Week In The Life™ 2022 | Ali's Wednesday

Multiple times today I looked at the clock and couldn't believe what time it was. 

Some days I feel like the time moves so slow and other days, like today, I find it hard to catch my breath as I move from one thing to the next. 

Aaron and I were talking last night about how bringing Betty into the house has been a jolt to our systems (we've both had dogs so we know what goes into it but I don't think you can prepare for it even when you know what's coming). We've both been running on adrenaline with her this past week as well as working to adjust to a summer schedule in our house with the kids. 

I'm also thinking a lot about the comings + goings of kids and how they pop in + out of my stories. Each of them are in different phases/seasons in their own lives with their whole own worlds happening around them. 

Our lives are full right now and I'm working hard on not wishing any of it away and simply embracing it for what it is (this project almost always helps me do just that). 

Here's a look at my Wednesday: 

I want to remember these early mornings even if I feel sleep-deprived. I'm so thankful to be getting outside so much. 

I want to remember the light at this time of year as it dances around the house. June has such beautiful light. 

I want to remember the tired moments that are all part of establishing a deep connection. 

I want to remember the fun stuffed toys that Betty loves so much. It's been fun seeing which ones become her favorites and which ones she could care less about. 

I want to remember watching the Obi Wan Kenobi show finale in the morning with Simon before he headed out for an appointment and for work. 

I want to remember Anna in this season of her life. She's been so helpful when asked to watch Betty. 

I also want to remember those Daphne bushes. They have amazing little flowers that bloom first thing in very early Spring but unfortunately they are also very poisonous to pets. The cats never bothered much with eating plants but Betty is a different story so Aaron removed them.Thinking I'll put more hydrangeas there. 

I want to remember the teamwork that's going into these early days with Betty. 

I want to remember all those comings + goings of kids + friends with fondness. I love seeing our teens interacting with friends and love having them want to have people over. 

I want to remember how hard Isaac advocated for Betty even though he is totally a cat person. 

I want to remember that I didn't get my first cup of coffee until 12:30pm because the morning was so busy with Betty and work and kid arrangements and trying to take a nap when Betty was napping. It was a morning that felt overwhelming.  

I want to remember and honor how different it is for kids growing up in 2022. We went from having lots of screen time boundaries pre-pandemic to no restrictions. We still have conversations about managing time and have expectations for activities and school work and kids have adapted accordingly. I actually love how connected they are to their friends via chat and FaceTime and it's great for them making plans for hang outs. 

I want to remember these almost daily conversations that happen here in my office when Aaron visits to check-in and talk about the day or basketball or what we are planning to eat and watch in the evening (and now Betty stuff too). I also love that I can look back and see photos from past years in this project when Katie was in that spot (she works from her own house now). 

I want to remember how the cats are adapting to Betty in their own ways and in their own time. 

I want to remember how good a late-afternoon shower can feel as a reset after a morning that felt like it was just too much. 

I want to remember the basics. 

I want to remember how often I eat leftovers. Today was leftover carne asada mixed into a salad with salty chips for dipping and crunch. 

I want to remember how well she sleeps in her crate here in my office with fewer distractions from the comings + goings of kids. 

I want to remember how much joy having friends of kids hanging out brings me. We say yes a lot and that honestly feels really, really good. 

I want to remember how much I love my yard. These are tiny dahlias in the middle of a bunch of other dahlias that will bloom very tall later this summer. They are so happy. 

I want to remember how much I love being barefoot in the grass at all times of the day. My feet are dirty and I'm here for it. 

I also want to remember how much I am drawn to the dance of light and dark. 

I want to remember how glad I am that I planted these blueberry bushes so many years ago now. They look amazing this year and are so close to being ready. 

I want to remember how kind and gentle and supportive he is every day. 

I want to remember how much she loves being outside and finding a spot in the dirt to chill and listen to the wind and birds and construction sounds and dogs barking and kids inside and sometimes muffled music playing from inside the house. 

I want to remember how much I love quiet moments. I read this puppy book many, many years ago with my first lab and it's been fun to pick it up again and revisit all the things about raising a puppy. 

I want to remember this vibe. 

I want to remember how much they are currently into riding bikes to the new WinCo for bulk candy. It feels like such a summer activity. We are in a season where we need to get some new bikes and retire some that are too small so there's always a negotiation of who is riding which bike. 

I want to remember this gorgeous show called HOME I started watching on Apple+. Have you seen it? The first episode of Season 2 feels like my dream living set up. 

I want to remember Elliott hanging out in our bedroom as we started rewatching Barry (HBO) from the beginning. Aaron and I are watching the new season (so good) but we are always looking for group watch opportunities and tend to have a few shows going with different groupings of kids at any one time. A bunch of Elliott's friends are away this week and it's been so nice having him around the house more. 

I want to remember after work check-ins with Simon where he tells me about his day and shares any Star Wars news he's come across. Today was a challenging day for him.

I want to remember Anna + Ady making boxed strawberry cake at 9pm that they had picked up on their bike ride to WinCo. 

I want to remember this. 

I want to remember all the beauty that is right in front of me every single day without even leaving my house. 

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9 thoughts

  1. HollyK says…

    Awesome pictures. I love the different aspects and interactions with all the humans and puppy. :) I can relate to the Betty story! lol When we got ours we knew what would be coming we've had dogs before. I don't know if it's because I am way older but OH MY. We felt worse than sleep deprived new born parents! Ours has defiantly changed our schedule and how we live! Ha ha I wouldn't change a thing though it's been an awesome story.

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  2. Jeannew says…

    So beautiful - words and photos.

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  3. simple says…

    Loving the daily blog posts. My husband and I are retired with a grown up son living with us. Have not done WITL for 2yrs now.Felt like I needed a break but this year I bought the 10x8 album and kit so I am feeling energized with some new ideas. Being retired has its challenges as photo opportunities are not always there as they are with a houseful of kids or a new puppy but I am going to make it work.Thank you for guiding this community each and every day. ♥️

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  4. sleepeybear says…

    I appreciate how gracefully and thoughtfully you are sharing the difficulties that come with welcoming a new puppy into the house. When we adopted our lab in December 2020, it was my first time welcoming a puppy into our home; and it was a stressful process all around, made moreso because my husband and I have very different ways of thinking (I'm the "plan and organize", he's the "go with the flow.") As much as I miss how cute our sweet girl was as a puppy, I am also thankful that those stressful times came to an end. But thank you for letting the realness of that story be part of what you share.

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    1. AliEdwards says…

      It's so intense!

  5. bugracer2 says…

    What a fantastic representation of daily life and how crazy, stressful, yet fun, it can be. LOVE, LOVE the remembering comments below each photo,
    because kids, (and puppies), grow up in a blink, leaving ones self to say, where did the time go! What a wonderful pictorial of daily life! Thanks for sharing! Here's to hoping you get a full nights sleep again in a few weeks!

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  6. Jomamamac says…

    I’m an empty nester who is also Adhd with poor working memory …. And I soooo wish I had captured thoughts like this when my kids were home . I’m gonna start now tho. 😊 thanks for real life

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  7. ally_angel66 says…

    I love all of your "want to remember" - you have such an extraordinary way of looking at life and I want to let you know Ali, that this week, has been a beautiful insight into my own. I've taken notice. I've really, really looked for beauty. I've listened. I've observed. It's a good way to really SEE life and how much there is in it that we don't notice and that we do take for granted. Thank you for "Week In The Life" - it's really opened up my eyes to what's right in front of me as well. This is the first time I have embarked on this project, and it definitely won't be my last.

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