For The Love Of Books | September 2017

September was a really good book reading month for me! I found myself back in the flow of carving out time to read while waiting for the kids in the car, while eating lunch, and before falling asleep at night. 

I started the month off by reading Dan Harris'  10% Happier: How I Tamed The Voice In My Head, Reduced My Stress Without Losing My Edge, And Found Self Help That Actually Works. It had been recommended to me multiple times after posting on Instagram that I was starting to meditate more regularly. 

Next up was Emma In The Night - my gauge of a good thriller is am I totally invested in figuring out what happened. I so wanted to know how this one was going to turn out. 

After that I picked up Little Fires Everywhere which I also read fairly quickly and enjoyed. 

I also got to go up to Portland with Aaron to see my friend Kelly Rae Roberts and to see Brene Brown give a talk about her new book Braving The Wilderness which I devoured quickly. I'll probably read this one again a few more times at least. 

And I finished up Sing, Unburied Sing last night. I found this one hard to get into in a good way - I'm challenged by the author's writing style in the way that I remember being challenged by important writers I read in high school and college. Her words are powerful and lyrical and I am so glad I took the time to read it.

Bring on the books! 

This post is part of my monthly series " For The Love Of Books" where I track and share what I've been reading in 2017. I'm also trying to do that on Goodreads as well if you are already into that platform. My hope is to post on or near the first of each month to share what I ended up reading last month and then share what books I'm selecting from Book Of The Month (BOTM) for the next month.

Please Note // This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Today is October 1 and that means it's time for current BOTM subscribers to choose books from this month's selections. As a part of their book Ambassador program this month we received an advance copy of Sleeping Beauties by Owen King + Stephen King (current members can preorder this one for $9.99) and Turtles All The Way Down rather than selecting options from the October selections. 

You can get Turtles All The Way Down by John Green for free when you sign up for a new BOTM membership (limited time offer). Go here to sign up. 

Or you can get Sleeping Beauties for free when you sign up for a two or three month membership using the code KING. Go here to sign up with that promotion.


Started But Haven't Finished // Sometimes I start a book and get part way through and set it down for one reason or another - lately it's been that I've been more excited to read something else:

READ IN 2017

NOTE: (BOTM) means the book came from the Book Of the Month Club


  • You Will Know Me (BOTM) // First book from BOTM. Read it in a day and a half (suspense). Enjoyed. 
  • Lucky You (BOTM) // I remember liking this one as I was reading it but to be honest I can barely remember it now. This is why I'm trying to remember to post some short thoughts on Instagram when I finish each one. 


  • Behind Her Eyes (BOTM) // Suspense. Crazy twist. Enjoyed. 
  • Perfect Little World (BOTM) // Vacation read. Liked the change of pace on this one (had been reading more suspense). This one was a sweet little story with topics of motherhood and family and tribes of people and how things change. 
  • What Alice Forgot (Kindle) // Vacation read. Totally enjoyed this story and imagining what it would be like to experience memory loss in this way. Not suspense.   


  • The Twilight Wife // Aaron picked this one out at Target to read while we were on vacation and I read it when he was done. I thought this one was okay - probably had something to do with the fact that I read What Alice Forgot right before this one and they both deal with memory loss (this one is more suspense).
  • The Stranger In The Woods (BOTM) // Non-fiction. This true story about a man living in the woods of Maine for almost 30 years read like a long-form magazine article. I enjoyed the break from the fiction I've been reading. 
  • Exit West (BOTM) // This one was a lot different from what I've been reading and I appreciated it for that. Different kind of narrator (omniscient) and subject matter (refugees). Glad I read it. 
  • Marlena (BOTM) // Gave this one three stars on Goodreads. I'm going to go with "like" but not "love" on this one. I kinda think, after finishing it, that it might be one that will pop up in my mind as I go about my days (so maybe it should get a better review). I enjoyed the story and she used a few writing techniques that I really liked. Sometimes it felt slow and I just wanted her to get on with the story :).
  • Pachinko (BOTM) // Seriously loved this one and am super glad I picked it up again after putting it down before our Mexico trip. Epic generational tale of Koreans living in Japan (really loved learning more about that). 


  • Good As Gone (Kindle) // Definitely stayed interested and engaged with the story and wanted to know what was going to happen. As others have mentioned, the beginning felt stronger than the end. Felt like the author had a unique voice. Glad I read it. Three stars. 
  • American War (BOTM) // This book took me longer to read than others recently and sometimes I would forget that it was a future US civil war vs. the past civil war and I wondered more than once where in the world the story was actually heading (and was it actually heading anywhere)? There were days where I felt like I was making myself read it - which I don't always don - but for some reason I wanted to keep reading. There was a certain point in this book, probably more than halfway through the story, where I realized that this was an exceptional book. I finished it today and I think it's one of the best books I've read in awhile. I found the author to be an extremely sophisticated writer/storyteller who was very purposeful and deliberate with his prose - I can't remember the last time I really felt that way about the words I was reading on the page.
  • Into The Water (BOTM) // A super fast, page-turning read for me. At first I felt like it was hard to keep up with all the different narrators but as I got more into it I was able to keep all the characters straight (it was one of those where I needed to keep flipping back and forth to remember who was who). Definitely enjoyed for a quick read! 


  • Since We Fell (BOTM) // Totally enjoyed this one. Kept my interest with it's twists and definitely wanted to know what was going to happen in the end. As you might tell from most of my reviews, I'm not a super critical reader. If I like it, I like it and I liked this one.
  • Woman No. 17 (BOTM) // This one was a just-okay for me where I definitely felt like I was making myself finish it. 
  • Small Great Things (Kindle) // So, so good. Hard and thought-provoking and worth it. Definitely my favorite of the month. 
  • The Butterfly Hours: Transforming Memories Into Memoir //Picked this one up randomly at a bookstore. I'm always attracted to books about memoir writing (totally in alignment with my memory keeping endeavors) and this one really filled me up these last few weeks as I was working on some new classroom content. Patty Dann also loves to use one word jumping off points to pull stories from our memories/prompt us to tell more (similar to my 31 Things and 31 More Things workshops) so I loved checking out her writing style and reading her stories. I loved how her writing is fact based but conveys so much meaning and feeling just via the ways she chooses to construct her sentences. Quick and easy read.


  • The Sisters Chase (BOTM) // Loved the story and the characters. 
  • Chemistry (BOTM) // I really enjoyed the totally different writing style - basically it's written in snippets of thoughts/memories/etc. Being introduced to different writing styles is definitely one of the things I'm loving from reading so many books right now. I really liked the micro-story approach (a lot like what we do with memory keeping) and I also really liked the weaving of science/chemistry in with the lessons of life and love and moving forward. Super quick read. 
  • This Is How It Always Is // Jessica Turner told me I had to read this one next so it jumped to the top of my list after I finished Chemistry. This book was amazing. Basically I feel a whole lot of love for this story. For the characters, for the message of acceptance and inclusion, for the nuances of the middle-path. Highly recommended.


  • Final Girls (BOTM) // Great quick mystery. Totally waned to know what happened in the end. 


  • The Blinds (BOTM) // Really ended up enjoying this one. 
  • All The Ugly And Wonderful Things (Kindle) // This is one of those ones that was recommended by quite a few people. Brutal. Honest. Challenging. Loved it.


  • 10% Happier // I devoured this book in just a couple sittings. Loved reading about his experience and his perspective as he learned - I laughed out loud a bunch and read passages to Aaron. Loved his honesty and his ability to change his mind about things/people he had initially been judgmental about. It was a good jumpstart for me as I'm getting started cultivating my own meditation practice.
  • Emma In The Night (BOTM) // Thoroughly enjoyed the twists and turns and it definitely kept me interested in wanting to know what in the heck actually happened. I definitely love a good mystery and this one gave me what I wanted!
  • Little Fires Everywhere (BOTM) // My main criteria for enjoyment right now is basically this: do I think about the book during the day and look forward to reading it at night? That totally was the case with this story. Motherhood, art, family dynamics, love, loss - it was all there and weaved together nicely.
  • Braving The Wilderness // This is a timely book and a quick read and something I know I will return to again and again in terms of living in alignment with my personal values. 
  • Sing, Unburied Sing (BOTM) // Finished this one last night. I found this one hard to get into in a good way - I'm challenged by the author's writing style in the way that I remember being challenged by important writers I read in high school and college. Her words are powerful and lyrical and I'm glad I took the time to read it. 

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  1. lohersh says…

    Librarian tip: Another way to find books you like or to add to your 'To-Read' list, since you likely have a Eugene library card, you can use the password-protected eResources listed on their website (Most public libraries have their own lists of these types of online resources). One you might really like as a companion to GoodReads is NoveList Plus. There are so many great recommendations, and you can do read-alikes, so if you like a certain book, topic, or author, you just plug it in and it provides you with a list of similar books and tells you in what ways the books/authors are similar. It's very handy and a tool we librarians put to use often when people need ideas for what to read. Unfortunately, it also makes for some really long To-Read lists - haha - because there are SO MANY good books out there. To access, just go to the Eugene library's web page > Books and More tab > A-Z Online Resources > Choose N > select NoveList Plus. You'll need your library card number and pin to log in. Happy reading! :)

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  2. libbyritter says…

    How did you get to know Brene Brown? We are big fans. :)

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. AliEdwards says…

      I met her at a retreat 10 years ago - we were roommates :).

  3. chp97 says…

    Love that you were able to connect with Kelly Rae & support Brene this way. I love that you've kept us up to date on amazing events like this. I bought the 3 of her books I didn't have this Summer and even participated in a discussion while reading the gift of imperfections with a friend in hopes it would help him too. I love that you post these, wish book of the month club was in Canada as well as I think I would enjoy reading titles I might not pick up on my own. I have always read a lot, trying to keep it up between the gym, yoga and everything else. Thank you for always inspiring me, you are one of my favorite people to read, I love your photos, and for all that I have learned from you over the years. Just in case you needed some fan love today :) Keep going Ali!

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    1. AliEdwards says…

      Thank you :).

  4. verabear says…

    I absolutely LOVE that you’ve listed the books you’ve read or are reading. Great way for us to find something that may be interesting. I don’t read as much as I used to but slowly picking up the habit again. Thanks for all the shares!

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