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Hello Everyone! I am so very excited to be here with you today! I am an absolute December Daily fanatic! It is my favourite project of the year and I absolutely enjoy the entire process of putting the albums together and completing my album before or by the end of December. 

So why am I here you ask? Last year, we welcomed out very first baby in to the world, at the end of October, and this December-born December-loving mom wanted to do a December Daily esque album to celebrate and commemorate Baby’s First Christmas. But what – there’s more! I also decided to produce these albums for my parents, and my in-laws as Christmas gifts this year – and hence they need to be DONE.BY.DECEMBER lol. 

At first, I felt a tad bit overwhelmed – because let’s admit it – life is busy and three albums are a bit much – but thennnnn, I worked out a really simple formula to guide the entire process into doable chunks and this made me feel so much better. So with my “THIS IS GONNA BE SO MUCH FUN, LET’S DO IT”  attitude – I dove right in to it, LAST WEEK! 

Take a look at my video on YouTube here.

I must say this (and any simple) formula is also great for persons who really want to finish their albums quickly before delving in to their 2022 album, or for those who discovered December Daily later on and really still want to play catch up and tell stories of previous years, or for those like me who want to tell the story through a different lens, or create albums as gifts for families. It’s also a great way to USE.MY.STASH and guys let’s face it, our December Daily stash is precious, and many times endless!

So without further ado, let’s get in to it! 

My formula for my cover pages are mostly – photo, vellum or acetate overlay, embellishments. I knew I wanted the embellishment for the 6 x 8 albums to land in the space between Mr and Mrs. Claus. I do not have a lot of Christmas vellum and acetate in the 6 x8 size, so I looked through my stash from last year and there were only 2 left in that pack – EASY AND DONE! For the 10 x 8, I have been wanting to use the quote vellum page since I laid eyes on it – so EASY AND DONE!

My formula for the daily pages are 1 full-page photo, one 3 x 4 card journaling in a 3 x 8 protector with a see through/shaker element on top. This I’ve been sticking with for the most part so far. I have also challenged myself to print my photos to fit inside the full-page protector as I have thousands of protectors since most of my projects are outside the page protector. 

I then batch printed my photos and journaling for each day, cut them all down, and added them to the album.

Following this, I embellish the pages. I’ve also challenged myself to use my journal cards as I do not use very many of them in my projects – and they’re all so pretty – so I have created some flip ups and flip outs with them and I am really loving how they look. I am a fan of little stars and hearts and I’ve been enjoying using them throughout the pages. 

So this is where I am currently at with my project. I am hoping to work on a page every couple days as I would like to IDEALLY complete it before my 2022 December Daily items arrive here in Australia – because I can’t wait to dig in and start my foundation pages!

I look forward to checking in with you soon at the midpoint of my project and at the end! 

I can be found on Instagram at @nehlan.has.a.plan and on YouTube.

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9 thoughts

  1. nerdgirl says…

    I wish the pictures showed full pages. I'm not going to watch the youtube video so I would have liked to have a better view of the pages shown.

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    1. Nolana says…

      Sorry to hear. You may opt to check my Instagram for more images and flip throughs of my pages.

  2. HollyK says…

    Awesome and they will love it! I did this when our first niece was born and it's a tad bit to do 3 in my case I did 4. Formula plan really helps a LOT! lol

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. Nolana says…

      Hi Holly! Gosh! I imagine it is a bit to do. The formula does help, along with pacing myself and prioritizing.

  3. JulieJordanScott says…

    I have a new granddaughter on the way. This would be cool to try to do. I will look at more of the information around here to see if it is workable! Thank you!

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. Nolana says…

      Aww. Congratulations to your new granddaughter! What a beautiful gift it will be!

  4. SophrosyneTarot says…

    This is great that you are starting so early!

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. Nolana says…

      Thanks so much! For me, the earlier the better!

  5. Fields4558 says…

    Is this issue resolved completely? We are facing the same problem

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