December Daily® 2017 | Second Order Selection Period Open

Over the last week we’ve been putting plans in place to give you the opportunity to purchase four of the products that sold out quickly during the initial day(s) of the initial December Daily® Order Selection Period

To do this we have opened a Second Order Selection Period that includes the ability to purchase the Jasmine Jones 6x8 album, the dark green star 6x8 album, the chipboard bundle, and the transparency bundle. Quantities are still limited but we hope to be able to get closer to getting product to all those that want it. You can also add other products from that page to your box (we've simply added the other products available to that page as well). Products added to the box on the Second Order Selection Period page will ship in late October at the earliest. 

Due to logistics, orders placed on this Second Order Selection page can not be combined or merged with orders on the original December Daily® Order Selection Page. Orders placed on the original September Order Selection Page will still ship in early October. 

Check out the Second Order Selection page here.

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6 thoughts

  1. rhondaw says…

    Thank you! Ya'll are the best!

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  2. SharonWeddel says…

    Thank you for this second chance to get an album

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  3. Lize says…

    This is the best news! I've been bummed that I didn't get the transparencies. So happy to get a chance to order them. Thanks guys!

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  4. deenalds says…

    Thank you so much! Your continued efforts and customer service are awesome!

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  5. genny9 says…

    So if we haven't ordered through the original window and instead order an album plus anything else in the Second order window, is the shipping rates the same? I put my box together in the second order window and no shipping rates pop up like they do in the original window. Maybe I'm missing something....Thanks!

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    1. genny9 says…

      Oh man, disregard. I guess my window needed to refresh. The same shipping rates pop up now. Thanks.