honey

From Costco we usually stock things like: 

  • Strawberries, Blueberries, Bananas, Sweet Potatoes, Grapes, watermelon, and frozen fruit
  • Flank Steak, pork tenderloins, chicken tenderloins, whole chickens, ground beef, ground turkey, turkey burgers
  • Organic Milk
  • Almonds
  • Flax, Chia Seeds
  • LaCroix Sparkling Water
  • Avocado
  • Olives
  • Shredded Cheese
  • Tortillas
  • Frozen shrimp
  • Frozen salmon
  • Frozen broccoli, green beans, corn
  • Oatmeal
  • Coffee
  • Dessert treats (something from the frozen section)
  • Dave's Bread
  • Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Hummus
  • Guacamole
  • Wine
  • Coconut water
  • Greek Yogurt

From Amazon I order:

Sometimes I'm super organized and prep and plan meals and other times we fly by the seat of our pants. We also have kids here sometimes and sometimes we have no kids here and that plays a role in the way we plan and eat. Here are some inspiring meal plan/prep posts from Real Food Whole Life - again, my goal is simple, straightforward cooking: 

canadianlindsay // Really curious about how cutting out dairy and gluten has affected this journey.

For me it's been one of the best decisions. One of the things that was bothering me previously was feeling bloated all the time - for me that means that my stomach was sticking out and I just felt full. Removing both gluten and dairy (which I had done previously via an  Autoimmune Protocol at the beginning of this post) has made a major different for me in how I feel overall. If you are curious about trying it you can go cold turkey or you can remove one at a time and see how it goes. 

teacherlisa // im super curious how you are handling food choices in social situations (ie, eating out w/ friends) and dealing w/ any people who are not supportive of your choices.
desertgirl8 // I, too, want to hear how you balance eating out, particularly with friends at their homes. That is the struggle for me. Do you avoid any foods at all?

This hasn't been an issue and I've been pretty social recently. Most of the restaurants around here include gluten/dairy free options and I haven't had any trouble finding things on the menus to eat or requesting substitutions. I don't have anybody in my life right now that's not supportive of my dietary changes that I know of at least. 

If I was planning to eat at a friends house I would likely have a chat with them about how I'm not eating gluten/dairy right now and could I bring a salad or contribute something for our meal? That way I would know that I would have something to eat that was going to fuel me through the meal. Eating in a way that's making you feel good is nothing to feel shame about or feel uncomfortable about sharing. It's becoming so much more common for people to have dietary restrictions. 

deirdreokeating // Friday Night is Pizza Night at our house and I try to plan for it, but so often it derails me. Also, popcorn. What hurdles used to throw you and how have you overcome them this time?

I've got to the point where I just don't want to eat some of the foods that I've loved previously - pizza and popcorn included. It's just not worth it in the way that I feel afterward = just overall blah + bloated and I don't want to feel that way more than I want to eat the pizza AND I'm eating foods that are filling me up and making me feel good. I ordered pizza for the kids the other night and made steak + broccoli + avocado for Aaron and me. What we ate is something that we would often make and have the kids eat as well but last night we just wanted easy for the kids (there is always someone protesting something in one way or another and it had been a long day). 

kelsterjean // Do you have any issues with food? Like digestive-type issues? I've been trying to eat healthier and good foods, but I'm restricted to what foods don't bother me, and right now I'm on a diet where I can't have any raw fruits or veggies. It makes it hard to eat healthy when there's lots of restrictions.

I do - that's why I'm eating gluten and dairy free. So far that has been enough for me to feel better but like I mentioned above it's likely I will eliminate other things at some point again to see if that makes an additional difference.   

rnpluswellness // Would love to know your food plans when you travel (just done a road trip with the kids and had limited food options). Are you still drinking alcohol? Oh and the big one... have you given up Haribos?!?!?! Thanks!

Yep, still drinking alcohol (usually wine or cider) and I have given up the Haribos for now. 

I'm using suggestions made in  Body Love for what to do while traveling, including bringing healthy snacks. She has a whole section in there that I review before I leave for a trip. For a road trip I would probably pack a bag just for my own snacks, including protein packets to make smoothies/drinks for breakfast along with almonds, fruit, Chomps sticks, etc. I would also target some grocery stores along with way if possible vs. having to stop for fast food. Whole Foods has an awesome deli/take out section (so does our local grocery store) that I would much rather go out of my way to go to vs. ending up at fast food. It takes a little more planning but is now definitely worth it to me. 


maketodaycreative // I also would like to hear more about how your diet is helping with Hashimoto. What you think is most effective or what was the first best step on that side of things? I was recently diagnosed and need to craft a strategy.
vjm28 // I would love to hear more about how it has helped your thyroid, Hashimoto symptoms, etc. Have you been able to reduce medicine dosage? Has going gluten free helped with this as well? Any info on this topic would be great. Thx!

First off, for anyone living with autoimmune issues I highly recommend checking out  Autoimmune Wellness and The Paleo Mom. Those were the two places where I started learning more about living with autoimmune diseases and dietary/lifestyle interventions after realizing that I actually had Hashimotos vs. just Hypothyroidism. I'm not currently following the eating portion of the Autoimmune Protocol - it's significantly more restrictive and meant to be more of an elimination diet but some people find they feel best following it even longer. It's highly possible that I will try it again in the future (I felt really good last fall when I was on it for about a month before the holidays) as I've been reading more about it again - specially How To Heal Hashimotos: An Integrative Road Map To Remission (and website here). 

I haven't had my levels tested since starting my wellness journey and am still taking Levothyroxine. My goal is less about going off the medication - it's totally possible that mine is already damaged past the point of reversing the damage - but more about just feeling good (less fatigue, brain fog, etc). 

borcherding // Hi Ali. I have thyroid/hasitmotos like you and I was wondering if you are using any essential oils or something else besides medication for treatment. Wondering if you are also keeping a written journal vs. just the IG feed. And what's the single, most important thing that makes you feel relaxed. I struggle with relaxing and just being ok with where I am now..

I don't use any essential oils. Medication is working for me "generally" along with gluten/free dairy free, yoga, walking, Barre3, starting to meditate more regularly and rest (this is huge for me and I am super protective of my sleep). I'm not keeping a written journal outside of my IG feed at this time. 

The single most important thing that makes me feel relaxed? I think right now it's probably exercise - the kinds of working out I'm doing right now (even walking) is the kind where I feel happy and rejuvenated at the end vs. so depleted that I have to go to bed right away. I also still love to read so making time for that continues to be a high priority in the evening as well (and I don't watch a whole lot of TV).    


shannonkruger // How have you incorporated theses changes into your kids' lives? Has it been a lot of extra/separate meals for yourself?

mrsmod // Yes! Interested in how you manage with the kids- i.e., rescheduling time to make it to classes and re: food- do they eat all the good stuff you do or do you essentially make 2 different meals (one for them, one for you)?

canadadiane // I'd be super interested to hear how you manage food choices when you have a family. I don't have kids but I do have a handicap senior parent who is a hugely picky eater. Managing convenient healthy meals that work with both our allergies/diets/restrictions/prejudices/biases is almost killing me.

ourlife5 // I love to hear how involved or uninvolved your fiancé and kids are in the journey. Do you make separate meals? When I was doing whole 30 my spouse and kids were not a part of that journey. I loved whole 30 and did it for 3 months but I find in summer it was too hard to keep passing on cocktails, ice cream and other things. I wish I had kept eating that way though. I felt so good!

Lots and lots of questions related to what I'm eating vs. what everyone else is eating. 

Here's a general overview of what a day of food looks like around here when the kids are here: 

BREAKFAST // Around here everyone makes their own breakfast. On the weekends we might cook something for everyone but most of the time everyone just makes something for themselves. The kids eat things like cereal (Aaron's kids + sometimes Anna), breakfast sandwiches (Simon has one of these just about everyday - it's a frozen version available from Costco that includes sausage, egg and cheese if I remember right), toast with Nutella or peanut butter + banana, smoothies (every once in awhile), scrambled eggs, bacon, yogurt, fruit, sausage, etc. Aaron generally has yogurt + toast and peanut butter or sometimes he'll make a poached egg and eat it with spinach and bacon or sausage. I have a Fab Four smoothie for breakfast most mornings with the recipe coming from Body Love

LUNCH // Often leftovers from dinner or a "plate lunch" that includes protein, veggie, fruit, and something crunchy/salty (crackers, nuts, etc). I usually have a bowl for lunch that includes a protein (often leftover), greens, vegetables, and some kind of fat - often an avocado (you can see lots of examples of these on my IG account).

DINNER // Dinner is the main meal that includes everyone and generally we all eat the same thing and sit down at the table but it might look different on everyone's plates. We usually cook a protein (chicken, salmon, steak, pork, turkey burger, etc) and then have at least one vegetable (broccoli, beans, peas, corn, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, etc). They are super simple meals. The protein is often cooked in a crock pot or on the BBQ or on the stove top and the vegetables are often roasted or cooked in the microwave. Sometimes we also include a grain such as rice or quinoa. Sometimes one kid complains. Sometimes more than one kid complains. Sometimes they all just eat it. We mix those meals in with things that they all generally like such as pizza or lasagna or mandarin chicken (from the frozen section at Costco). 

On those nights when the kids are eating something I'm just not going to eat (like lasagna) I'll make myself a bowl (protein, fat, fiber, and greens - these come together super quick because I generally chop stuff up at the beginning of the week or cook a protein that can be eaten for a few days added to my bowls) or I'll experiment with making something similar. On Tuesdays we have taco night so that usually includes a bunch of things out on the counter where everyone can pick and choose what they might want to have in their own burrito or taco. Things we generally have available include refried beans, a meat (ground turkey, shrimp, beef or shredded pork from the crock pot), cheese, olives, greens (spinach or lettuce), corn, salsa, avocado, etc. 

chowwgn // I would like to know how you are making time for yourself. With work and kids, I find it hard to stay committed.

liftin4ever // I always struggle with consistency. How do you just keep going?? Between kids, work, hubby, and hobbies I find it hard to get it all in. And when it comes to eating I love all kinds of foods but feel I need to make more family meals which please my picky eaters. My hubby says to make what works for me but I am a mom who wants to be sure her kids eat good too. So for me it is the grind. .. and how to just keep putting one foot in front of the other??

This summer I've been able to be fairly flexible with my time - it's the season of life I'm in right now. Aaron works from home so that's a big help in terms of me being able to leave the house. Our kids are also getting older and some of them are able to be here on their own. Also, because I share kids with Chris I simply have times when I don't have kid responsibilities and that opens doors for getting in more body movement.

In previous years I've started and stalled fitness adventures and have also found it hard to stay committed. This time it really does feel different to my core - I talked more about that in part one of my series. The way that I'm making time for myself is honestly and simply by actually TAKING time for myself. I am prioritizing it and talking about it and making it happen because it is positively impacting my mind and body and heart and that's positively impacting my other relationships. 

And it's the way I want to live my life. I'm just done living the other way - it's taken me years to make this a reality for myself.  


kdarli // I would love to know what sources you are using for guidance and inspiration on your wellness journey. What are you finding most helpful? Anything you've found not to be helpful?

monitripa // I'm new to podcasts....could you recommend us some good ones??? About mind, body, health, happiness...

lauramacfarlanelcsw // I'd be interested in learning about where you are finding inspiration for your wellness journey. Any books, magazines, podcasts, music, conversations that are helping you "own who you are" besides the sources that you have already mentioned in IG posts.


Cookbooks - all of these are ones I have in my house and have enjoyed cooking from or just browsing for general ideas. I don't try to make something new every day - maybe once a week - again, simple is my goal:

Some of my favorite accounts to follow on Instagram (I love, love, love having a separate IG account where I follow a whole different group of people, brands, etc):


loveleeteacher // I love how you have learned and inspired us to not be so black and white or rigid about your/our exercise 'schedule' each day. For instance, you don't ALWAYS exercise at the same time of day or attend the exact same classes or do only one type of physical activity. That was an A-ha moment for me. Could you talk more about that? Also, do you do any mindfulness or meditation on your own outside of yoga classes? If so, do you use an app, do guided meditation, etc? Thanks so much for starting this! I've lost 20 lbs since following you and joining a local yoga studio.  

Sure. One of the things that I think has made this "stick" more for me this time has been that flexibility. For example this week I just felt like doing yoga classes more than anything else so that's what I did most days. My goal is to simply get some movement in - and that might come in a variety of different forms. I'm choosing not to be rigid about what I do on particular days and instead listening to how my body/mind is feeling - knowing that I'll incorporate all the things over the course of a month (or week). When school starts in a few weeks it might be more necessary for me to stick to more of a schedule - I'm not sure how that will all work out just yet. I am lucky in that I work for myself and can make my own hours and leave when I want to, but as you might have read above that still isn't always easy for me to give myself permission to do that. 

I just started using the  Headspace app again recently and would like to make that a more regular part of my life. Many people on a recent IG post also recommended the Calm app

kg_balance // I guess my curiosity lies in your personal philosophies - on food, on health, on mental well-being. For example, my mom and I had a discussion not long ago about our personal relationships with food - she felt like she wanted to reduce her portion sizes (per the 21 day fix program) because she felt like food had become the focus of everything as opposed to secondary to enjoying time with loved ones, being present, and experiencing life. On the flip side - I have a hard time with restrictions, not for lack of willpower, but rather fear of telling myself "no" to anything. I've been trying to reframe my relationship as saying "yes" to healthy more often instead of "no" to things that aren't of value to my wellness (in all areas). So I wonder what your philosophies/relationships with these areas of wellness are like - or if you have similar challenges.

I want simple. I don't want to obsess about food - I want to open up my fridge and have it be simple and easy to pull together a bowl that includes protein, fiber, fat and greens. I want to eat and not feel stuffed or bloated and then not think about food again until the next meal time comes around. 

One of the things I love about Body Love + Kelly's philosophy is that it's about adding more vs. taking things away. Adding more fat, more protein, more fiber, more greens vs. limiting, restricting or counting calories. 

thestampspot // I would love to know how you are 'measuring' your success and progress.

Right now I'm measuring success simply by how I feel in my body. I'm watching the scale just to be aware but not obsessing or charting the numbers. Success to me right now is a combination of simply sticking with it and being in touch with how I actually feel in my body. 

maria_sonoma // I'd love any tips on balancing my time. I work outside the home so I am on someone else's schedule daily so that coupled with kids and chores leaves literally no time for any exercise. I know you work for yourself so you have more flexibility but I am still curious about your thoughts. You are great at simplifying and I am great at complicating!

So much about this for me has been about prioritizing myself. How can you carve out 20 mins? 30 mins? Up earlier? A class during your lunch hour? 

It also might be that you do what you can with what you have right now. Maybe you focus on shifting your diet because that's what you have time for in this season of your life. Or maybe it's just focusing on carving out a little time for yourself for your mental health - reading, relaxing, walking, etc. 

Maybe asking yourself what the least complicated thing you could do would be? So often we think we have to do ALL THE THINGS at the same time when the reality is that you have to start somewhere with one thing and then as time goes on other things might become easier or more clear in terms of a path forward for when you could add in some exercise. 

dee2501 // I would love to know if you have slip ups in your wellness journey and how do you deal with it. I went out on Saturday and had too many cocktails and felt horrendous and guilty for two days. I think because I really don't drink anymore having four drinks made me so ill.

No guilt! This is a journey and a lifestyle that's naturally going to include ups and downs and slip ups and meh times and on and on - it's just another piece of life and we should have no expectation that it will be perfect. Right now I am really focused on giving myself grace through the process of making this a lifestyle and I'm continuing to be curious. Oh, I drank too much last night - how do I feel now - hmmm, maybe next time I'll just have two. Can I still have fun if I just have one and then have sparkling water (of course). 

My slip ups right now tend to be more about being motivated to get the exercise in - food has been fairly simple for me this time. I really am just trying to come at it from the standpoint of valuing myself enough to make it happen and if it doesn't then I'm planning a way to make it happen tomorrow. 

abrandnewdawn2 // My questions are do you miss popcorn? Have you noticed physical changes? Not in numbers but other things? What has surprised you the most? Do you write any of your thoughts along the way? 

I kinda miss popcorn but I'm so over how I would feel after eating it. It took me a long time to recognize how I was actually feeling after eating it because it just seemed normal. I know now that it's not and that my body was telling me that it wasn't a fan and I wasn't listening. Right now I feel better in my body, have lost a few pounds, and am significantly less bloated. I think the thinkg I've been writing and talking my way through this over on my IG wellness account :). 

Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions in the comments. We can do this together!

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41 thoughts

  1. minkaclark says…

    An awesome effort Ali to document all this. I have taken inspiration from your journey and started to focus on eating better and looking after myself for the long haul. You have been a great inspiration to myself and, no doubt, many others. Keep on keeping on! Thx from Melbourne, Australia.

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. vanessa_snap_happy says…

      It's been awesome watching/reading Ali's wellness journey. I'm also from Melbourne, Australia & im excited that our warmer weather is coming. I'm going to get some outdoor walks in soon :) taking so many tips & including them in my wellness changes!

  2. mrsb says…

    I have a question which I don't think appeared in part 1 or part 2. I have been very inspired by your wellness journey and have been enjoying Fab Four lunch bowls some days, but struggle to be inspired to eat them now that summer is turning to autumn and we're having a few grey, wet, colder days (I live in the south of Norway). How are you affected by the change in the weather and do you have a plan now for how to stay on track?

    Reply 2 Replies
    1. AliEdwards says…

      Wet, grey and cold is coming our way too here in the Pacific Northwest. I've started craving soup and I think I'll be doing that more in the coming months. I'm not sure how I'll feel about the bowls - might be the same or it might need some adjustments.

    2. sneakerwaves says…

      mrsb & Ali....I was going to ask the same question about weather. Ali knows, living on the Oregon Coast, as I do, or the Pacific Northwest in general, means many grey, cold, WINDY, WET days coming up. I don't suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder), but I do crave warm, hot food come Fall/Winter. Our nearest Costco, TJs, Whole Foods, etc, is hours away. Is there such a thing as a hot smoothie??!! for breakfast? How do you intend to keep your motivation up in the rain and grey? I so miss not walking the beach and walking playing golf!! Lose 20 lbs. in "summer," put it back on in winter. Another question: since Freddies (Fred Meyer) is a good 30 minutes away, our only grocery store, sometimes the weather just doesn't permit driving there. How do you keep produce fresh between grocery stops? I know about freezing fruit, but produce seems to go limp, mold before I can use it. Any recommendations for those of us in more rural areas? You are such an inspiration, Ali!

  3. Lize says…

    Hi Ali, I've been following you for years and I'm just amazed how things coincide here. I've been having health issues for some time, really had a rough week-end digestion wise, and have been on thyroid meds for years. So my question is: how do you test for Auto-immune diseases?

    Reply 4 Replies
    1. AliEdwards says…

      Talk to your doctor or endocrinologist or functional medicine doctor and they can arrange the tests (blood test).

    2. sunnychick says…

      Can I also add to what Ali said. When you go to the doctor, you have to be persistent. You are your own advocate. You have to fight for yourself and tell the doctor what you want. Thyroid runs in my family and I am so persistent with my doctor to test my blood each year. I have symptoms, but my blood work shows up fine each time. She wouldn't test me if I didn't ask.

    3. JuliMJ06 says…

      I couldn't agree more sunnychick! I was seeing my primary care provider who diagnosed my hypothyroidism...I didn't think anything of it for a few years but then wondered why she never referred me to an endocrinologist. So I made my own appt with one and I feel that was the worst thing I could have done...but kind of glad I did because it led me to where I am now. I began to read a lot online about hypothyroid and hashimotos. I had hashis but didn't actually know it at the time. I asked the endo to order a few lab test but he wouldn't. So I found a provider that works for me. I have to travel to see her and pay out of pocket but it has been worth it!! Natural thyroid medication has been so much better than the synthetic stuff and I've learned about other supplements along the way. Another great resource is Root Cause by Izabella Wentz. I'm reading Hashimotos Protocol right now (Izabella Wentz). I'm still learning and working on the diet portion...it's a journey!

    4. Lize says…

      Thanks for the good advice here. I've recently been to my doctor for a thyroid test and digestion issues, and he never mentioned testing for Hashimoto's.

  4. lauralou222 says…

    Hi Ali, I just wanted to say a big thank you for these posts. You have been so inspiring to me. I'm so grateful for your instagram journey, and that you are sharing it. I got the body love book and I have enjoyed it. I need to read it again and start with the smoothies every day. Slow and steady. What is your favorite go to fab four smoothie? Thanks! Laura

    Reply 2 Replies
    1. AliEdwards says…

      The one I make most days includes spinach, avocado or almond butter, 1/4 cup of strawberries, chia seeds, 2 scoops of the vital proteins collagen powder and water.

    2. rhondapogo says…

      Thanks for the taking the time in writing these posts....really interested in her book, especially the smoothies. Wondering if the book recommends a particular brand of protein powder (or collagen powder); or if you do....many thanks from another 30 year plus hypothyroid-er!

  5. pierek14 says…

    As always Ali, so much wonderful information. Thanks so much for sharing your insightful journey with us.

    Reply 0 Replies
  6. zousan says…

    beautifully written, thoughtful and considerate of everyone making choices that fit their life right now. this was very fun to read and inspiring, encouraging and for me, reaffirming on some pieces I do without even realizing. thank you!

    Reply 0 Replies
  7. Kegger says…

    Hi Ali,

    Thanks for the above, I've really enjoyed the two posts. I'd like to make some lifestyle changes myself, as I've noticed symptoms I know are triggered by dairy/gluten. However, being a life long vegetarian, I get stuck at what things I /can/ eat. Do you ever have completely vegetarian or vegan meals, even accidentally? Do you have any favourites you can share?

    Kind regards,

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    1. AliEdwards says…

      At this time I'm mainly using meat-based sources of protein. Have you checked out Minimalist Baker's Everyday Cooking cookbook or her IG account (@minimalistbaker). The cookbook is entirely plant based + mostly gluten free. I just recently got it and am planning to try some of the recipes.

    2. rigelpuppy says…

      I am also vegetarian and have found a great plant-based protein powder named "Orgain" - I prefer the vanilla bean flavor. It's perfect added to my morning oatmeal and almond milk or included in a smoothie. I haven't cut gluten out of my diet, but I'm eating much less which works well for me. It is more difficult to follow Kelly's program when you're vegetarian, but it isn't impossible.

  8. Untiedt says…

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. You inspire me everyday to make healthier choices. To be kind to myself when I make a wrong choice. You not only inspire me but you are also creating a shift in my mind set that will help me live a better life. Thanks Ali. :)

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  9. pierek14 says…

    Ali, I was wondering if the Body Love book would be a good purchase for me, since diabetes runs in my family and I am seriously keeping an eye on my blood sugars. Does Kelly address this avenue at all in this book. Thanks

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    1. sunnychick says…

      You could always check it out from the library first. I just requested it via my local library app, so then I can check it out first before I buy it.

    2. AliEdwards says…

      I think it would from a general standpoint! I don't remember her specifically addressing diabetes but her whole focus is on balancing blood sugars.

  10. leslierae says…

    THanks so much for taking the time to share all of these things with us! I just got some blood work back with some strange and slightly scary numbers and I think the time is right to make some changes in my diet. Love hearing about giving yourself grace and focusing on one thing at a time. xo

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    1. AliEdwards says…

      You can do it!

  11. annaaspnes says…

    The removal of gluten and dairy absolutely effect mood. I have a Bipolar diagnosis and it's a non-issue if I stay away from gluten.

    Our taste buds completely replace themselves after 2 weeks like a snake shedding it's skin. It's completely possible to 'train' them to like new foods.

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    1. AliEdwards says…

      Love you friend!

  12. MelissaL88 says…

    Hi Ali! thanks for sharing all of this. Yesterday I got the Body Love book and this morning had my first smoothie. Oh for yum! This will be a great addition to my repertoire as a portable breakfast (I have a long commute in to the office every day).

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  13. annaaspnes says…
    Reply 1 Reply
    1. AliEdwards says…

      Thanks Anna!

  14. mmensavage says…

    Good Job Ali! Definitely inspiring! Glad to hear you are feeling better too. =)

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  15. mimifatspagetti says…

    Thank you ?!! Once again so thoroughly thought out and expressed.

    When it comes time for you to make your soups.. the Instant Pot will be your best friend. I love making soups with it, just throw your ingredients, start, and go. It's so fast.

    I have so enjoyed this journey. Keep up the good work. One thing that I keep thinking is "WOW look at all you accomplished even when you didn't feel well in your body." .. you will move mountains now.


    Reply 1 Reply
    1. Stefmom5 says…

      Melissa - I had the same exact thoughts! Ali accomplishes more not feeling well than I do on a good day!

  16. JenHart says…

    As I said yesterday Ali, fantastic inspiration and such a resource, I will be re-reading and enjoying exploring the links. Thank you!
    And, pretty exciting to see my insta-name on an Ali Edwards post :-D

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  17. susanfogarty says…

    Hi Ali, love your blog.
    When I saw that you were prescribed a synthetic thyroid medication, I thought I could mention the thyroid journey that thousands, including myself, have gone through. I had my thyroid completely removed & Hashimoto's, so am totally dependent on the medication and correct dosage. My reference and godsend was a book (and community) called "Stop the Thyroid Madness." Many and perhaps most of your symptoms correlate with too low a dosage of thyroid hormone/medication, and particularly being prescribed synthetic hormones. Thousands have had to advocate for themselves in getting the correct type and dosage of thyroid hormone, and finding a doctor that does not dose by TSH level. Most mainstream doctors, especially endocrinologists, toe the party line on synthetics and how to dose. I literally had to find a doctor at a hormone balancing clinic who finally worked with me on this. I had to strongly insist on increasing the dosage--doctors are terrified of "thyroid storm" from giving too high a dose, and many are drastically under-prescribed. Slumping in my chair with no energy, crying, depression, a picture of doom, I asked, "do I look like anything resembling a storm to you?" Long story short....I was increased and take 130 mg plus 30.5 mg (am/pm) of Naturethroid daily, and for 2 years now feel like I have had my life returned to me. My ob/gyn now doses me and finally trusts that we can dose by symptoms in addition to blood tests. Please read the book and see why the mainstream method of dosing(TSH, T3, etc) DOES NOT WORK and is causing a miserable quality of life for so many people. . Good luck on your journey!

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. AliEdwards says…

      Thank you! I've been reading more about this recently!

  18. scrappycarol says…

    Thank you for this wealth of information,it makes me motivated to get started! I have a question how do you keep your salads greens fresh? I've tried all sorts of methods and they always fail.

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. AliEdwards says…

      I usually buy them in the plastic tubs and we just go through it really fast!

  19. bethgholmes says…

    Looking forward to following your journey. I'm be been a huge fan of your scrapbooking and memory keeping for ten years or so. I just started a blog to journal by journey through overcome binge eating at http://gratefulheartsdontbingeeat.blogspot.com.

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  20. AWilliams says…

    Ali thank you so much for all this valuable information!! Even though it is almost two years later it is so valuable. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's last month and I have an appointment booked with an endocrinologist in October. Until then I have taken out wheat and dairy as instructed by my naturapath. Thanks to your posts and your positive attitude I feel better knowing that this autoimmune disease is manageable. Ali, what is your go to protein powder? I used to use Whey, but can't since I've been told no dairy. I also can't do Pea Protein because I don't like the texture/taste. I'm eating using KellyLeveque's Fab Four principles for all my meals and feel pretty good, tired, but good. Thanks for telling us all about her! She is amazing... When I make her fab four smoothie I don't have a protein yet so I just eat a couple of hard boiled eggs on the side. Are you still following the Fab Four Lifestyle? I just want to say a big thank you for being such an influencer!!! And yes, this months Story Kit -- Journey will be a great way for me to document my JOURNEY with Hashimoto's. Thanks Ali, you are Rad.

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. AliEdwards says…

      Hi! I like Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides: https://amzn.to/2YAikpP. Currently I'm working on getting myself onto the Wahl's Protocol - you can follow more of my story about all that on my wellness account on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ae_wellness/

  21. AWilliams says…

    Thanks Ali! Have you seen Dr.Wahl's on the Netflix documentary "The Paleo Way"? I do believe it was season 3 (I'm in Canada and that is all that i can see on Netflix, but it is awesome.) Dr.Wahls was so inspiring -- how we can use food as our medicine and the importance of cutting out what is not needed for our bodies. I will continue to watch your experience on your wellness account. ❤️

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