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Scrapbook Basics: Adhesives

As part of my Scrapbook Basics/Craft The Story series I'm sharing information today about my go-to adhesives for memory keeping. 

This topic was prompted with issues I've been having getting the right refills ordered for my Scotch Rolling Adhesive (they changed the packaging, the outer case, and the refills and the ones I had been getting from Amazon didn't fit the older cases). I've finally got the new case along with the new refills and I'm back to using it regularly (you might have seen me using red line tape in my recent Rainbow Scrapbook Kit videos). As I mention in the video I'll let you know if I feel like the updated version doesn't work as well as the past version of the roller. 

Let's dive right in to the video: 


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12 thoughts

  1. starrsstripes says…

    The new Scotch runner has been working well for me. I tried a Tombow version once that I didn’t like AT ALL.

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    1. AliEdwards says…

      Same. That's why I'm hoping that this one works! Good to hear it's been working well for you.

  2. laura_g_ says…

    I use E-Z Runner Strips by Scrapbook Adhesives as my go to adhesive. I have used it for years and LOVE IT! I get the refills at my local BiMart. (They only sell the refills now, but I have kept a couple ofthe original cases and just refill them)
    Other adhesives I've tried lose their stickiness after awhile.🙄

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  3. karinamint says…

    I’m so glad you talked about the rolling adhesives. I can’t tell you how many Amazon returns I have made trying to find refills that fit (what we now know) is the old design case. The price of the new design is much higher 😫. To me it seems like the dots in the new design are a little thicker, and for some reason they don’t work on plastic or vellum like the old design did. Instead of transferring the adhesive into the plastic shape, the dots gunk up at the opening of the runner - so I’ve switched to glue dots for plastic. I also love the Tombo Mono (green tube) and use it for small spaces and items.

    Reply 2 Replies
    1. AliEdwards says…

      I just noticed that today (set this post up earlier this week) when I was trying to add it to a glossier paper. SUCH A BUMMER. I'm going to keep trying it and see what else I learn.

    2. dpowersfabian says…

      I thought it might have been higher (just ordered some) because everything is getting higher. I know Krystal uses a Xyron...I'd like to know more about that. Have one...but not sure how to use it.

  4. jguico says…

    The Scotch runner makes so much more sense now! I broke 2 refills trying to get them in the old dispenser, not realizing there was a new one. 😂 I got the new version when I reordered. It works well enough, but I preferred the old version.

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    1. karinamint says…

      Me too. I literally tried winding the sticky tape from the refill onto the old gear just to not waste the broken refill 🤣🤣

  5. Jeannew says…

    Super irritated by the new scotch adhesive but trying to adapt! 😄

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  6. Fidelia says…

    exactly, I have the same idea

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  7. thompson says…

    This is such a great blog. Thank you for sharing your talent with everyone.

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  8. DestinZboncak says…

    I appreciate your creativity in making these useful things.

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