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Yes/No Story Kit + November 2023 Stories By The Month

Today's the 10th of the month and that means a new  Story KitStory Stamp, and Stories By The Month kit

This month we are focusing on stories related to the theme of Yes/No.

Throughout the course of our lives we say yes to a lot of things and no to a lot of other things. Sometimes we start off saying yes and end up wishing we had said no. Sometimes we say no and wish we would have said yes. Sometimes YES is all you can say when you are super excited about a turn of events. Sometimes it's simply a big wholehearted NO. This month we are coming together to document stories of saying yes and saying no. 

Initial story ideas for this theme include:

  • What are you saying yes to right now? What are you saying no to right now? 
  • When was the last time you were so happy to say YES to something immediately? 
  • Think of a story from your life where you might have said both yes and no. What were the circumstances and how did it unfold? 


The  Story Kit™ includes: 

Here's a video overview of the  Story Kit™ and Add-On options this month:


The  Stamp Set:

Here's a video overview of the Story Stamp:


Here's a look at what's included in the Digital Story Kit™:

Your digital kit and the classroom and any Add-Ons purchased will be available to you on the 12th once your card has been charged for the month. This kit is also available to physical kit subscribers as an Add On each month. 

Here are a few project samples from Ali: 

Again, thanks so much for subscribing and/or considering our Story Subscription program! If you have any questions about this program please let us know below in the comments. 


Here is a full look at the kit this month: 

The kit now includes a sheet of vellum or transparency (sized outside the page protector in a 6 inch x 8 inch album), a pattern paper, a 3 inch x 8 inch (outside the page protector) journal card with the month at the top which will be repeated each month, a 3 inch x 4 inch stamp set, chipboard, 4, 3 inch x 4 inch journal cards, 3, 4 inch x 6 inch journal cards and an embellishment. 

And a video overview:

This subscription is a great option for those who are looking to tell more calendar/everyday life sorts of stories. 


Our Digital Stories By The Month™ kit is now called Inspiration By The Month™. With this subscription you receive access to the Inspiration By The Month™ classroom and the digital kit.  This kit is also available to physical Stories By The Month™ kit subscribers as an Add On each month.


This stamp set is available to subscribers to add to their box during the Add On period and  also offered in the shop for anyone else.

Here's a video of Ali using this: 

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4 thoughts

  1. laura_g_ says…

    The SBTM kit is gorgeous!!😍 Can't wait to get it in my hot little hands!!

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  2. cannycrafter says…

    I am really enjoying the paper and vellum each month in this kit, it was a great idea to change it up this year and I hope it keeps going next year. Even though I use a 9x11 album I love the fact these sizes break up the format each month. Love it!

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